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13 Unhealthy Oils You Should NOT Eat & 3 Healthy Fats to Eat

13 Unhealthy Oils You Should NOT Eat & 3 Healthy Fats to Eat

In today’s show we’re going over oils
you need to stop eating right now to avoid disease I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and
I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and in the next ten minutes we’re going to go over all
about 13 oils that you should stop eating today we’re going to go over three
oils that you should start eating today and add to your diet then we’re also
going to go over some foods that contain healthy fats so if you love learning
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goes over dry eyes specifically but you can apply it to pretty much any disease
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so fats are an interesting topic or oils high-fat foods have kind of got a bad
rep but then they’ve also been counted as a superfood you’ve probably heard
both ways so which way you’re going to go we’re going to talk about that today a low-fat diet was a big fad in the 90s and 2000’s but
unfortunately that came with the rise of sugar and then with the rise of sugar
and low fat came the rise of disease obesity diabetes all that kind of came
about as a result of all that sugar so the key that take away as fats are not
equal and so bad fats cause inflammation which is associated with diabetes,
obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and more so we’re going to go over the 13 fats to
avoid at all costs so number one is canola oil now canola oil is made from rapeseed which is treated with tons of pesticides
and it’s very highly processed most rapeseed is GMO it’s full
of genetically modified ingredients and so this canola oil it just becomes
highly processed full of GMOs full of pesticides canola oil is often used in
margarine as well so we’re going to talk about that a little bit later and it
contains a lot of trans fats which you just want to completely avoid in your
diet you’ll see kind of all those things that she just
mentioned is kind of a very hot topic for everything number two is mixed vegetable oil it’s very cheap to make full of GMOs and
this includes soybean oil and cheap versions of olive oil use pressed oils
which are a much better option absolutely so number three is sunflower
oil and the biggest reason to stay away from sunflower oil is because it
contains really high amounts of omega-6 and no omega-3 so you’re just getting a
lot of inflammatory omega-6 and no anti inflammatory omega-3s so stay away
number four is peanut oil if you buy an organic might not be as bad
for you but it’s usually blended with soybean oil to make it a lot cheaper and
it has a very low smoking point which means once an oil starts smoking
when you’re cooking with it that means it’s damaged so stay away from peanut
oil because it’s usually cheaply done similar to cheap olive oil too number five is corn oil and the corn oil is often a part of that
regular mixed vegetable oil that you find in the grocery store
it’s full of polyunsaturated fats and it’s not great for cooking because it’s made
with GMOs it’s super cheap to make it’s highly processed so
you want to really stay away from corn oil so if you’re liking this video you
can help us by hitting the share button and liking this video also we want to
know what oil or butter do you like to use in your cooking so let us know in
the comments below organic extra virgin coconut oil is what
I like to use so number six is margarine or vegan butter these contain tons of
trans fats and margarine has been a staple in the baking industry for
forever and so hopefully it’s switching over to something a little more
healthier which we’re starting to see a little bit more but trans fats have
actually been made illegal in some states and so it’s pretty much these are
made margarine and vegan butter made cheap with canola oil soybean oil and
other cheap GMO filled vegetable oils number seven is palm oil and this one is
super important because right now there are really bad environmental
consequences with the use of palm oil basically what’s happening is jungles are being taken over by palm trees and these
palm oil farms and animals like orangutans are in danger and they can’t survive because all they have is
palm trees around and that’s just not what they’re used to surviving for millions
of years and so you need to be really conscious
about things that you buy that have palm oil in them if they will buy organic
palm oil then that’s going to be a little better but these palm oil farms have just wiped out half
of the rain forest and so it’s just awful for our environment to use palm
oil she’s going on a soap box I am because I love my environment I love my
little orangutan I’m going to go into number eight so cotton seed oil is not
suitable for human consumption it’s scary and it’s processed with pesticide pesticides are used while
growing it and it contains a toxin when unprocessed is not safe for human
consumption because when it’s not processed it is used as a pesticide and
it contains toxins that can increase fertility and liver disease now it is
technically safe for human consumption when it is processed but that just means
that it’s highly processed and who wants that in your body so no to cotton seed
oil number nine is butter and cheese these are dairy products that contain
saturated fats and they also contain lactose which has a really high allergy
content for a lot of people and especially people that have a lot of
inflammation in their body or they suffer from chronic inflammation dry
eyes things like that really those people should stay away from dairy
butter cheese all that so number 10 is safflower oil which is just kind of a
cheap oil and it’s just a combination of oils and it’s refined using toxic
solvents and it really has no nutritional value number 11 is rice bran
oil and this one is similar to sunflower oil and that it just contains high
amounts of omega-6s that can increase inflammation but virtually no
omega-3 so number 12 is anything with trans fats we talked about trans fats a
little earlier but they’re actually being made illegal in States for reason
trans fats cause a ton of disease and you’ll see this on a label of a
product when it says partially hydrogenated so biggest victim for this
is peanut butter look at Jiff normal peanut butter you’ll see partially
hydrogenated oils that is trans fat make sure you stay away from partially
hydrogenated oils in your food look on the label it’s usually on there
absolutely so number 13 the last one on our list is soybean oil and now soybean
oil is highly processed it’s full of genetically modified
ingredients and GMOs and it’s high in omega-6 as well so stay away from
soybean oil so to stay healthy and avoid disease make sure you subscribe to our
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amazing videos that we come out with also don’t forget to pick up our new book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment at so now that we’ve discussed the unhealthy oils let’s jump into the healthy fats that
you should be eating or adding to your diet today so the key thing with healthy
oils is that you want to make sure it’s organic and that it’s press or cold
press and not processed and so you’ll see that right on the front of the label
organic obviously but it’ll also say cold press so look for that extra virgin
something like that so when cooking with these oils make sure you don’t cook them
above the heating there smoking point once an oil starts smoking its damaged
and it will cause damage inside your body so you actually lose all the
nutrients once the smoking occurs let’s go into number one which is
organic cold-pressed avocado oil which is rich in monounsaturated fats and it
raises our good cholesterol it’s also rich in vitamin E in folic acid which is
a B vitamin and it has immune boosting properties so this is great for cooking
but again don’t let it rise too much because if it’s smokes then it’s damaged
and I’d actually also challenge you instead of a kind of oil is add one
avocado a day to your diet and see what kind of benefits you get from it number
two is organic sesame oil so I love this one because it has a really interesting
taste it also lowers cholesterol it contains tons of antioxidants so it can
decrease blood pressure it’s low in saturated fats which is wonderful
and I love it to make salad dressings marinades things like that because of its unique tastes and number three is
organic cold-pressed olive oil so this is a staple in the Mediterranean diet
and dietitians and scientists have studied it for years over there in like
the Mediterranean area because they’ve been living so long they think it has
something to do with their organic cold-pressed olive oil so again highly
recommended by Dietetics because it helps lower your risk of heart disease
and stroke by reducing your bad cholesterol and increasing your good
cholesterol it also contains tons of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty
acids now this last one we’re going to give you we’re going to give you a
little note on organic unrefined coconut oil now as Travis said we love to use
organic coconut oil and we use it pretty much every day it does have a high
saturated fat content I will put a video above her head that will talk about
coconut oil a little bit more the high saturated fat content is why
some doctors some nutritionists might say to stay away from coconut oil but we
believe that it is perfectly fine in moderation and it’s also great for other
things like using as a moisturizer we use it everyday as a moisturizer
especially when we travel it’s one of the five ingredients in our soap for a
reason because it’s so awesome so make sure to always buy organic that’s you
know the biggest thing with anything here and now that we’ve talked about
oils we’re going to talk a little bit about the foods that you should add to
your diet to increase your healthy fat intake and when he talks about these
sometimes he mentions organic sometimes he doesn’t but we really mean organic
for everything because if you can buy everything organic then that’s better
than not so the 17 foods that contain healthy fats that you should be adding
to your diet include now again I’m going to omit the word organic just because it’s
it’s implied everything organic so number one is avocados if you can add
avocados to your diet that is huge eat one a day and you’ll feel so much better
number two avocado oil same benefits as avocados of course better
than oil but if you’re going to use any oil and you’re cooking everything use
avocado oil number three is free-range organic eggs that’s going to be huge for
lutein and omegas number four dark chocolate make sure it’s very
very high cacao content like 70% or higher that’s going to be a lot better than just ingredients number five is walnuts raw sprouted organic walnuts are going to be great
chia seeds make chia pudding put it in your smoothies if you can tolerate it if you
get an upset stomach from it take it out of your smoothies so almonds,
Brazil nuts, unsweetened coconut, ghee, flax seeds that are around are going to be
better because you’re going to get the omega-3 if you have whole flax seeds
this is going to be good fiber olives wild-caught salmon, organic extra virgin
olive oil, wild caught tuna, nuts, and seed butter and organic sesame oil is the
17th one so those are the 17 healthy foods that you should add to your diet
today it is just going to keep you healthier and if you can’t add them
all avocados add one avocado a day see how much
better you feel and dry eye for instance you’ll notice a big reduction in your dry eye snack on avocados and organic raw nuts like walnuts and pecans and things like
that so make sure to check out the other other video that we think you might like
and also everything that we just went over is just one of the steps you can do
to naturally reverse disease including dry eye and it’s taken directly from our
Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment book head to to get your copy
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for watching and we’ll see you next time

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