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$134 MASSIVE Korean Hairtail Fish: 8 Course Tasting Menu in Gangnam

$134 MASSIVE Korean Hairtail Fish: 8 Course Tasting Menu in Gangnam

hey guys Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Korea from its hundreds of miles of semi-tropical national parks to is wild coastlines filled with waterfalls it’s no wonder that Jeju has been named one of the new seven wonders of nature but besides going to the beaches and climbing a volcano people go to Jeju for its food but unfortunately for me I can’t make it down to judge at this time I’m kind of stuck in Seoul but that’s why I am here at Hollis um it’s a restaurant located in Abidjan Seoul and it’s one of the first restaurants in Seoul to offer authentic Jeju cuisine and what’s really great is that I’m able to go in the kitchen and meet the head chef here hey guys this is system he’s going to cook army up there and authentic Jeju fruit I’m excited and this is the main course cutlassfish open though has in korean elephant fish wow that’s good there’s some nice proficiency right there it’s so long and this is going into this rack because we’re roasting this baby salt goes on the fish is longer than the Tala manners hell is even hanging off and it’s only going to cook in there for about 13 minutes and we got seafood stew cooking already Alice guests become crabs and clans shrimp we’re also going to have some kid you abalone this guy is just slicing it paper-thin at this point I’d be cutting one of my fingers off by the way I’m smelling the fish already and it smells amazing getting a nice char on the outside this is a Jordan this is going to go on top of fish that were eating this dog is going to braise the fish and this is a really traditional Korean cooking method and it sizzling oh my gosh oh that grease come out of fish like I’m about to be a river monster what makes this restaurant really unique is that like I mentioned it was one of the first Jeju restaurants in Seoul and all the ingredients are thrown from Jeju so is using really indigenous ingredients in their cooking I’m here for the grilled silver-haired tell set menu there’s two options here you can get a two-person option in a three to four percent option you know I’m going for the three to four people option because that’s the option that gives you the biggest fish and we always want the biggest fish first quarters we’re going to start with a super official world profile project okay got a lot of crap real silver hair so that’s the main event what will happen right according to a 4k belongs under their first course is here this is the abalone porridge I smell so good my mouth is watery watering there’s a lot of sesame oil my hair is so aromatic oh my gosh the flavor profile is not very strong there’s nothing really overpowering in this porridge you can taste the little chunks of abalone and when you bite down you get that nice crunch of the sesame seeds but it’s a really nice subtle start to the dinner I’m ready for round two Wow what oh my goodness your heart is my friend okay here’s the main event Wow oh my goodness this fish is almost a link this entire table is the mushroom and beef pancake this is mackerel cooked in traditional Korean glaze that looks like saying seafood stew brunch I’m more punch on this it’s seaweed rice as that’s really beautiful just not just seaweed in here there’s actually a lot of scallions and abalone and sea urchin all eight courses around the table you know when you’re like sitting next to a beautiful person like you run into Brad Pitt or Halle Berry you’re just like what would I even say there’s nothing I can say to express how just unimaginably beautiful you are and that’s kind of how I feel run out in front of all those foods look at the sushi me Bowl it’s so pretty look up okay I mean what again girls like would you rather have this were a bouquet of flowers anyway I have this right typically I don’t even eat sashimi but let me try a piece of mackerel here a little bit of soy sauce my actual freshman I’ve been basically jumped in my mouth it’s actually really good it’s no surprise I haven’t eaten sashimi says well the last time I had what puffer fish back in Japan and that tasted like a rubber band but this was so fresh and clean and the next item is boiled pork belly slices I mean those are some of my favorite words boiled pork belly and business from black pig this is a Jeju Island specialty people fly to this island to eat this cake and now this big eyes visited us big slice with about 50% fat 50% meat a little bit of the skin add a little preserved vegetables a little bit of a sauce and this sauce is actually made from the hair tail wrap it up in a little some happy holiday for me oh my poor there’s a stroke I feel like that pig took daily showers because that is the cleanest cut up or got had in a long time I mean that pig can sleep in my bed that’s how clean that flavor is you got the beautiful crisp of the leaf pickled vegetables and the sauce is a little spicy you don’t need much at all because what I was tasting wasn’t the overwhelming flavor of the sauce it was more about the natural porky flavor of the meat and the support from guys like I mentioned only from Jeju and the meat is supposed to have more flavor than regular pork and I concur why don’t we get four pieces I mean that’s just like an appetizer next item a sort of pancakes this is a mix of meat pancake and mushroom pancakes at first glance it’s just beautiful look how colorful it is I mean it’s got every color I look green red yellow beef oh so like worshipping a pan card huge huge deep flavor it’s more like a relationship the more you chew the more you get to know it better the more flavor it releases and the more you fall in love with it and there’s two types of pancakes so but this is the mushroom pancake and I wanted to eat this as soon as you actually put the mushrooms into the pan because I love mushrooms since I’m such a fun guy okay last time I’m telling that joke I promise ah mmm there’s so little dough in there I mean there’s just enough dough to keep all the mushrooms together but that’s it so what you’re getting is this mouthful of this wonderful mushroom advice this is some of the best Korean pancakes I’ve ever had I never knew crank pancakes I should be like this because most of the Korean pancakes I’ve had in the States were that was I had in Korea I find most of it is sort of one-dimensional to me not that flavorful but this the beef is phenomenal there’s a pancake made out of the 90% of mushrooms think of the awesome sauce top it’s a little vinegary spicy you get the fantastic flavors of the scallions are the time has come the previews are over we’re down to our main events [Music] you [Music] [Music] those meet I mean I wish I could have had a sooner because I’ve been talking for a while using the other dishes and then I’ve been kind of neglecting it and I feel so bad about that there’s certain foods I eat that triggers some sort of emotional response for me I don’t know if you guys just saw that look up euphoria I hit my face for about three seconds this is amazing I can’t believe only thing out there is salt this thing it just broiled under a salamander and sprinkle with salt that’s all that’s been done to it I guess it makes sense right if something that’s naturally taste is really good you don’t need to do much to it I mean if you make Miranda Kerr wear a trash bag she’s still going to be hot and there’s not a lot of hidden bones either of the fish it’s just like you clean off this rib right here and what’s left is just a pure white flaky fish steak so you can just put into your mouth and I guarantee you will elevate your happiness by 100% the skin is so thin and just evaporates as soon as it hits your mouth you still taste like some little crystals of salt on top which they do here on purpose because it gives you a like a little crunchy texture with this delicate delicate fish meats and Chinese we call this diet my grandma used to cook me this dish it is by far my favorite fish because the meat doesn’t taste addition one bit and usually when she serves it it’s cut into sections and you kind of just gnaw on a particular section I never had the whole fish sitting in front of me before though and this is just a treat imagine your favorite snack or your favorite food item that you grew up eating and all of a sudden somebody put like a giant version of it in front of your face your reaction at that point should be bring that to my mouth right now this is the Jeju seafood hot pot rice and I’m supposed to choose one of these two sauces and mix it just a little bit in there of course this looks more inviting to make I’m gonna get a nice piece of abalone with this bite is amazing I don’t even think I need that sauce I mean this rice is so aromatic there’s so many things working with polarize right here you got some pickled veggies wonderful flavor from a seaweed I don’t love woody on his own but mix that with your rice gives it just a slight oceany flavor oh man that is delicious next up the seafood soup after some rice it’s great to drink some soup Wow it’s like I’m drinking the spicy ocean it’ll go away there’s about a dozen seafood flavors in his office soup kind of way that’s seafood soup that’s off the charts and finally this is not on a set menu but the chef is gracious enough to cook this for me and this looks like a dish that should be called everything that Mike loves in One Bowl galleons chili got mackerel fish potatoes onions mushrooms give it a little herbs the rice the seafood soup in enjoyed I think each have a smack you in a face spice element to it and look at this guy’s you know what this is just calling forth and calling to be sitting on pile of rice let’s make that happen if you’re not drooling right now I can’t help you I really can’t piece of the mackerel no bones at all get a big spoon of rice with all that beautiful sauce and veggies sitting on top bit of the macro as well oh my god we hardly know there’s going to be awesome bike that was a tremendous fight cuz I got flavored dance party everybody’s invited it’s spicy beautiful thick kimchi glazed the wonderful seafood flavor from the only and abalone you even got some radish in here are you just everything will there all day long oh how come we didn’t invite the fish to the party because the fish is not overly seasoned it’s like a perfect balance with the rice and Jordan but I had to choose this and the fish and the seafood soup are my top three in this meal and the Joe team is so good I asked for an extra bowl rice heat all the sauce up I mean letting this sort of way to be a crime against flavor oh yeah there’s certain dishes that that just goes perfectly with rice and this is one of them okay this is definitely the best seafood meal I had in Korea so far I mean it’s the best meal I’ve had in Korea that doesn’t involve state it looks like a tornado blew through here you know the other day I had the Myakka kimbap which is known as a drug kimbap because it’s so addictive they should call this the miok fish because you just take one bite then you won’t be able to stop eating it as evidence to what happened here and it told me just the fish itself just a fish that was here cost a hundred and sixty thousand won that’s like a piece of coal face sticks but I am completely satisfied not only was this delicious there’s an nostalgic element to it this brought me back to a time when my grandmother used to cook this dish and I’m so glad I say they brought out this extra dish of coatings me I can’t believe I finished it it needs to be Garfield that way I hate mondays but anyway if you cannot make it down to Jeju Island definitely contact this is this is not a very touristy our restaurant I only thought about this through my local conference so if you are in Seoul you want to taste of jeju cuisine give this place a shot all the information is listed for you guys in my description box thank you all so much for watching over you to get I’ll see you later

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