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5 Incredible Things You Need To Understand About Fish Oil

5 Incredible Things You Need To Understand About Fish Oil

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things you need to understand about fish oil fish oil has a long history of being
used as a nutritional supplement it is generally derived from oil coming from
the tissues of oily fish there are many sources of fish that the world gets its
fish oil supply from but about 50% of all fish oil production in the world
comes from farmed salmon number one fish oil sources fish oil is primarily
derived from farmed salmon there are times when fish oil may also be sourced
from other fatty fish notably mackerel lake trout flounder and tuna but such
types of fish are known to be predatory and because of this they run the risk of
accumulating certain toxic substances such as mercury dioxin and PCBs in order
to avoid this and have fish oil sources known to be as clean as possible farmed
salmon are the best option number two fish oil benefits one of the things why
fish oil has become quite a popular nutritional supplement around the world
is because it is very rich in omega minus 3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic
acid EPA and docosahexaenoic acid these compounds are said to help reduce the
risk of coronary heart disease there are also studies that say that these
nutrients also have anti-cancer properties as well as may help in
certain cases of depression number 3 fish oil production production of fish
oil is shared among a number of countries but it has been seen that
there was a substantial decrease in total fish oil supply mainly because of
decline suffered by a lot of the said countries countries such as Peru Chile
Denmark Iceland and Norway are known as the five major fish oil exporting
nations number four adverse effects despite the various benefits that fish
oil is said to offer as a supplement medical experts still sick
just caution in overusing it there have been studies that indicate certain risks
associated with fish oil in some studies there are suspected risks that
researchers have found in the use of EPA and DHA fatty acids in fish oil over
usage of EPA and DHA which is determined at more than three grams daily are known
to increase the risk of bleeding especially in people who are also taking
aspirin or warfarin but further research may be needed to determine if EPA and
DHA to offer such risks extreme dosage intake of fish oil is also associated
with a higher risk of experiencing hemorrhagic stroke in some individuals
fish oil intake may also affect LDL cholesterol levels number five cardiac
risk because fish oil is still considered as fat people with conditions
arising from too much fat in their systems should also be cautious of
taking fish oil as a supplement recent research seems to provide
different results when it comes to how the fatty acids in fish oil affect
people who may be suffering from heart disease or stroke in absence of
definitive research patients are being cautioned not to take fish oil without
the recommendation from their doctor people with certain heart problems or a
history of heart disease should first talk with their doctors about the safety
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