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5 Long Days at Sea With Friendly Tuna, Dolphin Mayhem and 3 Amigos; Ep. 133

I’ve never seen fog like this before I feel like the Black Pearl is going to emerge Look who’s here? last week our wonderful friend Josje Or as Riley refers to her as squash blessed us with her presence Once again for the sail down to the Canary Islands from Ceuta, Spain We got out of the busy Gib straight in one gybe and managed to not hit anyone We were expecting a few solid days of wind a bit of Inconsistent nonsense in the middle and maybe some headwind coming into the Canary Islands We’d be making the most of the good weather while it lasted Two days down three to go Not sure if you guys can see but there’s some very strange fog behind me over here all the way over there in front of us There’s a bit of sea life we found a Flying fish on the deck all of this makes for a bit of an interesting sail And it’s good to see a bit more life in and around the place. There’s a bird right there Hey mate What are you girls doing? Exercises! This is very strange I’ve never seen fog like this before It’s just a crazy feeling I feel like the Black Pearl is going to emerge from the distance. It’s just so weird The fog has brought all kinds of moods on board La Vagabond There are dolphins coming Its unreal This is the best dolphin activity i’ve ever seen What have you cooked for us here my darling? spaghetti bolognese And we just chucked some leftover. We’re all veggies on top Wonderful Oh, yeah, it’s movie time The fogs all gone now Really? yeah, you can see all the stars. in fact before we watch the movie should we go outside have a quick look at the Stars? Alright sure follow me this way everyone Can you explain about the weather? it didn’t come And we’re supposed to get 15 to 20 knots on the nose About nine hours ago, yeah but Didn’t come so Got about seven knots and it’s gonna be a beautiful code zero day So lets go and hoist that Elayna, come on No fish so far no and you promised I did actually. You’re in trouble One thing I did notice though. We’re tracking over a place called Concepcion Bank What do you think about? Well you’ve got how many nautical miles left? Should we have a crack? You’ve got 99 nautical miles until we are we need a fish, or.. that’s baby-making banks. That’s what that is.. I think it would be silly if we didn’t at least try yeah We’ll get something, we have to
Do you agree? This is absolutely beautiful we are going 4.5 knots in 5.5 knots of true wind. Insanity I don’t even know what it’s called, but the rope that pulls the back bottom bit of the sail has frayed, needs to be cut off shortened and retied. You know when we tie a bowline to the dock and you go around it So that it doesn’t chase like that? Yeah, we need I need to do that here What’s going on out here? Chess Think Josje’s winning by a bit she is any fish? no pescado except a little tuna man hanging around the boat, but he doest want to bite our lure and he’s our friend so we cant eat him I’m gonna go say gday to him alright There he is, gday mate, been hanging around all day haven’t ya? So this is the sort of thing that probably a lot of you don’t realize goes on I’ve got the code zero up which means I dont want the apparent wind speed to go above 12 knots now It’s not a big deal cuz I could just wind it in but I can’t be bothered doing that so I’m getting a little bit close to this ship and What I’m doing is I’m not playing chicken But I’m like having to steer to port which is picking up the apparent wind speed and then Loosening off and going back And I’m getting like kinda close to him and paying attention and going and steering and then coming back in and it’s um It certainly keeps you awake on a night shift We’re on the home stretch now we’ve been blessed with 15 to 18 knots of wind And we’ve only got about 40 nautical miles to go half an hour later, we did find the headwind we were talking about earlier 25 knots on the nose until we would be arriving in Lanzarote so none of us want to go outside and film the mayhem So we’ve come up with an Idea, we’ve stuck a GoPro to a pole a gigantic pole, and I’m gonna get stickin’ Starting with the kitchen port-hole My baby sit beside of me she said We had arrived, we cruised past the national park with a marine we would have loved to have parked up for the night in After five days at sea we were all pretty keen on a beer, but a quick radio call confirmed there was indeed no spaces left for us. There was a fairly open anchorage just across the channel where we decided to drop the pick Hello everybody, wait.. cant waste water so we’re a little bit disappointed that There’s no spot for us in the little marina there, we should’ve booked beforehand, apparently. we were supposed to book like 2 weeks prior or something ridiculous like that sorry I’m gonna go and check on the anchor Riley’s gonna go check on the anchor I don’t know if you’re giving me enough credit for going and checking on the anchor Elayna.. Riley’s jumping in the cold water and checking on the anchor thank you. very very proud of him So I’m really not sure what to make of this place just yet I’ve never been to Alice Springs where Riley’s dad’s from in the middle of Australia Where? Alice Springs oh I’ve never been to Alice Springs before but I like I thought you said Our Springs. nope But I think I see Uluru, it’s just a brown rock, but it’s very out backy It’s been a big sail. what have we stumbled across here? I dont know, someones lovely.. Structure of a house yeah, Its quite cute hola. que quetal? oh hes a happy chappy They dont mind a drink What are you doing? Oh sheeit Making something illegal Good morning, good afternoon how are you two today? terrible, tired No bueno? Because of the way the night shift panned out I was very very tired when we arrived Yesterday afternoon so I had a couple of beers very quickly Was in a very deep sleep. Yeah, Riley was out of it as soon as we got home then I woke up at 10 o’clock at night, went for a swim and the guys on the boat next door Yeah, were just about to head home it was a bit of a party on La Vagabond last night And it all finished by the time I woke up. Yep, successful night We’re baking a cake making dessert yeah with very few ingredients we have no food on the boat, so… we’ve done well though you’ve been very helpful this morning Riles. I know Who’s my little chef? Dont condiscende me like that pants Got some custard made out of tofu silken tofu What do you rate it? Ah that’s a solid seven Yeah? Yeah, it was very nice Elayna. Josje? Yeah, I think for the ingredients that we had it turned out really good. Yeah. It was delicious What’s going on Riles? I gotta go save this boat. I met some guys last night Who are fans of our channel they bought a boat And they don’t know how to sail either and they’re dragging anchor Thats them there and they were like way over here in front of us So it’s currently blowing 30 knots, Elayna but the anchor is nice and dug in at least 20 meters of chain that’s buried in sand extremely dug, we are not moving anywhere, but there is swell here we just named our anchor doug thats a cute name, i quite like that Once the girls got over their hangovers we went and checked out the beach we were anchored by alright get ready, get ready for it a huge wave came inside the boat, its a little bit wet in there Woah, two of them Hey hello, hey cutie Oh look at it, its got dreadlocks Please don’t forget to like the video leave us a comment share it with your friends and all that good stuff because it really helps us Join us next time as we say goodbye to Josje and prepare for the big Atlantic crossing

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