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3 Tea Sandwich Recipes – Tomato; Tuna; Peanut Butter & Jelly 샌드위치 만들기

3 Tea Sandwich Recipes – Tomato; Tuna; Peanut Butter & Jelly 샌드위치 만들기

Hi, I am Eugenie. Today I am making 3 kinds of tea sandwiches: tomato, tuna, and peanut butter & jelly. First, spread softened butter evenly on all slices of bread for tomato and tuna sandwiches. It will prevent the bread from getting soggy. And for tomato sandwiches, spread mayonnaise on both sides of buttered bread. And season with salt and pepper on one side. And slice a tomato. I will not add liquidy tomato seeds today. Arrange tomato on top to cover the surface. And top with another slice of bread. For tuna sandwiches, add 2 oz of tuna in a bowl and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, and 1 tablespoon of red onion, finely chopped. Red onion is mild and sweet. It’s better for salads and sandwiches than white and yellow onions. And stir until combined. Then season with salt and pepper. Spread the tuna mixture on a slice of buttered sandwich bread. It’s also good with a lettuce leaf. Then cover with another slice of bread. For peanut butter and jelly, spread peanut butter on all slices of bread. Peanut butter will seal the bread like butter. And I like thin layers of both peanut butter and jelly. Not more than 1 tablespoon for each. Then spread your choice of fruit jelly or jam over it. Today I am using 3-fruit marmalade. And top with another slice of bread. Now remove the crust. It’s tomato sandwich, tomato and lettuce. And this is tuna, tuna and lettuce. And this is peanut butter jelly. Bon appetit. They are beautiful, aren’t they? I love sandwich breads for afternoon tea. Next, it’s fondant au chocolat. Find my recipes at the blog, And check out my daily updates at Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for watching. Bye for now!

32 comments on “3 Tea Sandwich Recipes – Tomato; Tuna; Peanut Butter & Jelly 샌드위치 만들기

  1. Hi, the 1st video for next week will be fondant au chocolat and no-bake peanut butter and chocolate bars will be uploaded early July, too. Bon weekend!

  2. 3 very lovely sandwiches. Thanks sooo much!!! Looking forward to next week's vids. Have a good weekend.

  3. OMG, I have the habit of spreading butter on the bread before putting anything on, never knew it was to prevent it from getting soggy xD

  4. Ms. @eugeniekitchen .Thank you for all your hard work into tha makeing of video and dedication to teaching us a new recipes (= .PS.. This is pork chop 95 from Instagram

  5. I love your videos Eugenie. You put a lot of effort and you're very talented in cooking. Keep doing what you're doing, you're my inspiration

  6. I thought my boyfriend was the only one who eats tomato sandwiches with butter, but now I see that it's a recipe for tea sandwiches haha. The peanut butter and marmalade is my favorite. It looks delicious. I never tried marmalade before.

  7. Very cute and simple! I'll make these as well as the cucumber sandwiches for my bento (I always carry one when I travel) 😀

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