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3 Amazing Refined Fish Oil Grades

3 Amazing Refined Fish Oil Grades

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refined fish oil grades fish oil production does not just provide one
type of end product in fact there are also other grades of fish oil being
produced the three types of fish oil produced today depend on their level of
quality fish oil number one cod liver oil despite its popularity as a
nutritional supplement is considered as a low quality grade of fish oil it may
only be used in small amounts as an ideal supplement since this form of fish
oil may contain certain contaminants cod liver oil is also known to contain high
levels of vitamin A which can be toxic to humans in large doses one teaspoon of
cod liver oil contains 500 milligrams of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids cod liver
oil contains the highest levels of contaminants which may include DDT PCBs
as well as organic mercury taking this type of fish oil may not be safe in
large quantities fish oil number two health food fish oil a better quality
grade fish oil is one that is sourced from a particular species of fish such
as salmon most of these health food grade fish oil are usually available in
soft gel capsules because they still carry with them a very poor taste
profile there is also a cholesterol free version of this type of fish oil grade
this type of health food grade fish oil undergoes a slightly more purification
process by means of limited molecular distillation in order to remove some of
its cholesterol content in order to label it as cholesterol free an even
purified version of this health food grade version of fish oil is known as
fish oil concentrate this is the type of fish oil consisting of ethyl esters of
the fish oil that undergoes fractional cooling this allows a more purified form
of fish oil with lesser amounts of contaminants that cod liver oil
generally this type of fish oil contains a better concentration of omega-3 fatty
acids a single one gram capsule contains about 300 milligrams of omega-3 fatty
acids one capsule of a thermally fractionated health food grade can
contain as much as 500 milligrams of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids fish oil
number three pharmaceutical grade fish oils have been older refined in order to
provide the highest quality of fish oil this grade of fish oil undergoes through
certain specialized processes in order to come up with the most refined fish
oil certain specialized equipment is usually used in order to detect the
minutest amount of contaminants in the fish oil because it is ultra refined it
is thousand times purer than the molecular distilled health food grade
fish oils an ultra refined pharmaceutical grade fish oil contains
more omega-3 fatty acids than the previous two fish oil grades a one gram
of this type of fish oil contains around 600 milligrams of long-chain omega-3
fatty acids and for being the most refined of the three grades of fish oil
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