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$100 Fishing Shopping Spree on

$100 Fishing Shopping Spree on

What’s going on, everyone? Today, I invite you guys to come with me on a $100 shopping spree at So let me just start off by saying I am not sponsored by, has never reached out to me here’s the thing with there’s a lot of noise and a lot of junk on there but there’s a lot of really cool things that I really don’t see in American markets so I like to shop on because there’s a bunch of stuff for really cheap, some of the stuf is– it’s ok stuff it’s decent quality stuff, some of it is total garbage and you guys have seen us, in our last videos, we got some pretty garbage stuff but we also got some pretty good stuff I’m going to show you today how I really go through this app and how I start finding my stuff Alright, first off, start by going to alright, so the home page is basically a random stream of a bunch of crap um, I like to browse through, let’s go through that look at these fishing reels for $8 $8 fishing reel? I wonder how good will it actually be? Let’s take a look at this 5:2:1 alright, this spinning reel it looks pretty nice from the picture now I’m going to be tr–I’m going to try and spend $100 my limit today is I’m going to try and spend like around $100 on, um, on different products so that I can make videos on them I think that’s a good budget because all of this stuff is being shippied from from China, so it takes a few weeks for it to actually get here and they get here at different times so it’s kind of like, I put $100 in and then I get gifts like Christmas, for the next whole month and it’s awesome it’s just a surprise, and I really like that element of it anyways, back to this this fishing reel looks okay $8 Look, it says it’s on sale from $369 that’s a lie I’m not–I’m going to get off of this so let’s- let’s start by typing in let’s search for fishing stuff fishing hmm. ooh, whopper ploppers I like whopper ploppers Have you guys used a whopper plopper before? This isa knock off, called the “sea Knight Whopper Plopper” and how much are they? $1.80 each. compared to what, like how much is a whopper plopper nowadays? like $12? oh my goodness. that’s just too expensive. I’m going to order one of these I’m going to buy oh, there’s different sizes too this part always confuses me, what the heck is the sizing? alright, so that’s– this is when I gotta, uh, get multiple sizes, let’s try one at like, eight that must be huge and then I’m going to try another one at five and then I’ll try another one at three okay and it says that supposedly it’s $38 each I think that’s a lie for sure let’s go back, let’s see what else there is, let’s see what else hmmm I’ve gotten one of these fish alarms before, I have not yet used it but it looks like the picture it’s pretty cheap feeling $8 for this mega, mega reel? Look at this The LJ 3000-9000 fishing Wow It’s probably going to break very soon, I don’t trust that, I’m not going to do that one ummm hmmm, hmmmmma $1 for 500 hooks? woah. I like these packages, I like $1 hooks, for sure Uh, especially if I’m doing like, bait fishing and catching smaller fish, I don’t really need a hook that’s super super strong, these hooks are sharp, I think I’ve gotten something similar to this before I’m going to get another one 700–70 pieces for $1 500 pieces for $2 I’m getting 500 Oh my gosh, 500 hooks for $1 I’mma do two of those I’ll give one to you– I’ll give away one to you guys alright So I added that Hmmm Ooh, I was recommended — I was recommeded to try this one out the portable fishing net for, this is– I’ve never used this thing before but I think that this thing could catch a lot of stuff in fresh water and in salt water look at that It collapses really small alright, I’m getting one of these oh, that’s cool woah, huge one woah, even huger, woah! mega! that’s too big. i’mma do a small one I’m going to get one Buy with Denn. They’re only like $5 for the most expensive one! Alright, I’m going to do 6 holes and then I’m also going to do 4 holes Okay. So I’ve got seven items in my cart now and when I get these all shipped to me, I’ll do an unboxing and I’ll show you guys what it actually physically looks like and I’ll be giving some of this stuff away because why not? i like you guys I like hanging out with you guys and why not share? oh, yeah, oh here it is right here yeah, you guys remember this one? the automatic setting rod? they have been stealing so much footage from us and not asking our permission, and using it for their for their advertisements but whatever, it’s a fun rod I don’t need another Hmmmm I’m looking for some more big-ticket items, what if we looked for like a drone? like a fishing drone or something I’m going to look into that a couple more scrolls guys, this is addicting just to scroll through this a lot of it’s the same stuff over and over again, but every so often you’ll find something kind of interesting oh, what is this? automatic fishing hook tier? Okay. I’m getting that. Automatic fishing hook tier, look Motor switch, hooks, oh wait it’ll literally just tie it for you? I don’t believe that! I’m getting it. I’ll get one in green. Okay. Now let’s look up some more big-ticket items how about fishing drone let’s see what we find with that hmm $23?! You’ve gotta be kidding me, man! are you kidding me? $23? I might have to get one of these, I’ve got to check how much shipping is, but I think that shipping might be like $100 Woah, this is kind of cool but I don’t see how it’s a fishing one. I want one that can drop you know, that can– like this! Like this one right here The one that can drop the It got one star Mmm. I don’t know, I don’t trust it! I do not trust that or how about one of these fishing RC boats? mmmm No, I don’t see any drones that I really like, let’s look up fishing RC RC fishing boats woah, these look kind of cool they look kind of cool so this will actually Launch your chum bucket out there and it’ll also drop your hook out there That seems more like for freshwater stuff, I don’t think I need that Okay, so I’m just going to look up some telescopic rods because I had a good experience with this one and I wanted to show you which one it was hmm, so you guys will notice there’s a million different things and a million of the same things just different pictures um, basically how this works is they have many warehouses in China that all sell similar/ the same products and it’s just a matter of different sellers for me, my experience with buying these telescopic rods is it’s 50/50 sometimes they’re absolute junk and sometimes they’re actually pretty good and they’re great for my kayak, they’re great for just having in my truck the one in specific that I’m talking about I still can’t find like you gotta dig, man, you gotta dig like what the heck is this rod? That’s an ice fishing rod that’s a weird looking one maybe I’ll get one of these to go ice fishing nah, too damn cold oh, this one this was actually surprisingly durable the sougayilang one I think they also sell this on amazon, it comes in a lot of different sizes and actually it’s decently strong I remember that the one that I got was a little too floppy to be using with topwater and jigging, but for bait fishing, it works great so I’m going to actually add another one of these on $12, okay, I’ll do that how long do i get, let’s get the extra large one that’s $23? the extra large is $24 whatever, let’s see I’ll add that on hmm what else can I search for, guys? what if I searched like, crazy fishing crazy fishing let’s see what comes up what the heck? mermaid girls mermaids, mermaids, mermaids, okay [Erin silently laughing in the background] Lot’s of mer– I’m not kidding! It’s all mermaids here, Erin! and then there’a shirt that says “crazy fish lady” and theres this guy that’s lifting– that’s using a weight look at how–look at the position of that look at the position of that, where he’s got it right here look at this dude oh my gosh, Erin, look at this. He’s testing a scale out he just has to hold it in that position right there it reminds me of these Shaolin, like, monks, who do this kind of training where they like they ram their ballsacks and their jimmies they get a stick, they get a rod and just like they start boom, boom, boom! and this is to show how strong they are um, that’s what this picture reminds me of and um, that promotion did not work for me, I don’t care for that what else? ooh, these look good but $26? it is panther martin brand I don’t know if I believe that untrustworthy, I’m not trusting that one some of them I see and I’m just like, “I need it.” “Ireally–” Oooh! What is this one? What the heck? How am I supposed to use that? it doesn’t have any hooks okay, I guess you attach this on to your line like a fish finder? alright, no, I don’t know how I’m going ot use that oh, look at this fancy fish finder right here oh, it;s like a watch that you wear and then the other half is this sonar that you throw out ahhh, kind of like a deeper except it connect to your smart watch instead of your smart phone no thanks, I have two deepers and they’re– I don’t even use them I don’t really use my deepers that much because honestly to have — to have a separate rod just for your deeper it’s kind of a — kind of a pain in the butt, and I’d rather just have it on the side of my kayak but I’m not on my kayak all the time, so Deeper, I don’t really- I don’t really use it that much any more look at this one what de heck? it’sh shaped like an actual fish this is so silly, i don’t want that free hooks? 100 piece, just pay shipping just pay $20 shipping probably don’t believe it you guys need to be careful when you’re buying on here because some of them have hidden fees like say some of them are like $1, they could be charging you $20 shipping and you won’t know until you start to check out oh, look at this fish bite alarm That’s kind of cool that’s kind of cool, it’d be better than bells, bells are kind of annoying i’ll get one of these alright, a few more items ooh, how about underwater drone? do they have underwater drones? no, they don’t okay, I’m just going to check what’s in my cart right now, see what the total is i might be at $100 already $96 and $47 is shipping Okay, Shipping for these whopper ploppers are $4 each, the 500 piece hooks cost $6 to ship these bait traps cost $4 to ship, $3 to ship, this automatic hook tier cost $5 to ship the chum bucket costs $2 to ship sogayilong costs $12 to ship? That’s kind of pricey alright, I’ll do that I want you guys to comment below, what are the things that you have seen on this site thatyou think that you would use? Maybe I’ll get it, maybe I’ll try it so you don’t have to get it first My total is around $100 $47 of that was just shipping Granted, I got like 11 items, for $100 let’s see how this works out I’m gonna be getting these in the mail within the next 3-4 weeks I’ll be unboxing all of them live, or I’ll be making a video of unboxing them but I want you guys to let us know if you like this kind of episode, if you liked watching me shop through and if there’s any items on that you would like to see us try comment that below, I want to do a new series of YouTube videos where you guys kind of come shopping with me whether it be, whether it be actual, like at bass pro or like at dicks sporting goods just to show you the kind of things that I look for when I’m actually shopping you cane end up spending a lot of money on useless crap let me be the one who spends the money on useless crap, to show you guys if it’s actually useless or if it’s functional this is our job here is to try and inspire people to go fishing and is to teach as many people and influence as many people as possible I want to recommend you guys to go to we’ve got a lot of really cool stuff on there a lot of tutorials, a lot of fun stuff on there, check it out guys we’ve also got a suggestion box in there and in that suggestion box I want you guys to tell me stuff that you want to see in new videos so say you wanna see us try this product from amazon, or this product from wish, I wanna know, and it’s hard to read through all the comments in the videos but the suggestion box is a good place to actually post this because we read through all of them I had a great time shopping, hopefully they’ll be here in one piece and quickly and hopefully they’re all great stuff see ya, guys

100 comments on “$100 Fishing Shopping Spree on

  1. Cool and ya when I open this app first fishing stuff I show was like you attached is to your very tip of your rod then you cast it but you must turn on is a thing when you have a fish the light when red and red means you hooked a fish if green there's nothing yet ya that's the thing I saw first

  2. you wish that crap is okay, and wish you even get it. agree, you have alot of garbage. all that china crap is all show, no go. LARRY DAHLBERG will haunt your fishing spots for ever…… hooks with no eyes usually….crap…..feeding the enemy~! tie yer own dude!

  3. I was wondering if the whopper ploppers and nets and fishing rod work or not? I would like to get all three if work good

  4. Já não basta a publicidade antes dos vídeos, agora também é durante no fim e temos casos como este, só publicidade..

  5. So I use to like wish but the shipping fees are ridiculous, I hate that I'd you order to of the same items they charge you 2 different charges for shipping. I rather use eBay

  6. their cheap hook packs aren't bad I still have some in my tackle box from a couple years ago. I have caught plenty of fish on them. Originally was fishing for carp tackle which wasn't bad either, I got a decent method lead set.

  7. Be curious to see your reaction to some of those reels, have to believe some of the "manufacturing" for the name brands has been used for some of these….just without the big name..:)

  8. Wish has a reel with similar functions as the Shimano Bait runners. Can you please do a review on these reels? They are only 23 dollars and look really nice lol

  9. wish dot com will FUQ u and take and KEEP your money and you will NEVER EVER get your product… DISLIKE!

  10. I'm gonna try out that drone for ya and let you know how it goes! I'm also waiting for that chum with 6 hooks you did a video on to come in the mail….i wanna try it out here in hawaii lol your videos are cool to watch bro!

  11. There is another sight called Joom they usually ship for free. It's an app like wish I quit buying from wish when my shipping was. More than my items were.

  12. Have you ever try this rainbow lines? Would be nice to use it to surfcasting but I'm not sure about the quality…

  13. Holy 6 months later still no unboxing video what is happening 🙉 usually takes a month max 2 if anything is fucky lol

  14. Wow, Your doing it wrong that is why you get crap. First, you find what you want then you open it and scroll down to related and you will see the different prices go for the cheapest. Then you look at all the pictures you will find the size charts, and then you read some of the comments they will tell you if it is crap or have pictures and let you know it's too small or what. Then and only then you buy away. Now do not forget to get a refund if you do not like they give it to you the same day!

  15. Yo this new carbon telescopic rock fishing rod carp feeder rod surf spinning rod is on wish and I don’t know if it’s high quality or not

  16. I love this so much…I just discovered wish …lol..big I limit myself to 10.00..I just ordered a whopper plopper

  17. Soooooo wheres the rest of the video? You gonna tell us how all these purchases worked out or what?

  18. Hi mate, when your ordering your gear on Wish and want to know how much shipping is, scroll down the page further. You will come to the shipping button, click on it to find out how much it will cost to ship before committing to buy.

  19. Here's some good advice from someone (thus me) who has been buying a lot of fishing gear from Wish for the past year.

    – Stay away from fishing lines at all costs. They are NOTHING as advertised, specially the braided ones are crap. They snap extremely fast. Some even snapped on me while spooling.
    – Stay away from fishing hooks. They are of very low quality and bend easily when catching even a medium sized fish. Some have even broken off after the first snag.
    – The hard bait lures are of reasonable quality and SOME are exact copies of the original ones. But again the hooks are a big disappointment and need to be switched immediately with better quality ones (which can be easily done). Keep in mind though that many do lack the protective epoxy layer, which results in paint coming off when bumping a rock. Also, the weight can differ a few grams (usually 1 to 2 grams). Not much off, but still not the weight as advertised.
    – The soft bait lures are usually much smaller than advertised in the pictures. Don't get fooled by the pictures of the hand(s) holding them. Always check the description of the lure to check it's real length (usually that one is spot on). Also, be careful with the ones with a tail: the "connection" between the tail and body is so thin that a fish can easily chop it off, making the lure unusable.
    – Most of the rods are NOT what they advertise to be. Most of them are just a piece of junk made of some kind of hard cardboard with "fancy" paint and a glossy layer on top. Specially the telescopic ones: the eyes snap off or come loose, the segments can't be retracted anymore, or the rod just snaps on you within the first few catches.
    – The reels are of "meh" quality, the advertised 9000 for example is a 3000 AT MOST. The brakes do work on most of them, but when hauling in a big fish they WILL slip on you. The internal mechanisme is very basic and contains many plastic parts, and needs better lubrication for sure. I used them in salt water (beach and pier fishing), and even dropped mine a few times in the water (clumsy me), and 8 out of 10 are still working decently except for the brakes (can't fine tune it anymore on most of them and one simply stopped working). Conclusion: you're way better off spending $30 on a brandname one in your local fishing store, believe me.
    – The only thing I'm extremely pleased with are the light sticks (you know, those that you have to snap). They do not disappoint me for one bit. They're the EXACT same as the ones you buy in your local store. They are very bright, light up for HOURS (24 hours later and they were still lighting up my bag after a good shake) and each individual pack comes with the attachments for your rod. I use mine also directly on my fishing line, near the bait, when I'm fishing at night or in very dark, muddy water during cloudy weather. This attracts fish like crazy in my experience. There's a neat little and easy trick on how to attach them directly on your line, just search YouTube for the clip. 🙂 I pay about $8 for 50 packs (shipping included), each pack containing 5 light sticks (the 30 meter visibility ones) and the attachments. A real steal when you know that one single pack costs about $1-$2 in a fishing store cringe
    – The bite alarms work like a charm, although they get pretty annoying after a while. Don't use them when fishing on the beach, pier, boat, etc. because each wave will trigger the alarm. Use it in still ponds or you'll go crazy.
    – Stay away from fishing nets with poles. It will either bend or snap on you when trying to get a fish "on shore". The netting itself is very low quality and can harm the fish easily.
    – Some fishing floats are of reasonable quality. Some are as good as the ones you buy in your fishing store.
    – And please, for the love of god, do not buy one of those fishing drones. They are utter crap. 🙂

    Hopes this will help.


  20. Can you test or give us your opinions on those huge spools of line.
    I normally use braided line and seeing 1000 meter or more spools makes me think it’s a great buy.

  21. Don't use!!! Buy from Aliexpress 100 times more products. The bite alarm for example is in Aliexpress 3.05 usd Free shipping. Wish is scam!!! Just compare the prices. In Aliexpress you can compare prices and shipping cost in the list already!

  22. The sizes part is actually different colors… when you look at the pictures it has the “sizes” number on em.. lol

  23. Go try going to joom and compare it wish…difference joom you dont pay tax or shipping and alot of stuff have the same in wish…let us know what you think

  24. I want to buy a lure on wish but i need money soo if you want to help when you buy use my code If you can help me use my codee it helps you and me 5-50% off pls helps a lot code:mnwpgxf

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