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34 comments on “5 (More) Tips for PIKE FISHING from the Shore 🐊🎣

  1. Here in lapland we fish where we want and we dont really have snakes and usually i have something i can cut hooks with

  2. While moving I like to cast 45 degrees in the direction I move. Sometimes extra casts when the bank is curving.
    Lets say I move North, then I will be casting to NortEast or NorthWest depending on the side – but you get the idea.

  3. Again great video Pontus, love kanalgratis content always top quality videos and tips!! Greetings from Ireland guys

  4. I think that the second method of casting covers faster and a little bit more ground it is also more easy to set reference points.
    I always cast a few times close and parallel to the shore line to not scare the fish off close to the shore and then do the second method till i get to the point where i cast close to the shore and then repeat.
    Extra tip for the first aid box:bring a little can cola if you or the fish are bleeding pour some cola on the wound and it stops bleeding in a instant and it desinfect also.
    And as always a nice video to watch!!!

  5. When sight-fishing in sunny, calm weather I’ve had good success casting from quite a long way back from the water’s edge, crouching if necessary. That way your silhouette isn’t visible to the fish while you cast so they can’t get spooked. I used that method to catch my PB chub on a bright morning from among a group of very spooky large chub on a local stream. Another tip is always determine in advance if you can actually land the fish on or near to the spot you’re casting from – it’s easy to get over excited and cast from a spot where bringing the fish to net is actually really difficult. Once you’re hooked up you realise too late and have a problem. An example might be casting from a bank too steep to retrieve the fish from the water without either falling in yourself or dragging a potentially heavy fish up the bank – not good fish handling practice. Nets with long handles can help, but at full extension even that might not reach if you’ve chose the spot badly.

  6. Take some form of carbonated really fizzy drink as it helps stop bleeding from gill hooked/gut hooked fish and might save a fish's life

  7. Great tips Pontus. I would say the best tip for me would be to bring some cooler container with ice if you are planning to take any fish back home to eat. Keeping the fish cold will preserve the fish while you continue your fishing trip…

  8. Goood video as usual… i cast in a sunfeather the most but as you say, it depends on the terrain.
    Sometimes i feel that it can be harder landing a fish in a shallow shorline, i think the pike has nowhere to go so it jumps more. So like you said make a plan for casting but for landing the fish too. A net can be hard to cary around so finding a good landingspot can help or just step out in the water and lift the fish out. I have had many pikes getting loose just by the wateredge "forcing" me to step out in the water. And not always on a warm summers day😨😂

  9. I would prefer first to cast to your left and right. If there is big fish, you don't want to disturb them with a fish you hooked further away

  10. Don't agree with the sun feather method. A skilled angler is able to read the water and determine where to focus the majority of the casts.

  11. Hey can you give me some weight tipps for fishing for pike in different water depths? I dont know which weight to choose if the pikes are standing in 8m water depth for example… My bait is a 20cm pig shad…

    Which weight would you choose for 2,4,6,8,10,12 m waterdepth?

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