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$13 Korean Soup Vs. $88 Korean Soup

$13 Korean Soup Vs. $88 Korean Soup

[Music] [Applause] [Music] andrew we’re back at Chilton Gavi where we were in our season one Korean barbeque episode lots of fans said that that episode actually led them to try Korean BBQ for the very first time so we thought why not introduce more people to more technical in cuisine we’re really lucky in Los Angeles to have a ton of amazing Korean food so to take it up a notch tomorrow first thing Korean soups today I’m worth it we’re gonna be trying to three different suits actually dressed we’re getting price points to find out which soup is the most worth the edits price the food I never thought we would get to do on worth it we are on our way right now to one of my favorite if not my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles it is called a Han baht song town and they specialize in one product and that is selling town ox bone green suit with a very beefy delectable taste we’re gonna speak with Jong about how they make their suits just to show you how much I love fellow in town I actually have an entire album on my phone dedicated to some hometown okay you wanna see it wow this is also fun because I can see your skill and photography improving it also we’re gonna be meeting with my best friend’s Megan Lee there she is an actor singer songwriter she actually grew up eating at this restaurant in fact one of my first times there was with her so you know it’s the circle of life she’s actually your soup grandmother if you think about that way whoa yeah is that making my soup daddy [Music] Amba is my favorite restaurant in LA how did hamburg get started hey Johnny ran or CVS oh joy hey Mon Ami Tom Kubik started on a OpenSSL kutami in the Oh Mon Ami Holly Liza open eyes people enjoy you gotta believe me no I thought there was a tall plaster and something shipp internet that I saw you got to come time that day but when you’re halfway through the song tongue is ox bone broths ooh yeah so Builder actin the East I don’t care there okay that go get in the pool there I’m the cool tile recipe coming in the Rotunda by combat only serves one dish one day skull on top that’s it why do you want to just serve one thing honey me Jim be that about bone vanya this is Megan Lee hi guys I will order the mix I’m gonna get the brisket you should do songs fans which is the flank that’s exactly what I wanted okay let’s do it you also get complimentary barley Cheers [Music] oh it’s so fast combat is your spot yeah see my family used to come here all the time so crazy now that we’re filming here make mixes for me thank you so good when it comes to Korean food the stinker it is the more delicious it is and Richard Cheers oh that’s okay for such a simple recipe it has this insane depth of flavor that I can’t explain it’s beefy in a way that steak can’t be beefy the flavor that’s locked in the bones and cartilage that’s not in straight cuts Wow yeah so we have all these garnishes what should I be doing here I love adding pepper how much is enough going on you know I had a lot I like my green onions we have two different kinds of kimchi this is just regular cabbage kimchi this is a radish kimchi I personally think the radish kimchi is the best very liberal kimchi don’t get a moment but the harmony red sphere how do they thought I have it earlier Tom Navi they would interrogate a powerful mandolin mobile dr. Kenan tonight oh no the radish is great oh man eating an egg hot soup I think my : meat is the greatest partnership in all of 3-cycle and me are you the meat and your pickle he’s definitely the pickle I am what happens when you combine pickle in what I like to do is actually get a little bit of the sauce here and the part for it oh really you do that like halfway through your soup kind of changing it up as you go like with Cheers all right we’re gonna be having our next soup a little bit later on but first we’re gonna stop for what I think is one of the coolest places in all of Los Angeles it’s called baru so we’re gonna be having some kombucha and some cookies I mean I’m one of the owners Baro is the Korean word for a bowl that Buddhist monks carry the food is it’s in Korean ingredients but it’s a very diverse menu we ferment our own drinks here visit Japan a fermented pineapples and then today we have lemon verbena yuzu kombucha just inoko cookie and then we have our everything mochi which is kind of our signature sweet Oh ah he’s like pineapples cider oh my god there’s almost loki bread soup back in 2012 the late jonathan gold publishes article on the sixty korean dishes every Angelina should know he lists numerous soups which include Blowfish soup I’m Chetan cheonggukjang samgyetang donkey meat guksu soaked warm soup sell in town my head is spinning with soups this is what Korea did what is that can you eat it will make it a sue next we’re now on our way to honestly one of my favorite restaurants called spoon by H Yoon is going to show us her pork belly dumpling soup this is actually a dessert cafe so I know we just had a cookie but we’re also gonna be having some dessert there for my 18 and dessert cafe grill turn in your delight area how boy style hi c’mon got a cool tongue go boom sheep goats right that’s not gonna change why did you put this soup on the menu when you really are trying to make really delicious desserts we started out as a dessert cafe and then so regular he was like sure yeah I’m gonna be really small like tiny humble cafes or bill clay so today we’re trying your pork belly dumpling soup man Dooku holiday mañana mañana de style I take a man to convince Kimura Banton invoke of Google and shindig resolve to a new miracle in diameter so how is your mundo group different from others that you might find traditional waited until week so I look a little cleared we mix all together oxtail pork bun meat bun rudin chicken a good whatever they know it takes like forever so come to Hong Kong seek a waiver from the reggae guy paradise kiss me to forget that I was and what comes out either we going to do about Jessica Korean food or the money towards shut off oh yeah it’s better than good we’ve both actually had this suit before it’s so good we had to have it again on the show and then I glasses steamy dumpling that’s a good-looking deadly it’s full of flavor Stephen it’s so rich one of the things I love is the size of the dumpling relative to the bowl that you eat out of check out the pleats you can tell that it was made with love it’s leading me to eat it that’s so tasty for me this definitely falls into a category of you could eat it every day it’s so encouraging to eat like urging it’s like Ryung yuan and you’re like yes oh yeah you know what they say to a party boy Adrienne is fighting you can do it oh yeah anything in the right way Peyton we’re ahead of dessert cafe we should have some desserts as well yes slighty that Mentos photorealism I think on there it’s like a flower bouquet of grapes yeah yeah when they’re two second waffling they are take a crispy I cook front choco and then in a computer the robot Nutella dress all house-made ice cream you guys make your own ice cream – yeah oh wow yeah boom go to Boca be on Cuban each was in the Mafia moaning when did equipping it – cool it’s hard to see what kind of services are you serious this is ridiculous yeah this is the perfect example of the attention to detail one Holgrave tiny slice put into it tiny sheet of paper inserted into them oh my gosh the whipped cream dissipated and it’s still being held in place like a stone arch this is some DaVinci I you can’t eat this it’s frustrating oh yeah whoa wait this is not your typical waffle what well is it by press I’m having this actually really yeah okay it is somehow fluffy and crispy yeah it feels like something that a spider would make oh yeah fighter you think crawly bugs but then you see its web you know like how could nature produce such a perfect shape someone check you in for a radioactive spider hiding Peter Parker more like something that I don’t know boon or man [Music] it’s not in the game cuz it’s a super episode I love how is just a family doing their thing killing it but it does mean that sometimes it takes a little bit more time because there’s all this love put into the food so if you want to check out spoon by age please go with a little bit of patience soup facts hey jungkook literally means hangover soup and it is a rich beefy bone broth dish that can be served at any time of day Annie didn’t you say that your mom used to make you that soup all the time what are you just consoling her what’s going on I was not a drunk baby now we are on our way to our last restaurant we’re gonna see David Chang at majordomo he is going to show us their whole boiled chicken multi-course soup dish because he’s a friend of the show he’s going to be joining us for our meal also because it’s quite a this is a multi-course soup extravaganza oh my is real name baby please I will not okay [Music] one night knowledge ooh here again you are a friend of the show we’ve worked with you yes but you open this restaurant in the time that we last saw you on oh my god I totally forgot about that that’s why when we opened up this restaurant it was very important to me that we represented the diversity of Los Angeles without it being patronizing I know Koreatown very well but I don’t want to do anything that was like well come here to eat cream and I looked at it as almost like a Venn diagram and we needed to find that overlap so does that occur in this dish itself yes chicken that we boil we serve it in two ways just to poach chicken breast and then we pick the dark meat and serve that as a soup that comes after the white meat Jude parry sickles is the executive chef Jude’s gonna be cooking the food today I wanted to serve something that’s boiled because I grew up eating boiled chicken I have to figure out how to present a dish that is interesting and cool because it’s not what people expect chicken to be so I kept on thinking the image was a trust roasted chicken right it’s beautiful golden-brown and a corroborate presented in giant copper pot and I’m like I said just serve it like that but boil when we first did the dish the biggest complaint that we had is it takes too long so we’re like okay I’m just a shoulder pick the meat and then we put all the chicken meat in it’s too much chicken meat if I just put the dark meat in I now have this white meat is there another poached chicken that I like a lot like of course I love high knees chicken for somebody who has no idea what I mean these chicken is what is that how would you define just a post chicken and then served over chicken right except that’s cooked in chicken stock popular in Singapore and Malaysia it’s crazy how good it is it’s always dependable and there’s another dish by Gabrielle Kamara at Contra Mar Mexico she has this grilled fish one side is a red sauce one side is a green sauce I was like oh serve the chicken breast that way so we have a chili black bean sauce ginger scallion what is this rice and he’s in this chicken nice but it’s chicken rice but it’s not I want you to face I’m really Kerry thank you mmm you know what makes me want to do in like Malaysia you see all you think old guys like this you wanna do that I am invulnerable it’s annoying that this breast is so tasty I know ha ha ha why are we roasting chickens at all it’s such a pain in the ass we got so much mess yeah but again this is the byproduct we’ve taken the fat from the soup and mix it in with the rice that’s braising so this isn’t the main course this is just the byproduct of this this dish alone I would be totally satisfied sorry I’m finishing this food don’t worry I’m honors my mom would literally just put a whole chicken in a pot of water and just bring it to a rapid boil the more I learned about Korean food the more I realized oh that’s the basis of a lot of different dishes so if you roll out pasta and tear the noodles and you just cook it in the broth so it gives it the thickness and it gets cloudy it almost becomes like the chicken and dumpling all right in the American South the dish that I grew up in Virginia I love that dish but it’s not it’s Korean suji P so all of a sudden now we’re talking about four different dishes in this dish if you roast chicken on a rotisserie all that beautiful juice just goes away but if you’re cooking a new soup you get all of the goodness where truffling the soup right now so why did truffles make sense for this dish Wow can i this is the work that amount please be impartial to the amount of troubles when you’re judging this in your minds why do truffles work in this dish I think they need to be activated with fat and keep seasonally right now I’ll have fava beans we have spring peas with some morels Wow oh I wasn’t expecting to be as clean as it is pure chicken the broth itself tastes precisely like my mother’s chicken soup and that’s a Ukrainian chicken soup I am a bit of a seal Wow the chickens been domesticated the world over for millennia and millennia yeah there’s only so many ways you can cook it so chicken soup around the world’s pretty much the same thing so I wonder have you made this for your mother here’s the thing if I make it for my mother that’s what I’m gonna make her what I’m gonna make her southern chicken and dumplings really and you can like this is JB that’s part of your show what a superb day of soup which soup was the most worth it to you I just get the first point this is a hard one I think of all of the expensive restaurants there are in Los Angeles majordomo actually offers some of the best value this may not come as a surprise but I have to pick spoon by H that place truly one of the best restaurants in all of Los Angeles it was you’re worth a winner my with a winner goes to hon bot song Tom mm-hmm moment I moved to Los Angeles in winter that restaurant I was in love that was actually the moment I I came to appreciate Los Angeles Adam once you’re with a winner spoon by 8 Annie who’s your worth a winner Wow next week we have what is often seen close by to soup I have no idea [Music]

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