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360°, Diving with great white shark, 8K underwater video

360°, Diving with great white shark, 8K underwater video

The great white shark is one of the most well-known predators. It is reflected in other alternative names of this species: shark-maneater and white death. The lifespan of great white sharks is estimated to be as long as 70 years, making it one of the most long-living fish in the world. The white shark is notable for its size: the greatest length among these sharks ever registered is 6.1 meters. Great white sharks prey upon fish, dolphins and other marine animals, but not human beings: they are hardly digestible for sharks. But still, they are responsible for a great number of injuries and even deaths: in 2012 the number of accidents was estimated to be 272. In some areas, there is a tourist program “Diving with sharks”. The animal is attracted by meat, and the person wishing to have a look at it is taken under the surface of the water (at a depth ranging from 1.5 to 7 meters) in a special secure cage. This attraction is popular on the southern coast of Australia and Africa, as well as near Guadalupe Island located off Mexico’s Lower California Peninsula — the place of filming this video.

36 comments on “360°, Diving with great white shark, 8K underwater video

  1. who else is watching even thugh it is very laggy to their pc and their monitor is only 1440p? i am, and forgive spelling mistakes it is very laggy right now lol

  2. Where is the shark…? I love these videos but they should be much more interesting they are boring… half way you’ve had enough

  3. Sharks are misunderstood. While they kill only about 6 people per year, we kill on average 100 million per year. They are not a predator of us, be we are more of a predator of them. They don't hurt you unless you make them angry or have a mental disorder with anger. Yes, sorry to say, but sharks have feelings too. I'm a 12 year old with a plan to make a charity for sharks and tigers! Continue it.

  4. I feel extremely terrified of the idea of diving alone, get the feeling that a great white is going to get me from behind when I'm not looking and bite my leg off!! 🦈

  5. Bello meraviglioso questo video me lo sono visto a in HD Ready per non consumare troppi dati però stupenda la modalità 360 gradi video come questi ti fanno pensare: magari le partite di serie A si vedessero così sarebbe un esperienza visiva bellissima ed immersiva

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