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5.5 KG FULL SINGLE FISH BBQ Eating Challenge | Giant Sea Bass Grill Eating | Part -2

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Today we brought 5.5 kg fish from cuddalore and we prepared it with home made made masala Today fish bbq challenge this is 5.5 kg sea bass (koduva) fish it took long time to cook we don’t know how it boiled we guess it cooked well single fish 5.5 Kg we searched and brought it let’s get into the challenge Full cooking video link is given in card and end screen Full cooking video link is given in end screen it boiled well let’s start 5…4…3…2…1… Start we don’t know how it is? we both eating this fish for first time it cooked well this challenge is not between us dad vs son. it is challenge between fish vs we both still it is hot fish mouth is opened it contains more flesh what is this? skin i think we get power cut because it is raining skin is more thick fish cooked perfectly but still it is hot outside rain, inside hot bbq fish see the size of this bone mom do you want some don’t need ahh? Why? take this single piece Mom:no its ok take this skin is so thick this fish have more flesh yes less bone i’m going to eat this fish like rice first time we both eating this much size fish where is fish eye? i want to eat this like rice where is honey? why? give me at end give me that another side piece outside it is heavy raining don’t cut the head lift it, paper is there Mom: Eat quickly, it is only 2.5 kg each it is like big shark:P only flesh nothing else mmm i removed head skin see the flesh in head mouth eye see the size it is big Mom: you eating it like a candy it is really good taste and awesome turn it, take that paper ohh it is pricked in my finger because it have big bone that’s it your stomach got full my son? yes dad near by but for me it is not full where is eye? i left one eye for you from my birth this is first time i’m eating this much flesh in fish is this contain bone? no it is not possible. it is just full of flesh we cut this fish flesh into small piece and we fried it like chilli chicken i will eat rice like this you want that eye? Mom: left something for me wait i will take swallow that first Mom: wait for sometime it is still hot inside it is more tasty that taste is different ya it is good for watching eye it feel weird but taste is awesome my stomach is full this is for your mom eat it with hot mom then only it will good camera will shutdown after 1 minute i completed eat fast eating full of flesh is difficult last piece before camera shutdown camera getting shutdown when we completed completed in 29 minutes 17 seconds we are going to eat this spilted pieces don’t waste food Mom: this is big fish so that they can’t able to eat so they given some pieces to me. not like that mom for us to complete this giant fish it took 29 minutes 17 seconds it is full of flesh, i didn’t eat like this before i ate it like rice this fish is suit perfectly for fish fry(chilli fish) this fish have only middle bone. if it is a fish fry(chilli fish) i will eat 3/4 of this yes this fish have only bone in middle that eye gave more tasty when my dad ate that i feel bad but that eye is more tastier part in fish you too try this fish but buy it with 5-6 people’s so that it will enough for you you will enjoy the flesh i gave some flesh to my wife she too like a lot in our country some people don’t like fish. i don’t know the reason in tamil one proverb is there “give your flesh for fish flesh” that much good fish flesh it is good for skin and eye sight fish flesh increase our life span, we won’t get heart attack so add fish in your food not this much add little bit add weekly twice or once you to try this, it is a new experience like we are eating big fish for first time big fish, very big fish i can’t able to eat this much flesh we brought it from cuddalore for this fish we went morning itself and came back and mom cooked it nicely now it is 6:00 Pm evening from morning to now we ate only fruits and now we completed this challenge we done it and went good if you want to follow us personally follow us on Instagram we are in TikTok now. you can follow us there also in that we compressed our video in one minute kindly like, share and comment the video don’t forget to subscribe our channel Saapattu Raman press the bell button near subscribe then only you will get instant notification from us until then bye from your’s Porchezhiyan and your’s Sabari Kumar Byeeee….!!!

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