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Have you ever heard of sea monkeys before? of course you have. about 60 years ago There was this huge craze essentially you get this fine little powder in the mail Or however you want to buy them you add this powder to a little bit of salt and water And they hatch into sea monkeys as hobbyists though We know that these are actually brine shrimp And we use it as a live food source for our fish especially small or newly hatched fish This powder which is literally a powder Is actually the eggs? Absolutely fascinating isn’t it. now what if we could do this with fish. Let me elaborate What if we can go on the internet choose from over a thousand? Absolutely beautifully striking fish with all different types of colors which stay relatively small yet grow Astronomically fast in comparison to their size yet their eggs can be shipped to you in an envelope Granted I know that that sounds entirely Futuristic and and maybe even sounds familiar to some of you But what I’m talking about is something that a fish That’s been commonly available to the aquarium hobby for a very long time and in today’s video I thought I’d tell you a story and introduce you to an absolutely fascinating fish the killifish now a few months ago before Frank was put in this aquarium here or before I even put this aquarium there my plans were to actually turn this into a killifish kind of racking system So I went online and I ordered about 400 different killifish on ebay nine different varieties about six weeks later They showed up, however. They came in the dead of winter during a time that I was gone for about three or four days So they sat in my mailbox essentially freezing until I got home when I got home I was a little bit upset Over the fact that you know my plans for the killifish weren’t going to happen so I scrapped the idea And tossed Frank in this location and gave him this aquarium too many people’s excitement Frank has his own little fan club essentially now running this aquarium gallery has a lot of unique expenses Especially during the initial setup of the gallery there was a lot of garbage as well as construction materials etc basically Every few months I need to these massive garbage dumpsters so over the last few days That’s what I’ve been up to as well as spring cleaning and catching up on yard maintenance much-needed yard maintenance during cleanup, I realized I Didn’t actually throw out those eggs, and yet I had very little hope for these guys They were frozen solid for a few days some of them were past. They’re hatching dates some haven’t arrived yet I thought why don’t I just fill up a little plastic container here with some aquarium water and See what happens so last night, I started Unboxing all of these killifish eggs essentially they came in envelopes which is absolutely amazing I got 400 of them nine different species It cost me less than $100 these fish are costing me pennies each for an absolutely beautiful Fish that stays relatively small and is one of the most rewarding fish in the Hobby to keep Now I had forgotten what I had ordered yet all of the fish came with labels of what they are Some general information on them how many eggs are expected hatch dates etc the eggs are packed in What is a peat and this just incubates the eggs the reason why this works though is the most? Interesting a lot of fish a lot of killifish our annual killifish some are not annual But we’ll talk about the annual first annual means that these guys only live for about a season They live in waterways that are eventually going to dry up so in order to ensure their survival They lay their eggs in the mud that eventually dries up all the water the adults die off But during the next raining season or flooding those eggs get wet again, and they hatch into new killifish completing the cycle Unfortunately again, they only live for one year, which is kind of sad But there are different types of killifish that live for longer than that year, and they’re not an annual they are Fish that are found in Ponds and other waterways that simply don’t evaporate in fact killifish are found in all over the world so I decided I’m just gonna start dumping all of them into one container I didn’t have very many hopes of any of these hatching just because of what I explained earlier however I thought if I could just one to hatch it’ll make doing this video worth It simply to introduce you guys to a new fascinating world so like I said I got nine different species and some of them even came with some starter food some micro worms But I had already prepared previously by buying some brine shrimp I was going to hatch my own my own live foods out to feed to the newly hatched fish and of course I’ve shown you how to build a brine shrimp hatchery in the past yet having nine different species I was originally going to set up nine different tanks three on each level, and it sounds like I need tanks But these Rubbermaid or Sterilite clear containers It’s really all that I need toss a sponge filter in there the rooms already heated And I’m good to go so these fish still do need filtration and heating of course now of course adding them Directly to the aquarium with all that peat does create quite a bit of a mess But it settles out after a couple of hours and usually within as little as thirty minutes The fish will literally start to hatch I didn’t see that I had to wait several hours And by the way I decided to do all of this at 1:00 a.m.. This morning I don’t know why I do that to myself. I just my mind gets working at the middle of the night I’m like I want it I want a hatch killifish, so that’s what I did now the hatching can take up to two days or so So I’m not overly concerned With how many I have right now However, I did start to see a few in the in this bucket It’s just the really hard to spot because they’re truly just a very tiny microscopic Fish and if we look closely at the peak before dumping it in the water We can sort of see some of the eggs in that peat as well So now typically what you would do is probably have two or three containers of Variable sizes one small you could even do this in a little bowl if you wanted to To hatch them in then you would take a turkey baster put them in a larger tank Not too big you want it to be easy for them to find the foods you’re gonna be offering which you can offer the micro Worms, you can patch up your own brine shrimp Which is what I would suggest or you can find some very small grain fry food and hopefully Work for you as well Finally having a larger size for when they become adults and getting to adults eyes only takes a few months with these guys until they’re to breeding size again, they only live for a few seasons, or you know a one-year, that’s why they call them annuals So of course they have to get too sexual breeding maturity relatively fast the thing that fascinates me about killifish The most is how hands-on? These fish are yet? They are relatively simple to keep you start off with tiny little eggs, so you get to experience hatching eggs for the first time if he’s never bred fish before Then of course you get to make your own food for them You can create a brine shrimp hatchery for example And that’s what I would highly suggest you do then you get to grow them out into adults within a very short Period of time again be so rewarding you’ve hatched your fish You’ve created the food for them And you grew them out into an absolutely stunning animal now annual killifish in the aquarium will live probably around two years So there’s no worry about your fish dying in a few months now where can you get some killifish? You’re not gonna be able to walk into your local fish store and find killifish Usually not maybe you’ll find one or two different species But there is such a variety my suggestion is to buy the eggs online good seller will provide the date They’re ready to hatch some information about them And maybe even some food like I thought you can get these on places like eBay however my suggestion would be to join a local Killifish Club, maybe there’s some clubs on Facebook or some killifish forums. There’s also killifish associations, I mean if the world of killifish is its own little hobby within a hobby, and I’ve said that about stingrays and Asian Arowana in the past, but killifish are kind of their own, niche as well a massively supportive community out there I highly suggest you get your killifish eggs from some known breeders and whatnot and don’t make the mistake I did by not being around for several days in the blistering cold when your eggs arrive Otherwise you’re probably not going to get a very good hatch rate now. I don’t have much confidence in these guys I’m not sure how many are going to hatch, but again? It’s only been a few hours, and we’re already seeing some results But I think that just the test of their hardiness and how easy This can be I literally just scooped some water out of the tank behind me tossed in all of these eggs And they started to hatch so it’s pretty awesome to see again. I no longer really have plans for killifish however. i think that Perhaps in the near future. We’ll take a more serious attempt at this setup a racking system Grow their food hatch the eggs etc so if that’s something you want to see and you’re not subscribed to this channel yet I highly suggest you do but you’re not gonna want to miss that as for these guys again. I don’t have high hopes But I do have a little tiny aquarium in the house that if these guys make it I’ll put them in there but I think i Just wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to those that don’t know about it a pretty amazing fish


  1. My frog kiwi has just passed away. He was an African dwarf frog. I got him about 2 or 3 days ago. The first day we would start to float at the top of the tank and tried not survive by floating all the way down. But he just floated back up. To day I checked on him and he was dead. Rest In Peace kiwi! I’ll miss you little buddy! 🐸🐸🐸😭😭😭😖😖😖😢😢😢☹️☹️☹️😫😫😫😔😔😔😩😩😩

  2. Question-Do the rainbow fish required salt water or regular water?
    PS-You fascinate me with your knowledge and your love for the fish you have. Keep them coming please!

  3. This is an awesome video, thanks for making it and resparking my interest on them again. I'm definitely gonna get them, gotta build a custom tank now, lmao

  4. 🙂🙃😉😌😍😘🔯🎪😇😊☺️🤣😂😅😆😁😃😄🇵🇰😀🇵🇼🇵🇸🇵🇦🇵🇬🇵🇾🇵🇪🇵🇳🇵🇱🇵🇹.⌚️📱📲💻🎞🎞📞🚗🚕🚙🚐🚌🥋🏹🏀🏑🥡🏸

  5. Damn man, I have zero interest in aquariums and such, but I keep watching your videos, they are really entertaining.

  6. In your experience how big can Killifish get? My mom and I have one in our tank that has gotten like 4 1/2-5” long and probably 2” tall. People at pet Co and others who have seen the tank and know of the species say it’s abnormally large, which is why I’m asking.

  7. You didn't mention the most fascinating thing about Killifish…They climb trees and lay eggs in bromeliads.
    Make sure you have a good lid on the aquarium you keep them in. 😉

  8. I Don't know if it still exists on the shelf at the fish shops anymore but there used to be a baby fish food that one could buy that was intended to encourage stubborn or newly hatched (born) fish to eat. Sorry I the name specifically skips me but it came in a small squeezable tube like that of toothpaste – and had the exact same texture as toothpaste but was a cream like colour. This stuff, when I tried it, was like some kind of miracle magical product and it encouraged even the most stubborn of my fish to eat. It worked flawlessly! But be aware, if you do find it and use it, use it sparingly as it can quickly cloud your water. 🙂

  9. I really love those fish I used to raise at least 12 different species of killi fish and I used to be a member of the killifish club they’re so fun to watch them hatch and grow

  10. Would love to see a follow up on these little guys! Even if it didn't end up working out. Keep up the good work Joey!

  11. My mind races in the middle of the night like that sometimes too. About three weeks ago I was up at around 12:00am and suddenly decided I was going to set up another reef tank. (Something I haven't done since I was around 16, I'm 21 now)

  12. SPEAKING OF TURKEY BASTERS!!! I use one to help clean the fish poo that settles in the bottom of my small Betta tank. It helps the filter out, keeps the tank clean, and is easier to use (for me) than one of those weird tube vaccum things!!

  13. Hey! I've just set up a nano aquarium and I plan on having Killifish. Since there are no other fish in my tank, do you think I could hatch them straight into my nano, or should I still hatch them into a small container?

  14. Maaan i was anticipating the eggs to hatch… cause thats what the thumbnail showed u2 lol, never the less i do enjoy your videos👍👍👍

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  16. Everything is connected just came here from another very old video and glad to see you after 5 years king of diy. 2019 BTW !

  17. Lol
    My first encounter with killi fish was
    Magic fish the magic soil that grows fish 😂
    And I obviously had no idea 💡 what fish they were seeing as I was 4 😹

  18. Do not mix eggs from different species of Killies! It will be almost impossible to separate the females because they all will kook the same, especielly if it is species of the same Genus!

  19. Killifish request. Would love to see a comprehensive Killfish series from the King of DIY. Watched a few of your Killifish videos, and I think it would be an awesome series?

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