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13 Fishing Concept Z Reel – Under the Hood

13 Fishing Concept Z Reel – Under the Hood

What’s up everyone, This is Jesse with Strix Outdoors and today we’re gonna be looking at the 13 Fishing Concept Z. This is a brand new reel, I just got it and naturally the first thing I wanted to do was to open this up see what’s under the hood and see how it compares to some of
the tried-and-true models that we’ve all known over the years like the Shimano
Curado. As you’ve probably heard this is all the buzz in the fishing community
that’s supposed to have zero ball bearings and so I’m gonna take this
apart, we’ll take a look at it on the inside and compare it to what the
Shimano configuration is and see where maybe this will be an advantage to us
saltwater fisherman, stay tuned. Alright, let’s take this baby apart So I’m gonna stop there because I think
we can get a close enough view of what’s what’s on the inside of this a lot of
very similar components obviously to the Shimano ones I’ll show you here in a
little bit we’ll compare side-by-side so of course the big thing with these reels
is that they tout not having any ball bearings and from what I can see that’s
true right so they’re using this czb bearing which is supposedly a polymer
bearing you can see the one here and another one…. Each reel has three of those czb bearings one here in the side plate one that’s on the spool and one here on
the other side plate. It does have the roller clutch bearing just here just
similar to the Shimano reel and I’ll show you in a second which is still
metal.. races I guess, if you will, polymer type housing inside of a metal
casing here. This is actually something I just had to replace on my one of my
Shimano reels because it I guess it got some salt in it and got corroded pretty
bad here’s the CZB bearing, non-ball bearing, it’s a bushing I guess
supporting the spool on this side this end cap. So this is a bit different I
wanted to point this out so czb bushing if you will it’s on the side plate here
supports the pinion gear so the end of that pinion gear slides into fits into
that bushing and it’s supported there so it’s not directly supporting the spool I
guess when you disengage to cast only the other czb
bushing bearing that’s on the other end plate and the one that’s on the spool
itself are supporting the spool during during casting so it’s kind of
interesting. I haven’t figured out exactly how this is all working together
but very different for sure. Alright, let’s compare that to the Shimano so here you have the same similar types
sleeve, collar, I’m not sure with the right technical term is for it
same roller bearing very similar this is on the Shimano Curado 50e this is a
brand new one I just have to replace this one here we can look at some of the
similarities between the two, the Shimano Curado 50e on this side and it’s a few
years old and the new 13 Fishing Concept Z. In terms of general design very some
very similar design features a few differences so at first glance they seem
pretty similar a lot of the same basic general configuration components but
when you start really taking a look at it there’s quite a bit of difference in
the way these work and the general design now I will say that the Corrado
50 II that I’m comparing this concept z2 is several years old and things have
changed to the new Shimano’s in terms of like the dry gear and some of those
other components look a lot more like the concept Z I did get a chance to play
with this real just a little bit took it out and did a few casts and it’s smooth
casts very easily in fact you almost have to make sure you don’t cast try to
cast it too hard because a little backlash on you as you’re trying to
figure out what brake setting is gonna be the best but definitely getting some
distance I’m impressed so far I’m gonna see how
it holds up over time and we’ll see how it goes. The main drive gear here see this one’s a bit thicker of the
concept they’re teens a bit wider than the Shimano its probably to house on
these washers that are in here this is the 7.3:1 for the Concept Z and
this is a 6.4:1 for the Shimano So as I mentioned a lot of similarities between the two reels some differences
obviously the concept Z they’re big selling point here is no ball bearings
so they’re replacing the typical ball bearings that are in that hold the spool
like in a Shimano with those polymer composite bearings that should never
rust and are very smooth we’ll see how they hold up it does still have the
roller clutch bearing that is a metal type bearing that could get corroded and
seize up and so hopefully not quite as likely to happen as the roll as the ball
bearings but we’ll see how it holds up over time really excited to check it out
and try it try it out in the salt here in the next few months I’ll keep you
posted Thanks

22 comments on “13 Fishing Concept Z Reel – Under the Hood

  1. Great video. Really glad to see a non biased video posted about this reel, it gets old quick hearing how amazing this reel is without any validity. would love to see some casting videos with it.

  2. Awesome video! I asked concept about if they had an ARB and if they did if they made any mods there to address the rusting of the roller clutch but they never answered back. You answered it in this video. This was the best video I’ve seen so far because you don’t focus just on the czb’s. I am an inshore salt guy so hearing you address the potential rust areas shows me that you have a good understanding of reel components through personal experience and pointing out what has a higher likelihood of rusting.

  3. Yeah, there is also another CZ bearing under what 13 calls the “gear metal” that the drive gear is on. Or at least there should be another CZB under there as every other Concept reel has a bearing in that location.

  4. In the past companies have been putting a ton of bearings on the reels and charging an arm and a leg for them and now they are getting rid of the bearings and charging an liver and a testicle for it, don't get it its suppose to get more cheaper but no they are charging the crap out of the fisherman's for freaking plastic bushings and a in your face paint job to advertise that you are a fool and can't move your boat closer to the fish so the stupid couple of feets that this reel cast over the competition are just that worthless,i personally dont going to spend 200 on this reel,i better spent 200 on a cheaper reel and a rod,nice video by the way

  5. Thiers alot of things that matter that u didn't realize. No offense but if u did know alot about the internals u would notice the curado e is better built. I'm willing to explain

  6. I have had curados for 10 + years . I have had no problems . after using this junk reel 4 times the thumb realease would not work . sticking with curados .

  7. I tell everyone that does what you are doing stop calling them bearings they are bushings and not new technology but old Ryobi came out with that way back in the early 1980' s

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