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2880 Liter / 760 Gallon West African Biotope | MONSTER FISH TANKS ( in Full HD )

2880 Liter / 760 Gallon West African Biotope | MONSTER FISH TANKS ( in Full HD )

OH MY GOD ! Hello friends, my name is Buulik, I am 15 years old and in YouTube also known as “db.u.u.lik”. I hope, that all of you have got a great start in the new year And to begin my new YouTube year I decided to continue the MONSTERFISHTANK – Serie As contrasted with the last Monster Fish Tanks-Episode is it a “real” Monster Aquarium ! It has 2880 Liter / 760 Gallon freshwater and you can see: actually it is a wonderful sight for a no-fishkeeper. Let´s come to the measures: The fish tank is 300 cm long, 80 cm tall and 120 cm low. A real fishkeeper can see directly that it is a westafrican biotope… all others can read the title of the video 😉 In this aquarium are keeped: and ? again ? Yeah, do you know it ? Yes of course: More Bichirs !! Because of there are too many types of Bichirs, I cannot tell you all species names, but I has written it in the description. Ok, we are talking so much about the aquarium, but let´us start to speak about the owner of this tank: The owner of this wonderful tank is Jerome Franz Traub, who I was made contact with me in our facebookgroup . He always take an aktive part in our group and ha posted many pictures and videos in our facebookgroup. After some hesitation I wrote and message to him , that I provided to take part in my monsterfishtakns-serie But christmas and the new year intervenes, so I need a long time to make this video. This video show you some video clips of the original videos of Jerome´s YouTube channel , which also linked in the describtion. Jerome is delighted with bichirs and you can conclude, that he is an expert of these animals. Initially he keeped bichirs in a 600 Liter fish tank, but he planned a bigger fish tank for his animals. Now he bought his own apartment and he was able to materialize his big dream ! So, that was the new episode of MONSTERFISHTANK We hope that you enjoyed the video and like the aquarium. For more information, you can contact Jerome Franz Traub on facebook. öäüöäüöäü

9 comments on “2880 Liter / 760 Gallon West African Biotope | MONSTER FISH TANKS ( in Full HD )

  1. super video! habe mal ne frage: wie heißen diese länglichen fische, die man bei 0:28 in freien wasser sieht? (am besten lateinischer name). hast anscheinend vergessen, die zu nennen.
    vielen dank in vorraus

  2. love your's strange the only time i saw a nice tank it's never from dumb yanke. it's always from europa .yanke love to add junk like skull or a plastic diver that is making bubble .lol asian are the worst one ,no substrate at all.nothing just water n fish

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