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2016 Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

2016 Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Hello and welcome to another WatermanAtWork kayak fishing video In this video, we’ll take a look back at the early spring smallmouth bass fishing After a long Pacific Northwest winter we’re ready to get back out on the water and hunting big early season smallmouth bass The fishing can be inconsistent this early in the year so I’m happy to have a solid hookup It’s a nice fish Got it! Not a bad way to start the fishing season The sun is out on a cool spring morning and the bass are biting Another Columbia River smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass are great fighters This is another nice fish This bass is really putting up a fight Another nice springtime bass A big hit on the lead head grub This feels like a big one It’s sticking on the bottom Another great fighter It’s a big fish Got it! Easily the biggest bass of the year So far…

9 comments on “2016 Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

  1. Good job!! What kind of grub were you running? I live up in tricities and want to increase my success. I love those Shakespeare rods too, can't beat them for the money.

  2. Awesome video man I love it! I've been doing well on the Columbia this year, I saw an 18 inch smallie caught in Rowena a few weeks ago. Keep up the vids man way to go ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. what exact kind of rod? also reel and line? great videos. going to try kayak fishing in the gorge for the first time this year. any tips can help thanks.

  4. Are you going to head up north this season? Runoff is about half over on the Umatilla. I'm getting my yaks ready now. Some sturgeon and wallies now? Let's fish.

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