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100 comments on “$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito

  1. You can obviously tell BuzzFeed is pouring everything they have into this because the rest of their series are cancer. Those clickbait ads wont work for ya anymore!

  2. Ayyy Fresno!!! My hometown! Love to see us getting our name out there in a good way! Especially for food ☺️

  3. Ok but at 5 foot tall on the dot and 100lbs…. that $32 burrito could literally feed me all week. That's awesome

  4. You guys need to come to Boston Ma and hit the capital grill… get the porcini rubbed rib eye and 15 Y.O aged balsamic

  5. 4 dollars burrito and I buy burrito from a small Taqueria in a gas station for a dollar but man I feel I'm tasting a piece of heaven but I but it like once every six months I buy it when I go to the dentist XD

  6. Haha remember in the beginning with that try guys dude who would just be weird and unfriendly every time they went to get him to shoot. Wonder what he's doing now? Congrats on Season 6

  7. I know the focus is burritos but that crazy watermelon had me missing chamoy mangos… there's no good place to get them in Seattle :<

  8. I didn't know that a new season of Worth It had started. How do I get notified about this without subscribing to all of BuzzFeed? Their other videos are just not my thing.

  9. You guys haven't done any middle Eastern food yet if I'm not mistaken? There's loads to pick from like shawarma, kebab, biryani, falafel 🙂 Would love to see you try Persian food in particular!

  10. I honestly don't get those ppl who give thumbs down for a decent food related vid…..there are just one too many sick ppl out there in the world

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