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2018 Fisher Impact Day on 10TV

2018 Fisher Impact Day on 10TV

It’s a day of giving back on the Ohio State
University campus. Today, more than a thousand students and staff from the
Fisher College of Business ventured out of the classroom to volunteer. This is
the fourth year for this event, which is called Fisher Impact Day, and
students performed tasks ranging from packing meals to packing
blankets for children. It is a very special day because
this is a day that shows that Fisher not only has smarts but
it’s also got a heart. Not only did we get to like reach out to
people that we don’t normally get to interact with, but it’s an awesome
opportunity for students and faculty and staff all to get to spend time
together and just build community within our own special group while
working with others. Ohio State did not have classes today
to recognize Veterans Day but, as you can see, many of the students at the
college of business decided to use this day to honor not only veterans but to also
give back to the entire community.

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