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100 comments on “$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

  1. It's the exact same thing at eggnog…….just.added lime…. stop. 🙄 Effnog is a south African American thing anyways. Like we're all black sir. Stop.

  2. of all the things the kenyan girl could bring to a party as kenyan snacks, why she bring samosas??? why not kaymati or mushkaki or KDF or smokies or githeri????? but no the indian food is brought…. bro even mohogo crips would have been epic

  3. So wonderful how different cultures and people met in one house and ate together <3 This is how the world should look like

  4. “It’s perfectly edible.” What everyone will say if I ever successfully cook. I fucked up a Mac and cheese cup because I forgot THE WATER

  5. adam brazilian is not a language. they speak portuguese in brazil, so if andrew doesnt know how to say three in brazilian i don't blame him

  6. Pão de queijo is one of brazils snacks but its not the most famous. They should have brought coxinhas. As a Brazilian, coxinha is the most famous snack from here, and would make more sense in the feast than cheese bread

  7. the best of buzzfeed all in one video, im absolutely overwhelmed i love this so much. The domesticity of Andrew and Steven hosting the potluck, Ryan and Shane being competitive friends, Rie's presentation of her tower and almost dropping it, all the delicious food, this video warms my heart

  8. the pinnacle of comedy is shane and ryan facing each other down, ready to accept their fate and have one of them triumph, only to have both of them be fell by the croquembouche

  9. I wish my friends contributed this much in potlucks. Most ppl just bring chips or soda or store-bought cookies. It suuucks

  10. Kwesi basically made what I would call Coquito. It’s a Puerto Rican version of eggnog that we also make with rum, condensed milk, and all of the amazing warm holiday spices. In my opinion, it tastes best when it has sat for a couple of days in the fridge 😆

  11. That russian roullette idea is pretty great! If i can get good at making the puffs then I might have to do that sometime

  12. the hot pot dinner of goodlooking guests every youngster envisions for their future as a responsible adult but will never actually ever plan, go to, or see irl

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