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4 Tips for PIKE FISHING from the Shore 🐊

4 Tips for PIKE FISHING from the Shore 🐊

[Music] good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this spicy video today we’re not only gonna see if we can catch a pike in this beautiful Lake here by me it’s a new lake that I have never fished before but I’m also gonna share with you my four best tips for shore fishing for pike you know pike fishing from shore not from boats not from float tube but just walking around like this this is how most of us started out fishing career it’s something special to it and even though I own both the boat as well as the flow tube I still love to go back to this kind of you know basic fishing from the shore just a few rods just a little bit of gear so I’m gonna mix this up with some fishing and some tips so let’s simply get rid up and start fishing and then we take the first tip from there alright so tip number one it’s gonna be about what gear to bring and the three I brought actually two pie crops and one perch rod I could have stripped it down to one Pike rod actually but I have these two new setups for this year and I just couldn’t decide which one to leave at home and I also always bring light perch rod because you never know what’s gonna happen you might see some huge perch jumping in the surface or something like that so I always bring light wrong even when pike fishing sometimes also a small jig like this can work really good for the pike you’ve seen us catch some nice ones on her cheeks before so yeah I always bring a perch rod when fishing for pike as well and then I bring waterproof bag from vision looks like this in here I have all my tools I have some food I have some extra clothing some coffee some water and all that kind of stuff you need I have one tackle box with some pie clothes looks like this and here you really want to be careful you really want to think this one through I usually think about pikers in terms of five different types I made a video about it you can watch it up here but basically I want to bring a few curly tail soft baits some paddle tail soft baits like this one you know that has this kind of movement I like to bring a few jerk baits I like to bring a fly like this double-decker rig or a Pike fire rod because like I said in that video sometimes these guys can out fish anything and last but not least I always bring some fun Joker’s or you know the kind of learns that doesn’t look like anything else like this top water rat that you probably have seen in one of our earlier videos really cool one and then also a selection of different colors some G get some shallow rate but usually you can do really well with just one one box of lers so no need to bring much more than this you know it’s and it’s gonna be more about the fishing that for fishing speed or anything like that so one box of nurse I also have this one attached to my bag on the outside a small donkey perch bag here I have bumps or small hard baits soft baits different weights swivels snaps and everything you need to make new leaders etc etc and in here I actually have one of these float tube pockets with all the tools I need where I’ve hooked out hook sharpener power cutter measuring tape and yeah everything you need to handle the pike as fast and easy as possible so yeah this is everything I need for a day by the lake fishing from the shore depending on how long you want to fish I mean if you got a fish for a long day you might want to bring some more stuff another option is to bring more stuff but leave some of it in the car that’s why you can easily go back to the car to to bring the food or to bring another jacket or you can also bring a few extra tackle boxes in the car but yeah this is my thoughts when it comes to gear for pike fishing from the shore so now we’re gonna start fishing we’re gonna see if we can catch something in this cool lake behind me I’m gonna start with this short Chad and then we’re gonna move out into the second tip but first let’s catch a pike [Music] so like I said this is a completely new lake for me I’ve never ever fished here before I don’t know anything about it I did some googling in fish braining and saw that some pike even caught here they’re also like trout and arctic char lake trout and it seems like a really cool lake I’m up in northern Sweden on a like family trip like you’re walking in the mountains staying in a small cabin so fishing is not the main purpose of this little trip up north but of course I brought a few rods and a box alerts you has to be able to explore some new waters that’s always fun it’s evening right now it’s early June so we have lots of lights but it never gets dark now it’s like 9 o’clock in the evening so it’s gonna have a few hours of fishing but hopefully that’s gonna be enough to catch a nice little pike hey John whoo nice take little torpedo oho look at that beauty smash that shortcut Oh jumpin do it oh man look at these colors such beauty oh wow boom so fun take on this shark shed no biggie but on this light rod it light real she was very fun and look at these colors I notice it everytime every bike is so beautiful but this one takes the price I mean the same pattern that’s too low in these surroundings this is awesome let’s put it back there we go boom bye-bye man this setup is sweet with its 110 gram Gator rod and it’s rolled in real Wow all right so let’s move on to tip number 2 and this is a really good one and it is to use waders if you have this will make shore fishing so much easier you will be able to reach so many more spots you know you can just be walking up like this all the way up to your waist really really convenient it’s also good when handling the fish you can easily just go into the shore like this you can knee down very easily and it’s easy to unhook the fish in the water just like this and you know the feeling to be walking around in water like this it’s so cool you one with nature it’s like you you versus the lake or you versus the fish really really cool feeling so that’s tip number two use waders if you have fish on fish on oh yes I have no idea what is this on the Monterey deep down cooked something heavy it’s not a perch I can tell you that oh it’s a pike it’s a pikey get over here oh yes look at these colors there’s a messed up jaw look at this that’s a quite long beautiful pike but the jaw is completely messed up look at that what the heck happened there first cast for this multi-rib oh man look at this beautiful pike strong but it has some kind of damage here on there in the mouth I don’t know how well you can see it but look at that if we didn’t have something called yeah the sucks and when I will order them up here in northern Sweden and this looks like it’s coming from something like that there we go super super fun to catch some this sucks a rod okay we’re gonna be kind to her gonna have that her back but man this is a beautiful pike cool bye-bye beautiful fish I hope you recover now get its back look at these collars awesome this is a monkey rib did the trick as always no perch not a trout’s not an Arctic guitar or anything it was a pike which was the target species not on the target rod but very very fun fight fun fish to catch on this light gear super cool gonna move on cover some fresh waters and just to see what we can find still have a few more hours to fish this point it looks good you know try this Oh however dead fish do that here look at this do we have this is a small like burbot I don’t know idea can you see what this is maybe small scalping hmm but please leave a comment what kind of fish is this at least it’s dead hmm poor old guy hope you become fish food [Music] facial oh yes on the monkey shad let’s see what we have [Music] probably purge you feels like but in this lake we also have trout and char and stuff oh yeah it’s nice perch haha boom nice one beautiful fish on ass monkey shad in the evening I know this is a pike fishing video but these guys are just so beautiful and so fun to catch this is actually the first perch caught on my new Saxa bait casting quartz rod and when you are we go see mgx perch real bait caster so much fun the Sun is about to set we’re like half an hour left to fish I guess but yeah this was fun really really fun let’s put it back rocked for the rod perfect nice and fat goodbye so now this is gonna be exciting to see if there are more of these guys out there as you know / – usually ones in schools so let’s just cast it out there again Oh fish on fish home this is probably a better perch as in really good perch or a pike it’s more like your Pike now oh yeah it’s a really nice perch look at that Wow another stunning stunning perch I thought it was a pike there for a while it’s so strong there we go so much fun so the light is coming down it’s 11 p.m. and we’re running out of light so it’s time to move on to tip number three which is to check the map before fishing you know Google Maps it’s our friend some lakes has depth maps that you can check online which is really helpful then you can see where you have maybe you want to deep water it close to the shore because you know sure fishing is kind of limited you can’t just go to the middle of the lake to try in some deep water so you need to have the type of depth the type of vegetation everything that you want you know from a short distance from the shore so it usually helps to check the map and check you know go into Google Maps and see if you can find any good looking spots usually you can see where you have the deep holes you can see vegetation you can see shadow points and also when shore fishing most importantly you can see the roads you can see where you can probably park the car where you can walk etc etc so spend some time to check the map before you go fishing that will save you a lot of time when fishing you can also get a lot of tips and inspiration from fish brain you know you can go onto the map and you can see where other people have caught fish both you know to get inspiration see what lures are working see what parts of the lake and if you have premium you will be able to see exact thoughts where people have caught their fish so that’s tip number three shake the map before you go fishing that it doesn’t only go for Shore fishing but basically for all kinds of fishing the more you know about to place your fish before you go fishing the better you gonna fish the more fish you’re gonna catch so that’s that’s a general tip but extra important when you fish from the shore because they’re quite limited so here for example I checked the Google Maps and I can see that this side of the lake seems to be a little bit more deeper we also have a river coming out here creating like Eddy where I’m standing so this is why I went here started fishing on this side of the lake and I mean we caught a few fish so it works now like I said it’s past eleven o’clock so I need to head back home to the family but we’re gonna make you few more casts and then we’re gonna finish off way to tip number four let’s make a few final casts before we do that we’ll be funky and this evening with a nice pike maybe this is the key evening fishing I’m actually gonna change ler which would also bring us to tip number four which actually is to always bring weedless nurse when fishing from the shore I know it doesn’t really make sense because you haven’t seen me using it in today’s video but that’s because we don’t have too much trash in water here it’s quite clean we’re rocky bottom like this but on most places where I fish from the shore it’s a lot of bushes it’s a lot of weed and it’s not fun to get stucked you know if you fish from a boat and get stuck in something you can always go there you can pull from the other side and yeah but just easier to get your lower back if you get stuck from the boats so usually I start fishing with weedless nurse just to see if we have logs if we’re weed if we have anything to get stuck to if we don’t well then of course we can change to normal hooks but yeah I just like to use weedless nurse when fishing from the shore in order not to lose that many layers that way you can also fish closer to the bottom without worrying to get stuck in the bottom and this will also make you fish more efficient and it will make you catch more fish then if you don’t want to fish tails to the bottom yes because they don’t want to get stuck so this way we can just cast this one out let it sink to the bottom and I working a fish it slowly slowly out there even if we might have logs and trash to get stuck to this is also a general tip you know to always bringing witness hooks but most important when you fish from the shore alright fellow Pike anglers that was it for today it’s past midnight and it’s time to head back home actually I have one last tip it would be tip number one if it wasn’t that I forgot it at home and that is to use a deeper sonar that can help you so much when I’m fishing from the shore you might have seen me using the deeper from the shore in earlier videos and that way you can see baitfish you can see deep holes and yeah you get even more information about what’s happening out in the lake which is really really helpful so yeah I hope you learned something from this or get some inspiration I’m not at all a pro when it comes to this kind of fishing I don’t do this a lot but I do it every year and I enjoy it a lot and now I would like to hear from you guys what are your best tips when it comes to fishing from the shore for pike what lures you like to bring what gear you know what’s your tactics is there anything that I have forgot to mention in this video drop a comment and then all of us can go in there and learn probably more than I said in this video that’s the cool part of having all you guys watching this and commenting and together we can share our ideas and become better anglers and have more fun on water so that was it for today thank you so much for watching all the gear used in this episode can be found on here also make sure to subscribe up here if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video [Music]

100 comments on “4 Tips for PIKE FISHING from the Shore 🐊

  1. Superb videos like all the others, the edge it changes a little. The fish looks like a "Chabot" (in French)

  2. I think you call them gupy. We call them Grundel. I hope its not the same type of gupy we have (Schwarzmeergrundel).

  3. The dead fish is a, i think you name it goby. We call it grundel. We know them because we have trouble with one specific kind of goby. In german we call them schwarzmeergrundel. I hope its not this type of goby.

  4. Tack ni är härligt ombytliga så en fråga igen.Gösfiske dock vore vrålnice gärna spinn eller trolling 🙂 / Mike !Ps:Det ser ut som en liten lake å ni är ju norrut å det vet man ju alla pimpelturer efter röding det kryllar av lake i varje sjö där uppe .

  5. Hi mate. I you would ask me about a tip for a day of the shore, I would definitely add a small emergency kit to the bag. Some pain killers (fishing with migraine sucks), allergy pills, desinfection!, sticking plaster, something for insect stings and last but not least an ordinary sunscreen. This adds just a couple grams on top your baggage but man, are they helpful sometimes! Oh yes, and don't forget your sunglasses 🙂 Tight lines, Jan.

  6. Är det nice och fiska med flytring? Funderar på om man ska köpa en sådan eller om man ska investera i en mindre styrpulpet eller liknande?

  7. If I had to add anything from my little experience:
    I like to make a few casts from shore before going into the water. Just in case if I was about to spook out any fish close to the bank 🙂

  8. Tip for fishing for pike in Canada: throw something (anything!) into water, reel in pike. The end. 🇨🇦

  9. Some nice tips there! Thanks. One question, how can I easily find out which bodies of water I need a license to fish in Sweden?

  10. Best tip you could follow is ,
    Have your rod set up
    Stay at least a rod length away from the water and fish the areas around you first then go on from there …………..

  11. Great video! Keep up making shore fishing videos as that is what most anglers around the globe do. I also loved your lure selection. I'd just add one lure, that is awesome when it comes to fishing lily pads or reeds: a spinnerbait. Honorary mention to a humble spoon would also be great.

  12. The little dead fish is a European Bullhead (Cottus gobio). Mainly lives in stony rivers but Wikipedia says "It also occurs on the gravelly shores of cold lakes".

  13. I've got a tip for rivers or flowing water seems kinda obvious to most of us I'm sure but slack water look for the spots with the least amount of flow pike prefer it but its not exclusively where they can be caught but if its there target it first

  14. Great video dude!! thanks for the tips. I've just bought my first rod and started browsing to learn as much as possible so this video was exactly what i was looking for. The app looks great too just signed up and i'm heading out to my first location via the map today 😀 Hoping to catch some Perch or some Trout but i have seen there's a lot of Pike in my location (just outside of Oslo Norway) not so sure i'm ready to catch one of those just yet though Ha!

  15. Thanks for all your love, we’ll make more shore fishing videos for sure! 👊🏼 After reading all your comments and suggestions about the dead fish, I think it is a European Bullhead and not a goby (luckily). Also, I’ve seen two good tips in the comments that I’d like to share with you, which are:

    1. Always bring a first aid kit
    2. Make sure to make a few short casts from the shore before entering the water with the waders

    I’ve also gotten many questions about the tackle box with a handle, which is really convenient for shore fishing, and it’s a Vision Aqua ”Big Daddy” box. You can get it here:



  16. I'm a Pike fisherman sens I was a kid. Like 10 yeares ago. So my tips would be to be ready for anything because pike can bite anywere. NO mather what kind of stracture, grass, weeds. No matter how shallow it is. In fact pike loves shallow water more then deep. Also my top bates would be Short lip jerk bait, spinner, spoon and popper for water with little stracture (Like few logs or few lillypads) and frog, weedless minnow from rapala(prowed to be the best of all weedless spoons) and rarely a texas jig on high stracture and grass cowered lakes.

  17. I’ve been into fishing a while now and it’s really not that easy as everyone thinks, I’m from Sweden and pike is a great asset here in my area but I haven’t caught many. I like to blame my equipment but my technique isn’t the best, I hope this video helps

  18. One thing I never leave without is my mobile phone, I know most people carry one but sometimes you might be tempted to leave it if you forgot to charge it or left it in the car. If you get into trouble due to an accident it could save your arse. Nice vids mate checked out a few now good luck.

  19. Hey buddy love the videos haven’t gone through them all yet but quit a few what line/leader/snaps do you normally run for pike just curious I’m just starting to get right into pike fishing myself and could use some guidelines hence why I’m loving your videos

  20. Nice fishing🎣. No. 5. Very important are the polarized sunglasses, last fishing trip I lost my😔 now I need to order new once. I like your, are they,, fly fisherman'' or other? Probably I will go for Wiley X. Best reg. from North Cape.

  21. Lol
    Tip 1: Go to any lake in Manitoba
    Tip 2: Any lure will do
    Tip 3: steel leaders to keep those slimy jerks from biting you off

  22. I figured pike and perch were only in Canada. Sweet man. I've been pike fishing at this creek for the last week by my house and I've pulled in over 20 there this week. 2 foot long average. At this location I've just been using pike swim baits and jigheads with nightcrawlers. I've taken the 3 pronged barbed hooks off cause they love to swallow them lures lol.

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