Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

2018 Fisher Alumni Awards Highlights

It’s truly an honor to be here tonight
as we recognize some amazing talent that have had incredible accomplishments
that you’ll get the opportunity to hear about this evening and also have been very
dedicated in their service to both their communities and to this university. So, especially for the students out there or for those of you just starting your
careers, embrace being the novice and always look for new avenues to learn.
Besides being everyone’s first pick for trivia competitions, it will really help
your growth and development as a well-rounded leader. The idea of getting this award for
entrepreneurship from Fisher is extremely special because I think
every bit of my entrepreneurial journey has Fisher directly
entwined with it. And, for those that are students,
the pride that you are building, in terms of being Ohio State
students, will never leave you. And I encourage all of you to
continue to participate in this great university as you move on to
your subsequent careers and don’t forget to give something back. Service is a responsibility for everyone
who has gone through these Fisher doors. Giving back feels good and
it makes a tremendous difference where we live and we work. So, I am most
honored tonight to receive this award. Our family’s right at about a hundred-
year relationship with Ohio State, so it wasn’t hard for me to develop a
long-term relationship with the Fisher college and I would expect that to continue
for a number of generations yet to come.

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