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2 Proven Benefits of Fish Oil (And 1 Lie)

2 Proven Benefits of Fish Oil (And 1 Lie)

– 1.2 billion. That’s what the fish oil industry is worth in the U.S. alone. Are all their reported
health benefits true? Of course not. This video looks at two that are true and one that is a big fat lie. Fish oil supplements are a
rich source of Omega- 3 fatty acids that play a vital role in
brain health, cell growth and inflammation. These fats cannot be made by our bodies, so it’s essential we get them
from foods or supplements. Now of these omega-3
fats, it’s EPA and DHA, that directly influence our health. So what can fish oil help
with and what is a lie? A large review of 28 previous
studies found that fish oil, particularly, EPA, was helpful in treating depressive symptoms, especially those with severe depression. Now most study participants
with severe depression, were also being treated with standard anti-depressant medication. And this suggests that
fish oil is most effective along side conventional therapy. In fact treatment response rates, have shown to increase by up to 30% using this combination therapy. There’s also evidence
that fish oil can benefit other areas of mental health, such as, bipolar disorder, and dementia. But those are really only early studies. Correcting high blood
pressure is one of, if not, the most important thing you can do to improve your health and life span. A recent observational
study of 56,000 adults, found that having high levels
of omega-3 fats in the blood, specifically, DHA, was
linked with a much lower risk of developing high blood pressure. And a 2013 review of human trials, concluded that fish oil
supplements create a small, but, statistically significant improvement in those who have high blood pressure. The mechanism of effect is still unclear, but many researchers
believe it’s related to the amount of omega-3 we eat, compared to omega-6 and fish oil supplements
provide an affordable and convenient way to improve that omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Some researchers and supplement retailers believe fish oil can also
help with weight loss. In fact, if you google
the benefits of fish oil, weight loss is one of
the top claims there. But, it’s not true. In a review of 21 previous
randomized controlled trials, which are the top tier research, which totaled over 1600 participants. Researchers said, in conclusion, from the results of our meta-analysis, we cannot obtain efficient
proof that fish oil intake may decrease body weight in
overweight or obese adults. In fact, the only studies that
link fish oil to weight loss, are studies that also
involve the participants doing lots of exercise and
reducing calories as well. But even in those
exercise program studies, sometimes the group not
taking any fish oil, seems to lose more fat
than the fish oil group. So, it’s fair to say,
it’s the exercise and diet that helps the weight
loss, not the fish oil. So there you have it, fish oil is popular for good reason, but there’s also a lot of claims that it doesn’t live up to. You can learn more about it in the link in the description. As well as, what dosages
are appropriate for the specific condition
you’re trying to treat. If you enjoyed this video and you found it informative, please give it a thumbs up and perhaps share it with someone else who might find it useful. And if I miss anything, let me know in the comments.

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