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3 VEGAN TACOS | Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Tacos | Bang Bang Fish Tacos | The Edgy Veg

3 VEGAN TACOS | Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Tacos | Bang Bang Fish Tacos | The Edgy Veg

– Hey guys, it’s Candace the Edgy Veg and today I’m going to show
you how to make vegan tacos. (calm music) So the Level Up is a series on my channel where I take a food
that you guys vote for, that you guys love and we level it up three different ways. What says summer and
freshness and fun than tacos? Tacos are a super quick and easy meal that everyone loves,
always a crowd pleaser and they’re really, really
good when they’re vegan. As you guys know, I’m
always reading your comments and I had some feedback apparently, or you guys had some feedback for me saying that you didn’t wanna
know what each level was until the end of the video,
so I’m not telling you what the levels are, so you have to watch the entire video to find out what it is. Ha, suckers! You asked for this
though, so you’re welcome. (biting sound) Alright, the first thing
I’m going to throw together is what I call a taco slaw,
so this is just a basic slaw using a lot of the ingredients
that are in the tacos. The slaw is going to be
used in all three levels. It’s also just a great
slaw to have on hand all the time, you can eat it on its own as a salad, throw it in a burrito, put it on a pulled pork,
jackfruit, whatever sandwich. Okay, so I’m going to
create a quick dressing. We have some apple cider vinegar here, and then we also have some maple syrup, and then here we have some celery salt, dried dill, and pepper. Just mix that together, this whisk is a bit aggressive for this. (laughs) Alright, set that aside. Alright, and then for the slaw part we are using red cabbage
or purple cabbage, pretty much the same thing. There, if you only have green cabbage, that’s fine too, I just
love to use purple cabbage because it gives the
tacos a really nice color and I love vibrant food. Then we have some grated
carrot and then no tacos are complete without cilantro
so we are adding that. If you don’t like
cilantro, there are a few of you weirdos out there,
you can use parsley instead or if you don’t like parsley,
we need to have a chat about your spice and lack of taste buds and yeah, you can just leave that out if you don’t like that. So this creates a beautiful, vibrant slaw. Just fun to look at. Food should have color. Now we are going to add our dressing. Now you can taste this and if you like your slaw a little bit more dressed you can add a little bit
more apple cider vinegar, little bit more maple syrup to your taste. I like to do this the night before or even you know, a few hours before and allow the slaw to sit
and then all those flavors come together, they marinate the veg, it breaks down a little
bit, it pickles a little bit which is nice. Oh, the dill smells so good. So I’m going to set that aside and we are going to start on level one. Alright, to make our
beans, I’m just adding a little bit of water to
the bottom of the pan. This cuts down on oil if that’s a thing that you care about. I don’t really, I just find
that it helps the beans cook a lot more juicy, if you will. Alright, so we’ve added our spices, this is paprika, cumin, and garlic salt. We’re going to add our beans, this just looks a bit sad. Okay, so we are going to cook that until it’s heated through,
about five to 10 minutes until they’re soft. Alright, while the beans are cooking, I’m just going to slice up some avocado. Avocado’s beautiful,
and that is going to be our fats for this one. Voila! Okay, that’s all you
have to do for level one, we have our refried beans which are just these pinto beans that I mashed with some salt and cumin,
we have our corn kernel, I just used frozen corn,
I always have frozen corn in my fridge ’cause I use it
for so many different things. We have some tomato, some cilantro, sliced avocado and of
course our black beans. So I’m just gonna take
some of these refried beans and spread it onto the
bottom of our bottom. I guess it’s the top, technically
of our tortilla shell. You can use corn, you can use flour, my supermarket was out of corn so I just opted for flour today. You can also use
hard-shell tacos if that’s a thing that you’re into. And we’re gonna throw on our black beans. Then our corn kernels, our tomatoes, then we have our sliced avocado, and our cilantro. Now if you like it spicy,
you can add some hot sauce which I’m going to do, but
that’s completely optional. Alright, and there you
have your level one, your basic but delicious,
quick, and easy vegan tacos. Okay, level up tacos number
two is buffalo cauliflower and ranch tacos, I’m so excited, it’s pretty much just
buffalo cauliflower wings in a taco, it’s delicious. We are going to use
hard-shell tacos for this one because I’m not breading
them so you do get that crunch which is amazing for these. The first thing we are going to do is add some garlic
powder, nutritional yeast, salt, and cornstarch into a large bowl. To that we are going to
add some, you can use coconut oil or vegan butter or margarine, this is a butter-flavored coconut oil that’s completely vegan which is amazing. And then we are going to
add some Frank’s Red Hot. Give that a good whisk. Gonna add a little bit
more, you can definitely eyeball this and once you
have your cauliflower in there you might have to add a
little bit more of the oil or of the Frank’s Red Hot. Alright, now we are going to
toss our cauliflower in it. So we’re just gonna add
the cauliflower florets. Alright, this guy’s gigantic. (chuckles) That’s what she said. (laughs) You come here for the food,
you stay for the naughty jokes. Give the cauliflower a
good toss in the sauce and then you can bake this or you can do what I’m going to do which
is use your air fryer and air fry them. So this will take about
half the amount of time as baking will and it
makes them nice and crispy. I just got an air fryer, it’s
kind of my new obsession. Definitely cuts down on baking time, makes really nice roasted vegetables, so thought I’d give it a try for these and that way you don’t have to bread them and deep fry them either, which you know, deep frying is great but we
don’t need it all the time. And it can be messy and time consuming so we’ll just do it this way instead. Okay, so these are good to go. Now let’s throw it into our air fryer. You’ll want to cook that for 10 minutes. And then we are going to give them a shake and cook them for another 10 minutes. Okay, our cauliflower is done. Oh, it’s so crispy and delicious. Going to start with
the slaw on the bottom. Alright, we are going
to build these tacos. Going to start with
the slaw on the bottom. I decided to use the hard
taco shells for this one, I just think with cauliflower wings like they’re usually breaded so I thought for that crunch, the hard-shell tacos might be nice but you can use
whatever taco shells you have and then we are going
to add some cauliflower, and as you can see, the
cauliflower does shrink quite a bit so keep that in mind when you are chopping up your florets. Then we are going to add
a little bit of red onion, just a hint of onion. I need to wipe my hands. And then we have our vegan ranch. Now you can make vegan ranch from scratch or you can go to the store
like I did and buy it. This one is really good, it’s the one by Earth Island. Dan makes a nice one as well. Now you can put as much or as little as your heart desires, I
like just a little drizzle and then cilantro and serve
that with a squeeze of lime. Oh, that’s a gross lime, try that again. And then just serve it
with a lime on the side, don’t know what’s the
best way to do this here. Then you just squeeze the
lime on when you serve it. So level three is my version of, it’s like a vegan version of bang-bang shrimp tacos so we’re going to make bang-bang sauce which is sweet chili sauce mixed with mayo mixed with Sriracha, and for our shrimps it’s more like a bang-bang
fish taco but vegan. We are going to use hearts
of palm, they do really, really well when they’re
breaded, and yeah, we’re just gonna slice them up and coat them in Panko and
throw them into a taco. Alright, the first thing we’re going to do is slice them up. The great thing about
hearts of palm is that they are flaky, almost like fishes, see? Like that, right there. So I’m just going to, I mean they’re not going to look like shrimps
and the whole point is just to have little
pieces, so then this way you get this kind of flaky situation. So depending on how big
they are, just cut them into little pieces. I’m doing little triangles,
you can also do them into medallions if you
want or just like this, I just like the kind of mismatched look that cutting them into triangles makes when you bread them
and it kind of releases that flakiness that they have as well. So I got the idea from
bang-bang shrimp tacos but it is really more of like
a bang-bang fish taco style because it’s kinda flakier like fish is. Alright, so slice up all
of your hearts of palm. Okay, I’m going to make
the bang-bang sauce right away, then once we’ve
cooked the hearts of palm, and we have everything ready to go, we’ll have the marinated
sauce ready to go. So I have some vegan mayo here. I’m going to add some sweet
chili, we’re going to add about a tablespoon I think of Sriracha. You can always go in and
taste it and add more. It’s going to be a really nice, sweet and then also spicy sauce. Give that a good mix. Alright, we’re transferring bowls or else this is going to take forever. Where’s my whisk at? Look at that, that’s way better. Now we’re going to dredge
and coat our hearts of palm and I’m going to cook
them in the air fryer. You can also deep fry them or bake them. I just love how quick and
easy the air fryer is. To make our coating, I’m going to add some paprika and some garlic powder to just a little bit of
flour here and that’s just going to add some nice seasoning. Just flavor that hearts
of palm a little bit. And then I’m going to
dump it onto this plate. And then on the other plate we are putting our Panko breadcrumbs, and then in a bowl we have our egg replacer. Now we are going to
take our hearts of palm, toss it in some flour,
then into our egg replacer, and then into our Panko. So I’m just using one hand for dry, one hand for the wet
ingredients and throw it into the basket, and repeat. Okay, I’m going to give
these guys a light spray with this spray liquid coconut oil. You can use whatever
cooking spray you have. You can also skip this but
I find that it gives it like a nice almost
fried-like texture and flavor and then we are going to
cook these at 400 degrees for four minutes, flip
them and then cook them for another four minutes in the air fryer. Let’s toss these hearts of
palm into our bang-bang sauce. Actually we’re gonna
put the sauce onto them, not the other way around. Alright, do it gently, and it’s sauced! Okay, now let’s build these guys. Adding some of our taco slaw
to our tortilla, there we go. Then we are going to
take the hearts of palm, I would say about three
is probably a good amount, two to three depending on
how big your tortilla is. For this one three is perfect. Top it with some tomato,
you could also do salsa here or some pico, garnish with cilantro. Again, if you don’t like cilantro, you can use parsley or just
leave that out altogether. And that is our bang-bang style tacos. Alright guys, there you have it, leveled up tacos three different ways. We have our basic, we have
our buffalo cauliflower wing and then we have the bang-bang style. I’m going to go for this
one because it’s just so colorful and pretty. Oh my god, yeah, yes, very tasty. I love that it’s spicy
and sweet at the same time and also creamy. The hearts of palm is also nice and flaky, it’s super delicious. Alright guys, I want to
know what you want me to level up next, so leave me a comment in the comments section below. Harley, sit, thank you. If you are new here, hit
that subscribe button and if you liked these recipes, make sure to give the
video a big thumbs up and I will see you next time, bye!

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