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30 Essential Ideas you should know about ADHD, 9C Avoid Treatments that we Know Do Not Work!

30 Essential Ideas you should know about ADHD, 9C Avoid Treatments that we Know Do Not Work!

Okay the next things I want to parents to understand is to avoid
treatments that we know don’t work or that have a very low
probability of succeeding by the way if these don’t
correspond to your manual exactly a change to fewer than
yesterday okay I try to keep my size as up to date
as possible or when I go through a man I don’t like the teaching that the flow I
may change them a little bit so if you’re not seeing exactly what I have my
apologies min you’ve got 99 percent of what I’ve
been talking about these are the things to avoid why because either they’re so silly
we’re never gonna look at ’em or they’ve already been looked at and
they don’t work taking something out at the diet benefits about one out
of every 20 ADHD children were talking here about colorings flavorings and preservatives
do some ADHD children react adversely these yes
do most no mainly children 5 younger and it’s about one in 20 so do we recommend elimination diet as a
blanket panacea treatment for ADHD as was done by feingold and others no might benefit the occasional rare
child yes next there is nothing you can put in the
diet the treats this disorder so whether it’s anti-oxidants whether
it’s the fish oils whether to make a vitamins we have yet to find anything the
benefits ADHD the fish oil study the best one was
published just a month ago by the Swedish research team in Gothenburg our best
trial I’ve ever seen and a reported very so bring negative
results only 25 percent of the kids responded it was mainly the inattentive
ESET kids the degree response was very slight so
even day recommended against it any positive report you’ve heard were
not from well-controlled studies now I get to my questions in just a
moment short me thanks I am sorry that I’m him next fastest-growing treatment in the US
school system right now for ADHD sensory integration training this is a special
set of exercises done by some occupational therapists who got
additional training in the SI techniques and in assessing
for sensor integration problems this has been resoundingly disproved so
this is an area that has been studied but you’d never know it by the number of
people being exposed to this treatment it has proven to be of no benefit for
LD’s poor ADHD even their own journal
published a meta-analysis that showed that and yet we go on seeing sensory
integration being offered as a special setup exercises to treat
ADHD Whitewood massaging the head do anything
for ADHD yet chiropractors do engage in what is
called school massage or neurological organization training
claiming that they can successfully treat ADHD through school
massage too silly idea we will go there play
therapy has been tested it does not work for ADHD because ADHD
does not arise from environmental stress so why would
helping children cope with stress solve this problem that does not mean it
may not benefit anxious children PTSD children or children with depression but it doesn’t benefit ADHD children for
their ADHD self control training I mentioned
earlier this is talking to yourself so teaching children to talk out loud as
they perform a task we had great hopes for this and it failed but the diamond and not
done he possibly found that it was age-related the younger you are the less likely it
works but by late adolescence to adulthood it does work but only if you’re on
medication it is a supplement to medication not
perform or alternative to medication there are
several books on the market now that were developed by these researchers one
is Steve Safran at Harvard med school he now has a cognitive therapy manual
for adult ADHD and the other is by Russell ramzi at
Penn State University Pennsylvania you could find both these at Amazon or
at the ATT warehouse dot com if you’re into adult ADHD
treatment social skills training should not be done for the average ADHD child
unless it’s being done at school or with the peer group with
whom he is having trouble and then it should be mostly practice cuing and rewarding the use up the skill and a lot less time spent in training the skill what’s the proportion 80/20
eighty percent altering the point performance 20
percent training in the skill and if you follow that balance and you
do it out there where it matters it might have a chance if you do it in a
clinic with the kids will never see again the rest of his life it doesn’t work

5 comments on “30 Essential Ideas you should know about ADHD, 9C Avoid Treatments that we Know Do Not Work!

  1. Let me get this straight.

    Adderall is Amphetamines. It is not "Safer than aspirin" as McNeil Pediatrics consultant and speaker Edward Hallowell said repeatedly for years on end about stimulant drugs in his nonsense books and on Television with Ty Pennington and in newspapers and letters to the New York Times. It is not "Generally mild" and "Incredibly safe" as Shire speaker and consultant William Dodson asserts it is when speaking at conferences, nor should kids who are brilliant but are doing average at school be a candidate to be put on it as corrupt Joe Biederman states.

    These guys all should take it, have a massive overdose, die and do us all a favor. The world will be a better and safer and cleaner place without those three in it. I for one will not shed any tears over their deaths. They would be no great loss, apart from to the pharma companies who have paid them handsomely over the years.

    It is a very dangerous, addictive drug that causes harm. It causes aggression, violence, paranoia, psychosis, apathy, suicide, high heart rate, high body temperature, tachycardia, can cause heart attacks, chest pain, headaches, dehydration, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, agitation, weight loss, sleep problems, Tremors.

    It increases attention, alertness and vigilence in everybody. Kids are now taking it on campuses all over the USA and Canada for a study aid. They are selling it for profit on campuses or on the street, or taking it for fun or recreationally or snorting it.

    Someone who is dependent on Adderall may have trouble sleeping and concentrating, notice a lack of motivation, and feel depressed, irritable, lethargic, or fatigued when it is removed from the body.

    Ritalin and Concerta are kiddie cocaine or the poor man's Cocaine. They work in exactly the same way as Cocaine do. They increase the amount of dopamine in the brain and norpinerephrine. It also induces Dopamine Neuron Loss and Activation of Microglia in the Basal Ganglia of Mice. This is why when people stopped using it, just as with Cocaine they have reported feeling Depression for years or unable to feel pleasure or happiness. Ritalin and cocaine also look and act very much alike. They have a similar chemical structure, and both increase dopamine levels in the brain. They do this by blocking a dopamine transporter protein, which normally takes up dopamine from the synapse.

    It does not make you see the world in technicolor as from black and white like Johnson and Johnson speaker Kristin Seymour, who threatened to sue me for asking if she took pharma money, said on you tube in her nauseating broadcast. After asking that question, Ms Seymour set up a fake account in the name of Jane Doe, claimed to have been a room-mate of hers and PMed me on Facebook in a post littered with threats and foul mouthed insults. Well she isn't going to stop me from speaking out. And I never said she took dirty pharma money. I merely asked. That she could react in such a way shows amazing emotional instability.

    The death of any drug dealer or promoter would make the world a better place. Bet it Big Pharma CEO's, Reps, Psychiatrists they pay off, speakers or the hustler on the street corner selling Cocaine, Speed and Heroin. All of them are a blight on the world and a danger to the public. And particularly children.

    People have got addicted to both. Ritalin and Cocaine both increase the heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure of those who take them. Both can cause mood swings, aggression, violence, paranoia and psychosis. The difference Ritalin is a pill that you swallow, so the drug takes longer to reach the brain. Cocaine is taken in high doses by injection or snorting. It floods the brain quickly with dopamine, which makes it dangerous and addictive.

    And what is the reason for kids as young as the age of three and four being given these very powerful and dangerous drugs?

    Because of a nonsense, bullshit condition called ADHD. Which according to the DSM I have, my family have, you have and 95% of the population have. A condition which is called being human and being normal. Trust me folks. There is no ADHD. Kids and adults are different. Some are active, some are quiet; some kids are dreamers, others are daring; some kids are dramatic, others are observers; some impulsive, others reserved; some leaders, others followers; some athletic, others thinkers.

    Do we want a generation of clones and sheep and zombies? It's frightening, chilling and disturbing that kids are given dangerous drugs to make them be alike. The true psychopathy in life is that what insists everybody be like each other and act like each other. For me giving kids Cocaine and Amphetamines to be like others is child abuse. It is Psychopathic. And how can we tell kids that Meth, MDMA Heroin, Cocaine and Speed are dangerous, which they are, when we are giving them… Cocaine and Speed!!!!!

    If kids are active give them amphetamines; if they’re moody give them Prozac; for fears, give them benzodiazepines; and while we’re at it, lets give them antipsychotics, or Lithium and other mood stabilizing drugs.

    This is what is happening today. Kids are being turned into drug addicts based on individuals opinions on one day.

    Opinions are like what Simone Elkeles said…

    Does it surprise you that kids squirm in their seat, or fidget caged in a classroom for six or seven hours a day? School is a relatively recent development in our evolutionary design. It came about in the 19th Century. For centuries we worked on the land. Does it surprise you kids squirm and fidget in classrooms of 30 or 40 kids? With few breaks? When a Teacher is talking about Shakespeare or George Washington or Algebra what do you do? You doodle or act out or look out of the window. I did at school. And I guess most of you have done. Is that a reason why kids should be given Cocaine or Amphetamines? Again kids are different. Some are good at practical subjects, some are good at sports, some are good at making money, drawing. Not all kids are Straight-A students. I wasn't at school. I held my own and wasn't bottom of the class but I was never star student. Did I take Adderall to be one? NO.

    The USA's and to an extent, Canada and Western Australia's societies have a totally different attitude to a doctor/parent team that tells a child they need methylphenidate daily, that it's a "medication." If a U.S. family moves to France, chances are 25:1 their child on methylphenidate will not longer be told to take it. And rightfully so.

  2. This guys is all B.S and needs to go under. His mind is so belittled. I have had personal positive results with of all these things that he said don't work and they actually do work!! He is against these methods because has money invested in big pharma and doesn't want his stock to go down cuz he will he homeless in which these kinds of medical profession need to be kicked to the street and adapted what GOD has given us on this planet not some drug that cause several side effects made in a lab experiment that will make you sicker in the long run!

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