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  1. Hello Brian hope things go good for Eria and mary.. just love Bella so much… i didnt like the video love the video Brian…..oxox

  2. I’d love to come to the opening of the new reptarium, it’s on the week of my birthday, but I would still come. Also, I’m travelling on the other side of the world, but I will visit some time. I love your vlogs and I am always exited for them, thank you and sorry I couldn’t be there.

  3. I have to tell you that watching your videos has really gotten me over my fear of snakes. Seeing you interact with them makes me realize they aren’t that scary.

  4. Het Brian I was wondering what your thoughts were on the 2 Banana Super Pinstripes on Morph Market
    I remember a video that you said it was a dominant morph and there was no super version do you think the Banana affected the pinstripe patern or have they really found the Super

  5. Pools lol at the end of the day it's a pool and wasn't really made to keep fish. Affordable pond yes, made for fish? Mmmh.

  6. The best part of your call to Eric wasn’t about why he wasn’t at work… do you need me to drive 40 minutes to help?

  7. Paul here again my snake shed out yesterday tried to feed him didn’t go so well by the way my day was absolutely incredible

  8. I just love Mary. She is such a gorgeous human being and a classic beauty. Put her in a renaissance gown, and her face would "launch a thousand ships and burn the topless towers of Illium," no question!

  9. Hi just wondering if you can do a blog on the terminology that you use. I'm new to the channel and having trouble following the lingo. I have recently got a baby Darwin albino python.

  10. Brian could you get a super giant leopard gecko or a german giant bearded dragon for a new addition in the new reptarium?

  11. Great video. Two years ago I produced a fire pie male just the head color last year I produced another one regular pied female just the head color. Same father different mothers. They are my hold backs.

  12. I think with a little practice, Eric could do an amazing Chris Farley impression. His voice seems to match really well, and he's funny so it seems very organic 🤷‍♂️😬😂👍

  13. I was looking up videos about copperheads because I watched a movie called Mud and a kid gets bit by a copperhead. I came across a video with you in it from 2010 Snake bytes. lol. Lauri was in it too. Glad to know you are so commited to these animals for all these years. You looked quite a bit younger. Tell Lauri I hope I age as gracefully has she has. She doesn't look a minute older.

  14. This year is purely for the future only , and probably next year and the year after lol but 2 generations from now hopefully nobody figures out what I am doing … cause heck I barely remember what I am doing lol

  15. My fiancé and I are getting our first ball python Friday !! It happens to be his bosses and they haven’t really handled it so how should we go about getting the snake use to being handled

  16. we have been realy wanting to come see your store but we don't know were it is so if you could reply back the town state and building number that would be amazing

  17. Not to be a negative Nancy but why did Eric or Mary not call to let Brian or anybody know why they were going to be late rather then forcing them to call to find out?

  18. Hey brian I was wandering is there such a thing as genetic treed kinda like a family tree but for genetics and morphs I've been trying to find or make one for leapourd geckos but I dont know anything about the morphs and stuff I just thaught if anyone new it would be you

  19. You are one of the reason I got into keeping reptiles. Started off with a normal female ball python, then got a leopard gecko, now me and my husband have 2 iguanas on top of our leopard gecko. Thank you for all of the wonderful information that you give. I hope you have a great day

  20. I've been thinking of adding a pond liner to my pool ponds. That would at least give me an extra layer of protection. Now that I see this happened to Eric and Mary it sounds like an even better idea. Hope your patch holds! I also thought of coating the entire pool ponds with that flexcoat stuff (it would cost more but probably look better.)

  21. If I want to get a snake with no spider in it how can I make sure?? It seems like everything is starting to have it now!!

  22. So I want a snake but my mom has a issue with it cause she doesn’t want me feeding a live mouse/rat to it. I wanted to buy one from your website but I don’t know if you sell ones that don’t eat live ones

  23. Haha. Love the part when he said that's the problem having a pond in the basement those guys are nuts.. doesn't he have one for his gater in his basement?

  24. Those plastic paddling pools are a disaster waiting to happen, can’t believe how many US youtubers use them when they all know they leak.

  25. Man Brian you are an amazing reptile breeder. I admit I don't always watch your videos, but I do still try to watch them. I hope ine day I get the chance to travel out to see the repterrarium eventually 😛 anyways love what you do and have a great day ^-^

  26. I just love watching your vlogs and you and your family Expires me so much I love snakes ever since I was 5 years old and my 1st snake I Caught was a yellow belly racer snake and a black snake and Lizer's And crabs and Spiders I just love all kinds of animals and to have you and your wife and son on your vlog is just awesome and how close you and son I just how me and my dad is too so keep it going and I will always keep watching and I can't wait to meet in Person it will be Awesome to see you and everyone

  27. I love you guys so much and I all the reptiles. My favorite is Bella. My birthday is coming up on February 29. I love you guys so much.

  28. hey Eric, like i said the other day, cattle water trough, 132 gallons / 500 litres. i have one for Aquaponics it lasts forever.

  29. I absolutely love you vlogs!! Please don’t ever stop!! Me and my family love watching you guys!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  30. That’s why most you tubers keep their CAT FISH in above ground pools… Outside! Their fins will slice right threw the liner

  31. Eric, I wondered if that flex seal tape actually worked as well as the commercials say. Did you already have some have you used it for something else or was this the first time you used it.
    Bella is such a baby. Ives last 2 feeds were 15lb pigets? Will Lucy’s new enclosure be bigger than any of the other snakes. Construction delays that’s what happens

  32. Brian you should get Mary and Eric one of those water detectors that alerts your phone. Joey at King Of DIY had talked about one in a video last year.

  33. I love how Brian's pointing all over the place for this and that and NOT ONE DARN ITEM HE SPOKE ABOUT POPED UP NOTHING NOT A 1 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Brian would have never made that mistake when he did the editing

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