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2019 Year Review – New Robots, Ghost Fishing, Shark Attack and more

2019 Year Review – New Robots, Ghost Fishing, Shark Attack and more

2019 marked a wonderful year of growth and innovation for Deep Trekker. We traveled to over 15 countries showing off our ROVs and crawlers in over 10 different industries. Watch our social media channels to see where you can try your own hand at flying the ROVs and driving our crawlers in 2020. In May of this year, we opened our first expansion office sales and service facility in Puerto Montt Chile. This local presence is allowing us to meet the unique needs of the aquaculture market there It’s also allowing us to expand in all of our industries throughout Latin America. In the spring of this year we launched our BRIDGE technology. Now BRIDGE is our intuitive and intelligent control and communication platform that will be the backbone of all of the Deep Trekker systems. What BRIDGE is going to allow you to do is take complicated inspections and missions and make them simple and easy to perform. Following the release of BRIDGE, we launched the DTG3. Now the G3 is the next generation of our flagship product the mini ROV DTG2. What you’re going to see in the DTG3 is greater stability, plug-and-play sensors and really more advanced missions. Right on its heels, we launched the REVOLUTION, our larger size ROV with depth ratings up to 300 meters and its revolutionary revolving head. With our reseller in Norway, ROV Partner, we were able to use the Deep Trekker technology to remove some ghost fishing gear from the oceans. Using two ROVs in tandem to hold and cut the lines and remove that ghost fishing gear out of the oceans. We’re helping to preserve the natural environment for years to come. Summertime brings one of my favorite weeks of the year and that is Shark Week. Deep Trekker participated on a program called Great White Kill Zone in Guadalupe . We dressed the DTG3 up as a seal to answer the age-old question, what happens when it gets bit by a shark To summarize we nearly doubled our team in 2019. Next year we’re doing more than ever. We’re going to be and double the events that we were this year, do double the number of demos and hopefully meet double the number of wonderful customers that are in the Deep Trekker family. We look forward to 2020 and wish you a Happy Holidays.

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