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$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

(techno music) – Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op. I’m here with Zach of I came for an unboxing, so
stay tuned, it’s awesome. Let’s see it. I want to see what a
koi shipment looks like. Wow, that’s no joke. – [Zach] It’s a medium size shipment. – [Cory] I want to get in there. So that’s only medium size? – [Zach] Yeah, this is like uh. – [Cory] ‘Cause this is
a lot of boxes of koi. How many boxes, do we know? – [Zach] I think it’s
about seventy something boxes this time, usually– – [Cory] Yeah, they all have
to get health inspected. – [Zach] Oh yeah, I take
a percentage of the boxes and cut them open all the time and make sure everything inside’s good and it is what they say it is. – [Cory] Yeah. – [Zach] You ever
wondered how a box of fish gets shipped from Japan to the U.S.? Just like that. – [Cory] How many fish are in here, three? – [Zach] Um. – [Cory] Is this a cold pack? – [Zach] It’s like an air scrubber. I think it takes carbon
dioxide out of the air. – [Cory] Weird, so they double bag, it’s in between the two bags? – [Zach] It’s actually in with the fish and it’s stuck to the
bottom, or stuck to the– – [Cory] And it can get wet though? – [Zach] It can get wet, yeah. – [Cory] Wow, I’ve
never seen one of those. – Yeah. They call them–
– That’s some technology I didn’t know existed. – [Zach] Owl fish they call them. – [Cory] Huh. – Yeah, owl fish.
– You see them out of Japan but nowhere else. – [Cory] Weird. – [Zach] They help in
the transport for sure. – [Cory] What does each
box weigh on average? – [Zach] Um. – [Cory] So like 50 pounds or something? – [Zach] Yeah probably about, probably about 24, 23-24 kilos. So that’s 2.2 pounds per kilo. – [Cory] Yeah, that’s about
almost 50 pounds a box. – [Bill] There’s a couple big ones. – Ooh.
– Oh that’s nice. – [Cory] Hello Shiro. Oh, wait, no, that’s, yeah. That’s like my holy
grail fish right there. – [Bill] Oh they friggin’
got both of them. Those are friggin’ nice. – [Cory] Nice. Wow, that fish. – [Bill] They should put
those in the fish box. – [Cory] Yeah that fish right there. That’s a holy grail fish for me. That is a holy grail fish. That’s, well, holy grail,
I know it’s blasphemy, but I want long fin also. I want, like, something
that, I’ve never seen that, I’ve never seen it. Yeah. – [Bill] There’s a real girl. – [Zach] This one. – [Cory] That one did get a cold pack? – [Zach] That one got a cold pack, yeah. – [Cory] Yeah – [Zach] That is an
authentic Japanese newspaper. – [Cory] There ya go. – [Zach] Yeah, there ya go. – [Cory] Reusable, perfect – [Zach] Reusable, yeah. We’ll recycle it. An owl fish again. – [Cory] Yeah. That fish– – [Zach] They used kind
of a different bag, too, with these guys, it’s
more of a vinyl type bag. It’s pretty cool. – [Cory] Oh, so it is. – [Zach] It helps
transport the bigger fish. A lot of time the needle-fin
and koi and stuff will– – [Cory] Yeah, puncture right through it. – [Zach] Yeah. – And so–
– 78 pounds. – [Cory] 78 pounds. Do we know how much money
of fish is in that box? Do we know roughly? – [Zach] Uh, that box has got about $5000 worth of fish in it. – [Cory] Okay, I can stomach that. I like that other fish a
lot, so, you know, it’s– – [Zach] That one kumonryu is pretty nice. – [Cory] Yeah, I liked that. – That was the one fish
that really caught my eye when we were Konishi’s farm last time. I walked in the door,
it’s the first fish I saw. – I been looking for–
– I had to buy it. – [Cory] You know I love Doitsus, so it’s like, I like that. Does own that fish or it’s already been sold to someone? – We did for a brief period of time. Now it’s sold off to someone else. – [Cory] Aww. – [Zach] Didn’t take long. When that one hit the
internet, it went pretty fast. – [Cory] I gotta stop filming
’cause I’m gonna spend money. I’ve already fallen in love,
we’ve only opened one box. – [Zach] Yeah, that’s the first box. – [Cory] Yeah, I’m ready to
plop down way too much money. Oh, no. – [Zach] I’d say show pond with those. Yeah, they, uh. Water’s free, I guess. Traveled good though. Yeah. – [Cory] Is that 97? – [Zach] And a half, yeah. – [Cory] Wow, they’re getting heavier. – [Zach] And bigger though. – [Gwyneth] Cory, what’s your last name? – [Cory] Mcelroy. – [Gwyneth] Is that what you
have on your, on Facebook? – [Cory] Yup. – [Gwyneth] How do you spell it? – [Cory] M-C-E-L-R-O-Y. Cory Mcelroy. That’s a biggun. Kohaku? – [Zach] This is a fish that was bought as a jumbo tosai in Japan and left there for two
seasons, so it’s now– – [Cory] Four season old? – [Zach] It’s a fourth year fish now, yup. – [Cory] It looks like
there’s sedative in the water. Is that what the bubbles are? – [Zach] Um, maybe some yeah. They usually ship the big koi with a little bit of sedative in there just so that they travel better. – [Cory] And so will they pay, like they pay the shipping
to get into the country, and then they’re going to pay again to ship it to them, yeah? – [Zach] Right, yeah they’ll pay to get– – [Cory] That’s a lot of
shipping at that point. – [Zach] There is a lot
of shipping at that point. This is a Sanke that is going
to California to a customer. This one will probably be in some shows. – [Cory] And so do you know
all these fish just by sight, you know who owns it and everything? – [Zach] Oh yeah. – [Cory] Cause you’re
that familiar with it? – [Zach] Oh yeah. – [Cory] What’s this fish worth roughly? I don’t know how much people
pay as they’ve been growing it, but what are we looking at there? – [Zach] More than 10. – Nice.
– Yeah, so quite a lot. This one, don’t need Leon. – [Bill] No? – [Cory] Oof. That’s a biggun. – [Zach] She is a big one. – [Cory] I can’t wait to
see these in the water. It’s going to look way different. – [Zach] Hey this fish is available. – [Cory] This one’s available. – [Zach] Anyone wants a
big old school style Showa. – [Cory] Mhmm. – [Zach] This is a Sanke fish. – [Gwyneth] Which box is it? – [Cory] What’s that one gonna
to list for on the website Or something like that you think, roughly? – [Zach] Around 5k. – Okay.
– Yeah. – [Cory] I’ll take three, ha! – [Zach] She’s been in Japan
for a couple of years growing. – [Cory] So you picked that one out then and then you just knew? Okay.
– Yup. And let her grow there and just let the sumi
develop a little bit. – [Cory] It’s kind of cool that you’re picking out pets. You’ve been watching
this fish for three years and you go and visit. And so do you decide,
oh, this is the year, it’s time to take it home? – [Zach] Yeah, there’s, yeah. I mean you have to kind of start weighing whether it’s going to benefit
to leave it there longer, or if it’s time to bring it home and sell. – Kohaku.
– What box number is that? – [Zach] Uh, this is, yeah another Kohaku. This one is box 25.
– 25. – [Gwyneth] Thank you. – [Zach] This is, um, customer search. – [Gwyneth] You’re going to
have to tell me what it says. – [Zach] 70. – [Cory] 70 pounds. – [Zach] 63 of it’s just water. – [Gwyneth] But I just put it on the box. (Background talking) – [Zach] Oh, they’re excited. – [Cory] Yeah, this one– – [Zach] They want to get out. – Oh, Omosako.
– Oh. – [Zach] Shiro Utsuri Omosako. – [Cory] Yeah. You can just put those
in the back of my car. – Alright, whole box?
– Yeah. – [Gwyneth] Those are already taken. – [Cory] Oh they’re yours? Aw, I love Shiros. Who doesn’t love little cows? (Zach chuckling) – [Gwyneth] Oh, those aren’t mine. Are they? – [Zach] Nope, those aren’t yours. – Those are yours.
– They’re available. – Those ones are available.
– Ahhh. I like the ones where they have more black on the face. – [Zach] Yeah. – [Cory] I’m a fan of those. – Me too.
– Those ones got a lot of black. – [Bill] Those ones look like they were equally proportional– (box being opened) – [Zach] Another customer’s fish. This is a four-year-old Showa. – Nice.
– From Sakai. – Got it?
– Oof. – [Zach] Yeah, you don’t
need a gym membership when you work here. – [Cory] Yeah. – [Zach] Get buff. – [Cory] I was gonna say. It’s going to be a long day. There’s a lot of boxes to go and a lot, they’re averaging 70 to 100 pounds. – [Zach] A lot of big fish this time. Got some smalls. Oh. This is somebody’s fish we know. – [Gwyneth] What box number is this? What box number is this? – 52.
– Thank you. – [Zach] 64 pounds. This is your fish. – [Bill] This is? – [Cory] Bill’s fish right here. – [Zach] No, that’s
Gwyneth’s fish right here. – [Cory] Oh, Gwyneth. There ya go. – [Gwyneth] Sweet. – Nice.
– Gwyneth loves fish. – [Cory] How many fish do you
have coming today Gwyneth? – Three?
– Three? – Maybe.
– How depressing. (Cory chuckling) (Water running) – [Cory] This shipment overall, how much money and fish
is it worth retail? Not what we’re looking
but that entire van? – [Zach] Um. – [Cory] Is it like 100,000, 200,000? – With customers’ fish
and everything in there? – [Cory] Yeah. – A little over 100 probably. – Nice.
– A lot. – [Cory] That’s a lot of fish. – That’s a lot. A lot of it’s already sold though, so. – [Cory] That’s good. – [Zach] But a lot of it’s not. A lot of it’s still available. About half and half I guess. So this shipment is primarily from, it’s all from Hiroshima, and so a lot of it comes from Sakai, heavy on Sakai fish. We have some fish from
Konishi that just came in. We have some koi from Omosako and some koi from two more
guys, Taniguchi and Tamaura, all from around the Hiroshima area. Quite a mixture of fish. – [Cory] Mm Hmm I love that your rubber
bands fly everywhere too. ‘Cause when I unbox stuff, I’ve had them hit me in the eye before. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – [Zach] These are all females. These are jumbo tosai. – [Cory] That means one year old, right? – [Zach] Yeah, fish in their first year. – Wow.
– These are females. I just got these on my last trip in, is it May now? April. – [Cory] Yeah, so that’s
like a month ago, yeah. – [Zach] Yeah, just about a month ago. And these fish here are two year old koi that stayed in Japan
for one season and grew. That’s the difference in– – [Cory] They got big shoulders on them. They’re gonna grow. – [Zach] Yeah, this one’s
gonna get to be a big fish. This one was purchased as a
jumbo tosai in April last year and stayed in Japan for one season. So it started off as a fish like this, but after one season of growth– – [Cory] That’s crazy. – [Zach] They put on
a ton of growth right? – [Cory] That’s nuts. – [Zach] Yeah. (running water) – [Zach] There’s that flop. Couple more two year olds. – [Cory] Yeah, these are mammoth fish. How much is something
like that in your hand gonna to sell for? – [Zach] Uh. – Probably around 2800. – Okay.
– Yeah. – [Cory] I mean, I’m saying
okay like that’s reasonable. That’s still crazy money. – [Zach] Yeah. This is a customer’s fish. – [Cory] Nice. – [Zach] Checking the fin under here. – [Cory] That’s how you sex it. Just making sure it’s a girl? – [Zach] Yeah. – [Zach] It’s Gosanke again. – [Cory] Yup. – [Zach] It’s Gosanke and Choa. All four year olds. – All four years old?
– Uh huh. – [Cory] Hmm. The funny part is, because that’s such a giant bowl, those koi don’t look so big. – [Zach] They’re huge. – [Cory] But they don’t realize that like, if you were to lay across that– – [Zach] I could fit in that bowl. – [Cory] Yeah, exactly. Yeah, there’s no scale here. ‘Cause they’re giant. – Alright guys. Been a long day. I know I want to go home, he
wants to go home, we’re tired. A lot of fish got unboxed. – Too many. – Make sure you check
out his channel, Also, you can go to the website. You can buy some of these
things, you can bid on them, – Please buy.
– There’s auctions. Yeah, you gotta buy them
all so he can order more. The more you buy, the more
he orders, the more I film. It’s win win win. – Super win.
– So, yeah, exactly. So check him out and we’ll
see you in the next one. – See ya.

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