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1v1 Fishing Challenge in ULTRA CLEAR LAKE 😱 (Mille vs Pontus)

1v1 Fishing Challenge in ULTRA CLEAR LAKE 😱 (Mille vs Pontus)

I’m gonna beat the living crap of you in a one word one fishing challenge but it’s all gonna come down to who’s the best angler Mila or compass the ultimate challenge we love making those challenges you guys love to watch those challenges but today we’re not gonna put any leur types against each other we’re not gonna put any other colours against each other but what we’re gonna do today is that I’m gonna beat the living crap out of you in a 1vs1 float tube fishing challenge yeah it’s all you’re gonna come down to who’s the bass angler melee or pontus the ultimate challenge yep and it’s the first time for me in the flow tube today so I can’t wait to get started in this epic battle yeah maybe I have the platform I have a platform Junior I have a small lake with crystal-clear water by the beautiful fall day it’s like the first really cold day out of fall yeah it was minus degrees when we woke up this morning but hopefully the weather is looking better on later today yeah the focus is gonna be perched but we might also get some pie and yeah up for a good day yeah I think so you know when the cold weather is is has been moving in there I think the fish has moved up to more shallow places so I think we’re gonna put some light headed jigs to test it and see what happens yeah so let’s get ready and get these guys in the water and get this challenge rolling yeah Stuart the rules for this format will be very simple we’re one full day of fishing ahead of us most points at the end of the day will become the champion since perch will be our main target of the day we will have one number at a one big fish point and the extra bonus point will go to one who catches the biggest Pike let’s battle it out Miller versus pocus look at this we’re still clear water filled with bait fish and you look so stupid no offense you took one for the intro today every single fish will matter and when every fish matters you need to have the best gear available on the markets so we’re gonna use these filters showing motors it’s a very smart and a very portable and lightweight trolling motor for fill tubes we’re gonna put them here maybe it’s gonna have one as well let’s get this one in the water and we’re gonna mount the trolling motor like this that would take this one these platforms have already made mounts but other fill tubes you can use to mount this attachment plate I’ll just take this one we slide it on here like so so do I have it now just attach this one to this box we open it up we have the control and now we are ready to go you can mount this it’s like I’m just gonna keep it here now you can control this one with this control so there we go we’re ready to go oh boy oh boy oh boy oh yeah and apparently there’s a good idea to actually bring the share that’s included yep it’s gonna be waiting for me when I get home because I am stupid and it’s not smart to be stupid and that’s not the only like handicap in this competition no that’s true you know I have several flow tubes like it this is my fill tube this is my throw tube but I only have one pair of fins and those are on middle seats today yeah but we thought it would be a reasonable handicap since you have been floating fishing forever and this is my first time like my comfort zone so I can give that where the or swebus all stuff I should be fine oh my goodness man yeah I’m so ready to do this man boom did it him didn’t it it did him no paddling no fins not using the words I’m using this one now soaking awesome look at this for real dude how is it even allowed to go flow tube fishing without the flows plus so for my first caster today I will use one of our new colors bling-bling bait fish is called it’s it has a crystal-clear belly and blue-ish back let’s see what it looks like oh my goodness dude look at this look at this color dude that’s too sick man oh my goodness hola we’re barely just getting started oh it’s a big grown man or you like allowed to use your swimming fins we’re landing the fish yeah the pike is just swimming around over here again I’m gonna try to see if I can land this one now oh oh she’s feisty oh come on you can do it [Music] welcome in here my love [Music] take care you gotta take your man there we go that was sick man completely sick so ladies and gentlemen this is how my first test ever from a flow tube looks like it’s an absolute super pike in this mega mega mega Clearwater we’re gonna get this baby back into the water but I think this will be pretty damn good for them for the bonus point yeah the pike point five point all right well it’s just 72 centimeter long Pike sound you know she’s here somewhere this combination is so epically sick Gator bait fish with a OMG extreme [Music] my first cast ever in my whole life for a slow chip I got a 72 centimeter might not even a legit cast I would say no I was like I said I just fooled them and you spiderwire on my on my real and I was just kind of check to see how it feels like on a bling-bling night vision on the debasement it looks so freakin sexy in the water cuz this is from one of our new dual mode so it will inject two separate colors and how sexy is this one boys and girls yeah we have the belly with completely clear yeah plastic and I’m gonna have some blue glitter thing in the back yeah and it will take a long time before I switch from this one continue doing this so much fun so much fun to do Phil to fishing without fins yeah and your as usual way behind even from the first cast you’re gonna have a tough time today but it yeah I always tell you that oh we have to find more minutes and and today a lot more cast in the end of the day yeah cause you look good in that bill too but that’s not for me is it for real come on to cast into fish man ha ha ha well this is a smaller one no it’s not a smaller one oh look at this water dude oh my goodness oh my goodness that I can it’s just like screaming Justin just under my feet oh my god – cash – fish well at least we know for oh we already said that it’s probably why 60 or it’s why she’s white later today I think it is I really don’t think the perch will care about it so we’ll see about that yeah and this is like another pretty damn nice pike there well I can keep continue doing this all day as filming new Captain Pike invasion baby [Music] [Music] all right man it’s better than I get up to speed now yep oh man but to be fair you know 72 on a small perch jig yeah that’s not too bad actually no no cool dude I was thinking about getting the deeper in water but I think I need to make if you cast before that the middle doesn’t take all the fish I’m gonna go on a similar this baby shark clearly lemonade fishing it with my success shade 5 221 gram perch rod with a Revo and VX reel and darts pre-made wire leader the same one as me was using there are so nice for situations like this when you know that you have shitloads of pike in the area but you also want to catch perch I guess I will see you around homie okay that sounds like a fair deal to me see up need to get a head start over Mila can lets me live fish in our backwater but man look at this water it’s so incredibly clear I’m gonna get the deeper in water soon but I would say that we have like two meters here perhaps and we can see precisely everything I cancel it mainly win you know my kind of my home waters my style of fishing I can’t let him do that alright so that was a lucky start for me later he stopped doing that good but I know all jokes aside we’ll fish now for like half an hour maybe haven’t felt anything more after those two fish so I really believe there’s me a loss just lucky what we’re gonna do now is that I’m gonna put the deeper down into the water you know attach this one to one of the rods this one in the water and yeah we’re also gonna create the depth map so I’m gonna take my Pike rod and just attach it like this I usually have a little lanyard you know connected to the felt tube but I forgot that at home so I’m just gonna lay it in water now it powers on automatically and the thing just gonna leave my rod line like this and now we’re gonna open up the deeper and see what we have alright so we have yeah 1.6 meter and I can see exactly everything down here to the bottom and it starts to draw his lake map and at the end of the day we’re gonna be able to see all the structure and stuff super-cold 8.60 recent water that’s colder than I expected I think we need to slow down a little bit actually so here you can see as we’re going with a filled pass it starts drawing this map here this is a shallow bay with lots of weed we’re fishing our way out from it so the closer we go to the mouth for debate the deeper it’s gonna become and I think our chances of catching perch it’s gonna increase what I was thinking is like I have a couple different baits this one this is the one I got from my French friends it’s kind of fishing it’s called fat boy swim it’s pretty damn chilly today oh yes and then just sealing it like [Applause] yeah oh my god I saw she came in this clear water no oh I just lost her oh oh my god oh my goodness fat boy swim almost got me another Pike and it was so incredible how she came in this mayor got clear water oh man I knew it oh it was a shame I lost it though but look at these bite marks whoo that’s right I just saw how the bait disappeared [Music] oh here I have her chair nice perch ah like maybe 30 what the heck right there I think meal is all caught up in that pike fishing action but instead I’m gonna go down to really finesse ler that knows baby dragon and five grand we dust you get and four-carbon leader it’s now we know or I know that Mila know also that there are perch in here I think with a little bit more finesse presentation since we have this super clear water and very clear skies in the wind woohoo no you hundred here and I think it’s about time so we’re fish more like this is one hour where had it quite a late start I don’t know it’s lunch time then we’re gonna continue further out into this lake then we’re gonna have some deeper water the little coffee to warm everything up you are you have one point out of three all right back to business but yes many of you guys have seen other videos when I’ve been fishing from the platform XL which is a big big brother of this one and one million using so this is the junior version and I haven’t I mean I used this one once before and I haven’t tried to stand up from it so I thought this could be a good time to do that see how stable this one is beat me now me laughs haha so freakin nice it’s quite stable actually of course the Excel version is even more stable I would say I feel like we’re doing quite good up here as well yeah so nice and I can see everything else is like itching from the bolts and when having these filled us I can ask compensate for the wind back again not too fast I fall you know faceplant down in the water here but a little touch this is like the best thing with these platforms especially during the cold months of the year their feet can get a little bit cold when you’re sitting in full day with your feet in water but like this you get your feet up and ya can change your angle it’s super nice [Music] are we having a nice day here or what man yes we are but the fish are not really collaborating anymore they didn’t know the first to cast yeah that was pretty crazy though – a nice pike in two in the first two cast of the day then I just lost one but we’ve had no more that’s an international curse of fishing if you catch fish on the first cast go home I think so yeah but now we’re gonna change part a little of the lake we’ve tried it like big shallow bay up in this area but now we’re gonna go quite far like one two kilometers yeah because you haven’t seen any bait fish or whatsoever on the deeper so nothing at all so we have another spot at an island which is a lot the person we’re gonna have to to put on some heavy weights to get down there but let’s get there first and then we can start to catch them over there so let’s race there dude I’m gonna be there before you then this is nice just staring with the oars and warming up my face a little bit cuz it’s pretty damn cold so if I want to steer to the right I’ll just put in the left one and if we want to steer to the left I’ll just put in the right form just like this man is this hand or what good audience the photo make your face don’t let a very the roof paid under there a lovely truck that’s the oldest time I owe all this to me offer this this is so I just met that awesome guy over there who told me to fish around this island so if I win its 100% because of him you’re also I forgot to take your name but thank you but I gave him a few flat those many in return for his great fishing tips so now we’re up the next pot here we have 9 meters and as you can see here will be number 4 5 miles here on almost 11 meters and we have a big shallow area inside here goes out like shallow points with the hard bottom so I think we’re gonna spend the last time here here we have caught Turks before so I’ve some hope that we’re gonna catch something I really hope so at least otherwise I mean we’ve had a cool day on water to throw out them such deep water I’m gonna bounce the bottom really hard with 21 gram jighead baby shark cast it up on this shadow edge and just bounce it out and hopefully there’s gonna be someone at home my experience is that the fish are always somewhere around here but it can be a little bit tricky to find hider they are out here in the deep water or up in the shallows they might be on the other side of this island but they are gonna be here we just need to find them now I actually see for the first time I will see something on the bottom so I’m gonna try vertical jigging reel up really fast yes that was a fish for short Oh fish on oh crap yeah I’ll tell a chick over 11 meters in the mid-water holy they lost the fish here like 1 meter down that was sick it felt like a nice perch is coming up you know we’re on 11 meters of water Anna had a fish like in the surface that’s crazy I haven’t seen anything and I’m boom holy when reeling in super fast he has to be able to really drop to Jay down for that fish and then BOOM might try some traps and crank baits or something if to feeding toes to the surface up here okay the fish are here it’s her biting just have no idea what the heck they’re doing are they feeling tells to the surface or what was that fish following from the bottom Oh face feeding in the surface what the heck we’re in freaking October I went hunting in the surface here what the heck it’s not like we’re in July okay fish down on the bottom now I’m really gonna try again to vertical fish this one just let this one down see fish now it’s rising it’s rising toward my jig come on look at this go fish for perch they said it’s gonna be easy perch fishing ain’t all sunshine and rainbows it’ll beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it that’s done well what has happened today I’m on my way back to the shallow bay where we started fishing today and you’re taking some random casts along the way you never know when a perch might hook up but never ever can I remember in my like 12 year long fishing career that I would have gone one full day of fishing targeting perch not having a person not seeing a personal smelling a perch especially two guys you know and we’re not that bad at fishing well at least I thought so but I guess that’s the name of the game that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and today we have lost badly it was nice with a few pikes in the beginning but them today has been tough [Music] [Music] official fish on trolling pike oh no crap off oh oh my freaking God snapped the line oh meld that right there was the victory felt like a really big Pike actually merely decided to leave before I did into this shallow part and I’ve been fishing this place now for 15-20 minutes or something and then like I gave up like okay let’s go back but let’s leave this baby shark in the water like 21 grams you get I speed it up to 100 and then BOOM like Oh super super heavy oh no we actually have something down here on the bottom might be perch so I’m gonna stay here and make you few cats then I think I’m gonna do the same thing once again because obviously it works high speed you know deep down and like burn all the way home with baby sharks down there there’s still hope of me beating Mila I can’t let him win without two small small pikes but man I had it I had it and the line snapped I don’t know why I’ve been fishing really tight into the you know rocks around this island might have talked to something there that may break yeah that’s really really suck you know or reunited did he catch anything Warr nada yeah what’s so beautiful there for a while oh so you know what I did how big probably like this big I was so close to winning so close line snaps I had a big fight on the line but it’s the line snapped so congratulations today’s shooting challenge ah that was a tough day I don’t know I I was trolling on 100 over 11 years of water with a baby shark 21 gram and I think I hit bottom like boom and then and I’m fine snap deeper power Lantern this is like combined power bank and camping lights from deeper super good there’s no net we can see all the way down to the bottom it’s no cool all right man that was it congratulations rapidly yeah I’m actually not cool at all it is finished it has been an absolute blast all joking aside this was a lot of fun yeah man this was like for real cuz usually even if we ever had a good day on the water I can breathe I can be pretty pissed off but this has been a damn fun day yeah it’s it’s fun it’s so challenging and I mean today we didn’t break it by the way when did when was the last time you two guys was out in the lake in Sweden and didn’t catch a perch and I mean we’ve been fighting hard yeah we’re out there like 10 o’clock maybe now it’s 9 or 7 o’clock yeah so 7 hours of grinding competition mode and I didn’t catch anything not even a single little thing yeah and I caught one Pike in the first cast of the day and one pike in the second cast of the day and what does that mean that the winner yeah and also that when you catch fish on your first cast and especially if you catch it on their second cast as well yes go home yeah but it’s pretty it’s pretty crazy like I would old say like that can actually be the truth yeah love so in the comments what do you think about this old yes does that even happen to you or are we living some kind of strange life where everything is this was also a lot of fun not using any fence I work good I mean we had the floats bluffs and yeah it’s been working super good totally approved that one I’m never going out in a floatie without that without the fourth class because it’s actually pretty damn good it’s like a mink coat ofor flow tubes and I mean you wouldn’t go fishing without the mink coat so why would you go fishing with us exactly and I must say I am super impressed by the battery time I mean grinding this one super hard you know all the way home from this island over there it was like 2 kilometers I I did 100 speed all the way and I’ve been using it a lot for the whole day since I didn’t have any friends and I still have more than half of the battery left let’s see that’s sick so super good battery time in those float costs yeah so I’d recommend definitely I’m not approved for sure yeah sometime I will better do this day I won this today but I didn’t feel like I won’t because I sucked I just an old cast except for the first to cast of the day yeah but I didn’t fish them either I gave them to you yeah that’s my last words in the water yeah but it’s pretty fun me and posters are I mean the autumn season is just around or it’s it’s right here right now and and in a few days we’re going five days to Berlin for some hardcore pike fishing and perch fishing and whatever so if you have any fun recommendations for us to do on Olaf please feel free to to write them in the comments but most likely these kind of waters I knew that all day long to wrap it up Romila yeah say something smart yeah thank you guys for watching Pontus you suck yeah there’s clear water you can see some perch donor I hope you guys enjoyed watching this episode when we didn’t catch much fish yeah thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you next video ciao have a good weekend ciao leave a like and subscribe cuz we suck at fishing but we like having fun see if we did it right sighs okay I’m gonna try to see if I can land this one now oh oh she’s feisty oh come on man you can do it

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  1. Pontus would you make a video about floattubes since u have many?
    like price/quality
    Also does fins effect deeper information?

  2. Beautifull video, I like the "Meerde" at 22:25, this is fishing ^^ .Hello from France Kanalgratis. Today I test your Baby Shark , one in clear color and the other in brown. I hope that Mister Pike will be at the Rendez-Vous ^^ .

  3. Congratz to Mille! Sorry that my tips didin't got you any perch but it was a hard day for me too! Not a single fish! 😔 Nice to meet you on the lake! 😊 /Pontus

  4. Pontus ten to seven is nine hours, not seven. 10 to 19. 😉
    And do you have two deepers? One green and one orange?
    Those drone shots of Mille fighting a pike was epic!

  5. You guys are rockstars! I fish out of a kayak, so it’s similar to tube fishing, and I freakin love it! Getting pulled around by big pike in something like that is the best! Keep rockin on dudes!!

  6. If I tried float tube fishing I feel like I would lose my phone and baits within the first minutes. And I would probably join them in the water after a few more minutes..

  7. In italy we use to catch perch 0.16 fluorocarbon braid with really smaller lures , I think it's pretty normal you didnt catch any perch with that braid and those lures in italy with that staff you wouldnt catch anything.

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