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$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

– [Steven] Hey, Keith. What’s up, man? Today is your lucky day. I cleared out your entire schedule and we’re gonna go on a food adventure. No, I did. Don’t worry. Bring your bread. Let’s go. Best friends forever. Best friends. Nothing, let’s go. – Okay, so what are we doing? – We are on our way right now to eat three different sushi restaurants. Not the restaurants. – I didn’t think you meant that we were gonna go eat the restaurants. – We’re gonna go to three of
the best sushi restaurants at three drastically
different price points and compare which one
is the best experience. – Probably the really expensive
one is gonna be the best. – But you have to weigh value,
taste, as well as atmosphere. It’s the whole experience. Each roll at this first spot is $3. – [Keith] Is it good? – [Steven] Yes, it’s unbelievable. – You’ve been there? – No. (laughs) But I’ve heard a lot of good things. Sup? – Hey guys.
– Hey, Chris. – What’s up? Welcome to Sushi Stop. Wanna go back to meet the chefs? – Yes, we’d love to.
– Yeah, let’s do it. – [Chris] My dad wakes up
every morning at 4 a.m. to go to the fish market in downtown LA. He handpicks all of our
fresh fish and vegetables and he drops it off at every restaurant. – He drops it off? – Yeah, he drops it off. – He doesn’t have some
like low-end person do it? – [Chris] That’s how
we keep our prices low while at the same time, keeping the quality of the fish high. You guys are gonna be trying
out the bluefin tuna sushi. – [Keith] You can just
see how tender it is from how it’s pulling
away from the fat already. – To best friends. Holy smokes. This is so fresh. Wow. – For $4 that is incredible. – What constitutes quality sushi? – Fresh fish isn’t gonna have
a fishy or a smelly odor. When you eat the sushi,
it’s gonna be firm enough to hold it’s shape, but when
you take your first bite, it’s just gonna melt in your mouth. Now you guys are gonna have
the spicy scallop roll. – You ever had raw scallop? – I don’t think I have. – It’s like scallop, but not cooked. – I imagine that that’s exactly how it is. This texture is really great. And how much is this? – [Chris] This is $2.95. – This is $2.90–
– $2.95? – [Chris] This is the last dish. So this is a seasonal special that we have in our restaurant right now, the spanish mackerel from Japan. – I don’t wanna say this
is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen ’cause my
girlfriend is beautiful. – [Keith] It’s looking
back at you, so we might be the most beautiful thing it’s ever seen. – [Steven] Oh man. – [Keith] Whoa. That’s great. Alright, I think we’re done here. I think we had a really great experience. He’s bringing more food. – [Steven] More food. Thank you very much. Oh. – [Chris] So I wanna
show you guys this plate before we make it into sushi. Three live sweet shrimps. We cut this and we make
the tail part into sushi. – [Keith] You are a slob. Pretty perfect. – And he’s watching me eat his butt. – [Keith] I’ve never had this good of food for that little of a price. So, oh God, Steven. – Sushi fact. Guess what the most dangerous sushi is. – Is it the pufferfish? – It’s the pufferfish. – I knew it. I watch the Simpsons. Now that we had really
acclaimed, but cheap sushi, what is really acclaimed
good mid-tier sushi? I’m hoping the sushi is better, but it’s gonna have to do a good job. – Steven. – Keith. How long have you been
a master sushi chef? – Just started 16 years? How do you guys determine
the price of your sushi? (laughs) – Great, well I’d love to
see those two hands at work. Show us what you got. The presentation element
of this is out of control. It makes me really, really
want to eat this sushi. – [Steven] Oh yeah. – My tongue is just livin’ in
a sexy salt bath right now. – I honestly don’t feel worthy
to eat a dish like this. – [Keith] I do. It’s good. I am worthy of good things in life. – [Yoya] Here you go. – [Steven] This is all I want in life. – [Keith] You wanna start
with the one that was on fire? Oh, I see. I love that there’s an
order to the madness. – [Steven] Yeah, it’s act
one, act two, act three. – Such a really good blend of flavors. This little sneak of wasabi in there. Every bite is just such
a, like a little ride. – And it comes out of nowhere too. It’s like you’re eating it and eating it. – It’s outta nowhere. – And then (exhales loudly).
– And like (exhales loudly). Visually, what I’ve been
waiting for this whole time is that soft-shell crab roll. – [Steven] That’s not traditional though? But it’s yours. – [Keith] But that sounds good. – [Steven] This is America right here. – [Keith] Oh, it smells so good. That pickle in there. – Cajun spice. That’s like a drug, man. All the details put together. – [Keith] Yeah. – [Steven] That make this elevated. – Take your girl out, take your boy out, have some fancy sushi. – Who’s your boy? – Steven Lim. (laughs) – Yes. Let’s get out of here. – I am so full. I’m tired and a headache, Steven. – Keith, I feel great. Sushi fact. Guess what sushi chefs do to octopus to make it have a softer texture. – I don’t know, they hammer it? – They give it a full body massage. – They massage it, oh. – Yeah. – Get the elbow in there. – This place, alright. – I’m afraid of the third place. – We are gonna get
something called omakase. – I can’t have my mind blown anymore. – Steven.
– Yes, yes. – [Keith] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. Yes, he work for me for almost 20 years. – [Steven] Wow. – [Nobi] Yes, he’s trained very well, so today I let him make sushi. I just talk. – My friend Keith has
never had omakase before. – Omakase mean you trust
me how I can amaze you the first bite, second bite, third bite. – Let’s do this. – Yeah, I’m so excited to try it. I’m ready to experience what
you’re gonna make for us. (calm classical music) – [Nobi] Pen shell. Albacore white tuna. – This is the closest to a
mouthgasm I have ever achieved. – [Nobi] Baby tuna from Baja, California. – I don’t know what it
is about young animals. They taste so good. – [Nobi] Bluefin tuna from Spain. – [Keith] Almost indescribable. I am at a point where I have
tears welling up in my eyes about how good that bite was. – [Nobi] Yellowtail and the salmon. – [Steven] Here we go. It’s very strong. Yeah. – [Keith] What do you mean by that? – I don’t know. – [Nobi] Halilbut and the
Japanese snapper from Japan. Bake mussel, sea oyster from Washington, scallop and the shiitake mushroom, sweet shrimp from Santa Barbara island, jumbo clam, kinmedai, monkfish liver, eel, halibut, butterfish,
sea urchin, kampachi, albacore, and this is a
salmon egg from Canada. – [Keith] That was the
best bite I’ve had all day. – [Nobi] Now you come to
the end of the course. Most sales in my restaurant
is a blue crab roll, so I make it blue crab. – [Keith] Oh, great. – [Nobi] We give you the handroll because you have to eat right away. (calm classical music) – That’s amazing. As we were driving here, Keith was like, “I don’t
know if there’s anything “that could happen where
I’d be like that’d be levels “above what we just experienced.” – I said that I needed to
be treated like a princess. (laughing) And you did it. – So who wins, is your input? – Who wins? Who wins? You know what, I’m
gonna choose Sushi Stop. The reason being is I will
see myself eating there a lot. – The foodie in me is screaming
and saying, “Sasabune,” ’cause I mean I just never
had an experience like that. – But I do need to put a special shout out for that Cajun crab roll. – [Steven] Oh, baby. – [Keith] That was amazing. You know what, I gotta say,
taking me to that last place, you gotta be one of my best friends now. (laughs) – Woo. What, what? – Okay. Alright, just don’t ever
laugh like that again. – I could bring my girl,
I could bring a date here, not show them the bill
and they would think– – Why did you correct your
girlfriend to a date, Steven? Catch yourself.

94 comments on “$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

  1. I go to sushi stop, and it's the best sushi I've ever had and affordable. It's a very nice restaurant and I love it there

  2. Andrew and adam main skill is to describe food, these two give you idea on how that food they are trying tastes. Clever use of words, genius metaphors and lastly contrast personality andrew is the funny smart guy while is the classy funny man.

  3. my bf and i decided to try sushi stop cuz of this video and both ended up getting diarrhea lmao not to mention it was kinda the worst sushi we’ve ever had in our lives……. it wasnt this same location though but another sushi stop in LA

  4. Steven: "I don't wanna say this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, because my girlfriend is beautiful"
    Girlfriend from behind camera: nod of approval

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    Steven many seasons later: has eaten $2000 gold pizza

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  11. Does anyone feel that Keith was only there to jump on the back of try guys? jokes on them, worth it is better without him bc he doesn't know good food. absolute fool. long live andrew and especially adam

  12. With that high level of fishes and other seafoods, the owner of the first sushi restaurant can easily doubles the prices by serving the sushi on some "expensive" plates, and by some other tricks.
    Maybe he keep the prices that reasonable becoz his place is really remote, or he really loves fishes, seafoods, sushi, and his work. Respect!

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    Too watery

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    The Rice is hardened Its fu*king disgusting…

  15. No doubt I love Andrew. But I can't really find where Keith is mean to Steven. Keith was just being sassy. Andrew is sassy to Steven all the time; he's like a human cat. And Keith was like a mean but parental dog. I do love how Andrew has gotten perkier over the episodes, though. And Steven has become more mellow these days. 😄

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