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12 Most Unusual Fish In The Ocean Part 2

12 Most Unusual Fish In The Ocean Part 2

From fish with unusual abilities, to ones
that just plain look odd, join me as I reveal to you 12 of the most unusual fish in the
ocean…part 2! 12. Blobfish
The Blobfish is actually a very unique specimen when it comes to the world we live in. For you see, the Blobfish are a species that
lives in incredibly deep waters within the oceans, and are used to living in places with
incredible pressure. So when they’re not in those high pressure
areas, they actually transform (in a way) into a more jelly like state, which is why
it looks like a blob when it is on the surface. Yep, that’s right, the “form” you’re seeing
now is not its “true form” but rather it’s “final form”. Just catching a Blobfish is an incredible
endeavor, as no Blobfish has ever been caught alive, which is the same for most deep sea
fish. So even if you could catch one, you would
have to keep it within a contain that exerts the same pressures of the ocean, and then
transfer it into a cage that has similar pressures. While it’s “final form” is strange, you have
to admit that it’s also strange that it would transform into this when put out of its proper
pressures. And yeah…it just looks weird too. 11. Oranda Goldfish
Ok, I want you to picture a goldfish. It could be the one you have, one you’ve seen
at a pet store, whatever you want. Can you picture it? Now, do you see anything weird about that
goldfish in your mind? No? Good! That means you’re thinking of a standard goldfish. However, a non-standard goldfish is the Oranda
Goldfish, which most certainly does NOT look like a regular one thanks to its “enhanced”
head. By that, I mean that the head has a growth,
also known as a “Hood” called a Wen, and it makes it look like the goldfish is rather
sick, when actually, it’s perfectly fine. Most times anyway. The mass on the head is benign, but sometimes
it can grow so big that it actually covers the eyes of the fish, limiting eyesight in
a not so fun way. Ironically enough, the “growth” on its head
actually makes it attractive to people as pets (people are weird, this is known). Especially among the Chinese. Still, if you’re going to have a goldfish,
I’d say go with the standard ones, that way there’s no surprises there. 10. Stargazers
There are many fish in the sea who use a variety of tactics to get their food, and the family
known as the Stargazers are no exception. Their body is literally built for ambushing
unsuspecting prey. For example, their eyes are on the top of
their head instead of the sides like most fish. Their bodies are relatively flat, and their
mouths are actually upward-facing. What they like to do is go into a reef and
bury themselves in the sand. Then, they’ll wait for small fish to come
by unsuspectingly, and then they’ll strike. Not weird enough for you? Well, there are 51 species of Stargazer in
the world, and some of them actually have a “lure” within their mouths that looks like
a worm. So they’ll use it to attract prey and bring
them closer, thus allowing them an even easier meal. And as if all of that wasn’t enough? The Stargazers are actually both venomous
and electricity infused at times. Yeah, you heard me, they can both poison you
and give you an electric shock depending on the type of one you’re looking at. Yet what might be the oddest of all? Despite all of these odd and dangerous features? People love to eat them in certain countries. 9. Asian Sheepshead Wrasse
Part of the Wrasse species, the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse is odd in a whole host of ways. Not the least of which is that somehow, this
is one of the larger species of Wrasse in the world today. As it can reach over 3 feet (the record among
wrasse is 8.2 feet for the record). But obviously, when you look at the Asian
Sheepshead Wrasse, you’re looking at its head. I mean, how could you not? First and foremost, its head and mouth look
like its swollen, but they’re actually not. It’s just a protrusion that the fish natural
has. In the case of the mouth, it technically has
a very unique jawline thanks to this protrusion. But getting back to the weirdness, the other
thing that separates the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse from others is that the lips of this
fish are very big. In fact, they actually look like human lips
(maybe ones with a botox injection, who am I to judge?). So yeah, when you add that all together? That’s a weird fish. Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to
the channel so you don’t miss our weekly videos! 8. Yellow-Headed Jawfish
Whether as an animal or as a human, you know that a natural instinct is to protect ones
young with all you have. And sometimes, you need to get creative to
do so. For the Yellow-Headed Jawfish, that means
putting the eggs in their mouth in order to not just keep an eye on them, but protect
them from threats. No, really, that’s what they do. Though to be clear, it’s not the mother that
has the eggs in her mouth. Rather, it’s the father that takes up the
mantle of child protector. What happens is that the mother will lay the
eggs and fertilize them. As you would expect from the mother of the
species. And once that process is taken care of, the
father will come in and gather all the eggs in his mouth. Once complete, he’ll start to incubate them,
which can take over a weeks’ time. And in case you are curious, the father will
have anywhere from 300-500 eggs in his mouth during that time period. Showing off not just the small size of the
eggs, but the flexibility of the mouth of the Yellow-Headed Jawfish. In terms of protection? Yeah, I can see why this would be incredibly
effective. In terms of looks? Yeah, this is just plain weird. 7. Scorpionfish
There are many creatures in the sea that have a cute or beautiful appearance but are actually
very deadly, and among these fish are the Scorpionfish. A species that is known for its Technicolor
look, but also, its incredibly deadly poison. One that can be found on the spines on its
body…that happened to be covered with a type of Mucus. Yeah, you read that right. If this sounds familiar, you might know the
name of one of the family members to this line, the Lionfish, which is also known as
one of the deadliest creatures of the seas. It’s just a curious thing to see that there
is a creature that can be quite pretty to look at, but if you get too close to it, it
will sting you, not unlike a scorpion (minus the pretty factor of course). This species also are known to bury themselves
at the bottom of certain sea floors and wait for foes to accidentally touch them, to which
they then strike. 6. Frogfish
The species known as the Frogfish are actually a subsection of the Angler Fish line. But this one has a few…unique qualities
that help it stand out. First off, they’re scaleless, which allows
them to have all sorts of unique looks via their skin. They can even look frilly at times and thus
resemble certain underwater plants. This comes in handy when they want to hide
from predators or hunt food. Speaking of which, they’re also not opposed
to using mimicry via movements to try and convince its prey that it’s actually one of
them, and thus will get them into a lulled state of security. Then strike. Which brings me to the most eye-popping moment
of this feature. The Frogfish is actually so quick that it
can snatch up a prey in six milliseconds. That’s so fast that most people can’t see
it happen. Why a fish needs to be this fast is beyond
me. 5. Boxfish
I mean…it kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s called a Boxfish, I’m sure you
can guess at least in part why this fish is so strange, right? Well, in case you can’t get the hint, the
Boxfish are a type of Bony Fish, and yes, they’re actually shaped in part like a box. Mainly in how you look at them from the front
view, they’re box-like. Or, at times, they can be even triangle like. But wait, there’s more. The Boxfish isn’t just oddly shaped, it’s
oddly built, to the extent that the scales that the Boxfish have are armored heavily. So much so that there are actually only a
few fish in the ocean that can try and eat a Boxfish because of the scales being so hard. Yet, this comes with a drawback. Because of its rigidity and security, it can’t
exactly move very well. So its swim speed is low. But, when you have that kind of protection,
I guess movement speed isn’t too big a worry, huh? 4. Psychedelic Frogfish
What’s that? Didn’t we do the Frogfish already? Yeah, but that was the “pure” species of them,
this is one of their offshoots, and it’s just as weird. If you don’t believe me, just re-read the
name Psychedelic Frogfish. This species was actually discovered by accident
in Indonesia by a scuba diving instructor. What he saw was a zebra-striped fish that
was literally bouncing along the ocean floor. Which if you know how water works, that’s
not easy to do. Then, there’s the look, its striped-pattern
is very unique, and in fact, every Psychedelic Frogfish has their own very special stripe
pattern. That makes it easy for people to keep track
of them and thus study them at length. Why they have this stripe pattern is unknown. What is known though is that the Psychedelic
Frogfish is actually able to somehow extend its head and mouth forward. Which totally isn’t creepy at all… 3. Puffer fish
You no doubt have heard about the Puffer Fish at some point in your lives. And if so, you know that this is a fish that
is not only strange in its looks and behaviors, but also in how its “appreciated” all over
the world. In case you don’t know, the Puffer Fish has
a toxin that is feared all over the world. Tetrodotoxin. And this fish is literally infused with it
from top to bottom, gill to gill. So the slightest touch of this fish on your
skin will leave you dead. Period. Which brings us to its “unique” defense mechanism. When calm, the puffer fish looks just like
a regular fish. But, when threatened or spooked, it’ll inflate
itself into its “ball form”, one that protrudes a bunch of spikes meant to ward off prey. The fear of the Puffer Fish is so grand that
it’s full-on illegal to bring these fish into most of the countries in the world. The reason for this is that while you eat
the fish…you have to know how to do so without leaving ANY of the poison in it as you cook
it. That’s hard to do. Which is where the strangeness element comes
in. As Japan is the only country in the world
to allow the import of them because they know how to gut it properly. So I guess you could say that they’re fearless
in the face of the Puffer Fish. 2. Molidae
Also known as the “Ocean Sunfishes”, this unique fish truly stands tall amongst other
fish in the sea. And I do mean that quite literally. Because they can measure up to 15 feet in
length despite having a “half-fish” look. What does that mean? Simple, when you think of a fish, you usually
see a “complete” body even in the smallest of fish. But, the Ocean Sunfishes have a look that
“ends” at the Dorsal Fins, which makes it look very odd. Yet, it’s very long. See the weirdness now? Oh, and did I mention that because of their
size they can weight up to 5000 pounds? Because they can. One more thing, there’s like 40 species of
parasites in its skin…because why not at this point? 1. Sawfish
The Sawfish has a name that definitely lives up to the hype. Because as you might suspect, the Sawfish
is indeed a creature that an appendage that looks very much…like a saw! Shocking, I know. Believe it or not, it’s not actually the nose
of the fish that has the “saw”, it’s actually an extension of the nose called the Rostrum,
and on that rostrum is a set of spiny teeth that reach out, and thus give the fish its
“saw” look. Another odd thing is that while the saw on
the fish looks like an offensive weapon, it’s actually not clear if that’s what it’s for. No one really knows how the saw is used on
prey. But, we do know that it’s used as a sensory
tool to help the Sawfish see all around it. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think about these strange fish? Which ones were your favorites among the set? Do you know of another strange fish we can
put on the list next time? Let us know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time on the channel!

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