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£1M Lotto Win for Fishing Fan

£1M Lotto Win for Fishing Fan

I started checking the numbers, saw
I’d got three and thought “okay I’ve got £30 anyway”. The app pinged back the message
“Congratulations, you’ve won a million!” So that was like, “what?!” I mean I took that one day off,
cause I was just not in the right frame of mind to go into work that day.
Everybody was positive, everybody was coming up and rubbing us for luck,
they were really all genuinely happy for what we’d got.
Debbie is a crazy Disney fan really, aren’t you! There is Disney memorabilia all
over our house and this is giving us the opportunity to go over to Euro Disney
for the new year. I need my Disney fix!
I mean, Lanzarote is just a beautiful environment. The eight years that we’ve been together, I think there is only one year we haven’t been there! The plan is, I’m going over to have a look property wise, as close to the sea as possible.
Like everybody else, you have your dreams that you want to do within your life,
holidays and travel the world et cetera, et cetera. We’ve been able to do it!

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