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5 Facts About Fox Fisher

5 Facts About Fox Fisher

Hi everybody my name’s Fox I founded My
Generation with Louis Hancox a few years ago after we were on a documentary called My Transsexual Summer And since My Transsexual Summer, because that was when I first started taking hormones as well, that’s the start of my medical transition, since then I’ve kinda gone this magical
wonderful journey and I’ve really been enjoying starting to
feel comfortable in my own body, so This is the end result – or this
is the result of three or four years of a process. I’m going to tell you 5 facts about
myself I’m a lefty, but because I live in a
right-handed world I’ve learned to adapt also I play guitar right-hand, and I
skateboard regular not goofy (electro music track) Fact number 2 about me is that I’m quite
creative and I’m a jack of many trades and a master some I would say, so I really love
design illustration, which is what I did my Masters in, I’m filmmaking now and I always have a passion for screen printing. I teach
screen printing and I sell my prints as well so I love what I do I love working in the realms of creativity. Fact number 3. I was born in London and when I was
three or four years old our family moved out to Saudi Arabia and
it’s because my dad got a job out there and we lived out there until I was about 11
or 12. I went to an international school which had an American emphasis and this
is why I have got a kind of twang in my voice still because of
that time and when I came back to England I had to
wear school uniform for the first time had to wear a skirt and tights And I really really hated this, it was really
upsetting and annoying and distressing all those things Number 4 Fact number 4 about me, is I’m a Scorpio. My birthday is on November the 5th, which is bonfire night, Guy Fawkes in England We have a lot of fireworks then. Scorpios are meant to be passionate have a sting in their tail and I think that’s very true actually about myself but I feel that and as long as I’m
conscious I think it’s possible to kind of
work through those emotions, so that’s been my my journey. As for the passion thing… it’s funny because for the past 16 plus
months I’ve been single and when I say single I don’t mean I don’t mean like a
Bachelor going out every night and having one night stands I mean single like, ‘on my own’ single so that’s been interesting because
that’s kind of the the biggest chunk of my adult life that I’ve been on my own and
it’s been useful for me, it’s been good just focusing on myself and my
transition and I’m really married to my work – I work
a lot! and I love to work that I do, so that’s absolutely fine So the 5th thing about me is that after I graduated from my
bachelors I went America for a music festival and I ended up getting a job at the British Consulate, so I worked in Seattle for about a year and I I could have had a different path to my
life I suppose I could stayed at the British Consulate also during that time I was at an airport
in San Francisco and the guy in front of me turned out to be a very interesting guy who works at Pixar and he we got chatting, and I gave him one of my comics I’d made called The Emporium and he invited me to Pixar to come and check it out and I just loved it so much, and he introduced me to the head of design and I think the idea was for me to go in
and start creating stuff that we go into all the the animations, so posters on the walls,
fake products Stuff like that. It would have been so
cool, so I feel like in a parallel universe I’m working at Pixar but I feel like I needed to come back to the UK so I could do my Masters, learn more about design and also, to transition. So it’s been a different journey for me. I’m so proud to have helped set up Trans Pride Brighton, and to do all the design work as well 2013, 2014 and now 2015. I’ve graced two front covers, one seemingly with no clothes on I assure you I am wearing clothes and it’s just to promote Trans Swimming, which happens on a Friday. I got to screen print unicorns on a naked friend in front of a Dali painting
in the surrealists section after hours at the Tate Modern. I performed, well, I played tambourine and
looked moody at the Royal Albert Hall in dark glasses and a leather jacket and
Noel Gallagher said I looked cool thanks very much and chat to you soon Tell me what your least favourite words to say are. Mine are ‘funky’ ‘breasts’ and ‘crisps’. What’s yours? ugh. Bye!

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  1. to my subscibers! Here's a new vlog with 5+ facts about me. Also checkout all the other awesome vlogs at our My Genderation channel. 

  2. Fox you look awesome! Very hot! Im a lefty as well but do some things right handed. They say us lefties are smart yay

  3. Alex bertie said that he is in love with this project/ youtube channel . I ended up here. Aaaaaand it's great. Really like how you talk. You only say important stuff but with a background. Great. Aaaaaand your hair!!! Woooooah . When it come to hair …. There are no words to find for your hair !!! 🙂

  4. IS there any way I can get involved? I love this channel and I myself am transgender MTF, pre- hormones, pre everything… maybe it's interesting to see how it goes from there?? I'm basically just (not proud to say this) a guy but in the wrong body…. Let me know! I'm  a daily vlogger, not to promote myself but for you to check out (basically a job interview) if I fit in for your channel… let me know

  5. I watched you on my transgender summer and I always thought you were cute and still do. You look great. 😉 I'm so proud of you of how far you have come and more to be accomplished.

  6. I have never come across a video that has zero dislikes. It makes me so happy to see that the first video I see like this is yours.

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