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3 funky awesome taco places in Tucson

3 funky awesome taco places in Tucson

Our recipes are family-owned recipes that
started three generations, passed on from my father to my brother. The way he makes them, he makes them with love. When my dad passed away, we sold the lunch truck and then we took some time off, because we needed that… and then we decided to purchase the bus. So I was like, “What is this?” So I went inside I said, “This is a
mobile restaurant.” My brother-in-law was all excited and all goofy and everything and then she got all excited too. We got all goofy and we’re like, “Yeah! Let’s do this!” It was kind of like something funny, but we figured it’ll attract attention because of the whole bus thing. We’re all together now in this. This taco has it all. It’s got crunchy. It’s got soft and juicy. And then it’s also got that pork skin that’s
kind of buttery, fatty, melts in your mouth. That is ridiculously good. We drove to Rita Ranch to go to this
Conoco gas station. I need to get some gas! And tacos. Holy crap. He said you can get a beer here and bring it into the restaurant. We’ll be back. We gotta get some some Arbor Mist. Our dream was to have a restaurant, but
we didn’t have a lot of money, so this was the perfect spot. The kitchen was already built. We decided this is where we where gonna start our lives in the restaurant business. The recipes came from my uncle. He had one leg, and he was selling tacos and stuff like that outside of this prison. And they called him “Papa Loco” so that’s kind of what we named the
restaurant after. Let’s do al pastor. Let’s do fish. And let’s do our pan-fried taco fritos. They’re the tacos dorados. A beef patty taco is basically a hamburger in a taco. Let’s get that crunch in surround-sound. Drinking in a gas station. TCB, baby! I was going to drink this. We are at Ensenada Street Food. Where we’re sitting actually used to be an appliance store but these three badass
ladies transformed this whole place into this wonderful, fun, inviting
taco stand. My mom always had this dream of having
her own little restaurant, but that’s kind of expensive. So we decided to go
for a little food truck. We knew our taste was a little bit different than the typical Sonoran style. The chef herself, she’s my mom. She’s a big cheese lover, so for the Sicodelico she thought, “Oh, I want to put cheese and pastor
together.” And since then, she was like, “This goes really well together”. It’s funny, because people tell her, “Oh, you’re gonna need a man there.” She’s like, “No, I can do it, I’m
gonna stay in there.” And she did it. This is one of my favorites. It’s called The
Frida taco. Messy and sloppy and delicious. I mean, you probably need to eat this one with a fork. I love this place, I love Tucson! Cheese cheers!

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