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5 Pike Fishing Lures You NEED in Your Tackle Box

5 Pike Fishing Lures You NEED in Your Tackle Box

good morning fellow pike anglers and welcome back to another episode today we’re not only gonna try to catch my first Pike of 2019 we’re also going to talk about the five different layers that you need in your tackle box no matter the conditions no matter the water these five layers will do the job so let’s head out in the flat form here behind me we have a very sunny beautiful day it’s a spring the pike or getting ready to spawn I don’t think they’re sort of the spawn we’ll see soon when we get to deeper in the water but yeah let’s head out there start fishing and then we’re gonna get into the five nurse that I always bring in my tackle box this is life alright so now let’s get rigged up and yes the disclaimer before we get started you know about talking about this nurse I also wanna say that I’m not an expert in any way I’m sure many of you guys fish weigh more than I do and have got way bigger fish than I have but these are just my theories based on my own fishing but also of course I’ve been working with the canal goddess for I think it’s now six years full-time filming and producing fishing films so I spent a lot of time Wood together with the you know true mom they cast Bower and all these other very very skilled Pike anglers that you’ve seen on this channel and yeah I just learned a lot from other people as well combined with my own fishing so with that said let’s bring up the first ler that I would never leave home without or actually I should say ler types I mean there are so many brands so many models and so many different layers on the market they all work excellently or every layer has its time you know and and many layers are very similar when it comes to features so what I’m talking about these nurse I’m actually talking about alert types you can easily ask you some other one from a different brand that doesn’t matter that much but I’m gonna show you my favorites and the first alert type order that I never leave home without is actually traditional shad jig a paddle tail soft baits like this I would say that this is the best all-round bait there is this one will work in pretty much all situations or water you can rig it with different heads or shallow rate because it’s a weed less they have a very good swimming action looks kind of like a fish creates lots of vibrations in water when we have this big paddle it’s really easy for the fish to find these lists some of these models like the shark Chad you can fish it’s super super slow but all so of course you can burn these ones and fish them very fast this one is one of my favorites actually but we have you know all our other there’s flat mill fat nose we have the pig shad McRobert so yeah pretty much all brands have some type of paddles a soft bait or a shag or whatever you want to call it before we do anything else we’re gonna get this one in water you know information is the key to success in fishing especially now in the spring it’s very crucial about water temperatures if you have something like you know 4 or 5 degrees Celsius in the water and we know that we’re probably gonna have some pre spawn fishing but if it’s like 70 degrees or warmer there’s a chance that some of the facial started spawning and then we need to adjust the tactics from that but you can see would be in there before so we can see exactly the depths of stuff we have two two and a half meters this is kind of a deep weed line going in here the further in we go here the more shallow it’s gonna get but this first stretch is you know 2 3 meters very close to the weed line so I’m starting with this 10 grams you get shark shad I’m just gonna see if we can catch anything then we’re gonna move on to the next type of lure but I think this is a good starting point so let’s start with this we can catch anything we can also have an update here and deeper well we have actually 11 degrees in the water if this one says that’s warmer than I expected if we don’t catch anything in like half an hour might go down downsize to this monkey shad 14 centimetres to other paddle tail soft baits I use lots or these ones they’re holding a roach and the flatnose shad this one the hooligan is excellent when fish are really hungry they want something big to eat it has a big profile big paddle this flatnose shad is a bit smaller a bit more comfortable for this is also very good all-round option so now we covered the first like few hundred meters of this stretch no contact or whatsoever so I’m gonna change to this one both to change the color but also most importantly to change to the shadow rate version because now we’ve came up in a white shadow area so we’re gonna try this one the mommy sharks as well it’s very murky water let’s see well looks like we have some pike food in the air at least look at this pike food is served looks like someone has been chewing on this one well if we have these ones here we should have some big Pike in the area [Music] fish along there we go a good take on the mommy short and we have the first Pike of 2019 on the hook haha there we go look how she inhaled this there the paddle is actually sticking out here and other side boom there we freaking go we’re started 2019 has begun and the shark shad did the trick mommy shark this one is no monster might actually have spawned feels like she has some fish in here so she has spawned and already started eating again there we go let’s release her bye-bye beautiful little pike bye-bye so the first mission of the day is accomplished first pike of 2019 feels awesome and that was a super farm fish to catch and they say I actually have a new set up for this season this is the new Gator small bait Explorer super fun gear to catch even small pike with so that’s that was awesome super super awesome and their type number one is unchecked from the list so now it’s time to move on to lure type number two and that is curly tail soft baits like the flat nose dragon net the Lockean and the thing with this lure type is that you can fish them extremely extremely slow which makes this my favorite leur type for cold water fishing if I could only choose one ler to fish with during the spring or late fall I will probably choose this one the tail is moving in any speeds while the body is wiggling back and forth so these lers usually works excellent when you have cold water so like today if I start fishing with something like this paddle tail soft baits and I get followers or careful bites or don’t catch anything at all then I usually move on to this lure type also if I’m fishing together with Mila for example and where two or more guys fishing at the same time usually one of us starts with and one of us starts with curly tail like this I’m probably gonna move on to this one now but before we do that I’m gonna move on to the third ler type that I always bring and that is jerkbaits I have the goofy for example which is probably I would say well my favorite ones is you have this tail in the back combines the best of a jerkbait and this curly tail but the thing with these lers is that you’re not just retrieving them like this or twitching them which gives them a very nice sight side action like this and sometimes of the years some days that movement can really really figure it bites that’s actually 140 to do list the jerkbait versus soft baits challenge well that I mean the most iconic most classic big Pike ler of all times is probably this one the Buster jerk you see this one has been chewed by a lot of fish so yeah I never leave home without your expects you need them so learn type number four it’s actually not really in there it’s a fly I never leave home without the fly when applied fishing sometimes I bring my fire rod you see me doing that before in many videos you know doing Pike fly fishing which is extremely fun but if I’m not bringing my fly rod I’m always bringing something like this this one is a top daddy Rick from fie dressing which makes it possible to spin fish with flies very very smart system that works like this you have a normal Bauer Pike rig that they use for pike fly fishing and then we add a plastic comb like this that weighs like 30 grams or something this is a suspending as plastic comb and you can spread over a Pike fly like this and boom and the reason why I always bring this is because you know I’ve been filming a lot with nickel Bower and area so many times I’ve seen him out fish so many other guys using his fly the most extreme example of this was a few years ago when me and the cast went out we were gonna make a short episode on like how to use the wiggle tail sever knew we had this one Bay in the Stockholm archipelago that’s the plan to fish and when we got there we saw that there was this other boat fishing our exact spot so we fished around ahead just waiting for this guy to leave he was casting soft baits he was casting jerk baits and tail baits and all these others didn’t catch anything for like 45 minutes an hour and finally he’s changed spots he moved away from this honey hole we went there and after just a few casts Nick fell six into a hundred and nine centimeter I think on one of the first casts that obviously did not want to take each other the other guy have been using the crazy thing was that 20 minutes later Nick Turse got hooked up again and this time there was a new personal best for Nick as Bauer 14 point oh two kilos caught on a fly where this guy had been standing using his jerk baits and soft baits and so on and this place had very heavy fishing pressure lots of guys fishing there every day so this big pike like Stockholm archipelago and the big lakes they know all the colors on the latest busted jerk and pig shad and this type of loose but fly is something different and I found it in heavily fish waters fly can sometimes be outstanding so never leave home without the fly so this was stepped up daddy this guy the numerous Mouse I would say it’s kind of the same thing very very different from all these other nurse solar-type number five is called the Joker these are the crazy lurk we used a headbanger lot and this one definitely goes into this category moves really really crazy as rattles and somedays this one can work super super good if you have been following this channel for a while you have definitely seen me Emilia using the head banger we’ve had some our most fun fishing trips ever using this ler both the shad version and the tail version they have to move absolutely crazy and they’re super fun to fish with with these different lure types in your tackle box you can handle pretty much all situations you can fit them deep shallow fast slow no matter the conditions you get it covered if you’re new to pike fishing and are looking for a good start kit we’ve made two bundles one for muddy water and one for clear water so you can find them in a link up here or in the video description but with these two bundles you are ready to go no matter the conditions no matter the water type or anything we get it covered all right guys this day has come to an end it’s time for me to head back home and we haven’t had the most spectacular day got one pike I’m still very happy about that because it was my first Pike out 2019 I hope you learned something or get some new ideas about these top five ler types and I would love to hear from you guys in the comments which five learns that you always bring in your tackle box so all these you see looking nice nursed and we found in our webshop Canora goddess de se and if you also have a fishing shop that want to sell these nurse send us an email and we can fix that and that way you can support this channel so yeah that was it for now if you are new to this channel we upload three videos every week we also add French German and polish subtitles on all our videos but that was it for now make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already all the gear used in this episode can be found up here and if you want to see more videos like this one you can check out this one and this one so see you guys next time [Music]

59 comments on “5 Pike Fishing Lures You NEED in Your Tackle Box

  1. Nobody:

    Legit nobody:

    Youtube: Let’S giVE ThE nEw viDeO noTiFicATioN AfTeR hE wAtcheD ThE viD!¡

  2. That's pretty much the the Lure-types I use the most. 💪 But I also add Tailbaits like the Wolftail, McMio, McTail+Bigtail. They work great when fishing is slow.

  3. Bra video som vanligt Pontus!
    Har själv kört mest med Westin swim i 10cm, och pig shad jr detta året, med stor framgång. Men tänkte nog köpa hem ett par flatnose dragon och en sån där dobb daddy fluga.

  4. Morning Pontus,
    Nice video fella!
    so was last years fly verses jerk won using a lure that was technically a huge bulky fly.?? 😂😂. That's amusing
    It looks like it's made using a whole buck tail 😶

  5. Great video again!

    I still miss one a type of lure…that I always take with me the spinnerbait or chatterbait / bucktail spinner.
    That's my number 6 lure!!!

  6. yeah fantastic I usually start with shad types to fish at all depths and switch round depending on depth and snags etc.. but think my favourites though are surface lures in the summer weedless types frogs and ducks you can see them so you can mimic the prey perfectly no imagination needed lol

  7. Have to get me some of these… In Canada we use swimbaits, Spinners and Rapala Husky Jerks. The tail action on the Shark is insane!

  8. era videos äger!!! har tänkt att börja göra fiske videos själv och undrar om ni har några tips? jag har köpt en gopro black 7 och undrar vilka dom bästa inställningarna är

  9. Great selection of lures Pontus, I like to fish top water , and also glide baits, I don’t see too many big soft plastic baits here in the USA for pike and Muskie but lots of smaller ones for bass.

  10. Westin Shad teez
    Savage gear real eel
    Berkley Pulse Shad
    Westin Hypo teez
    Sg Cannibal
    That is my top 5 😀

  11. As always good video! 👍
    My favorite lures that I dont leave home:
    1. Pig shad Jr.
    2. Fly (Anything I tie myself.)
    3. Buster Jerk (I only have 1 of these but still really like it!! 😀)
    4. Spinner bait
    5. A weedless spoon (Rapala Minnow spoon) This could be my joker lure… 🙂

    Ps: Have thought of making a video about pike fly fishing in the summer? 🤔 Because the big pikes are almost always somewhere else than in the shallows. How could I find them?
    What techniques should I use? And when I should fish? That kinda video would be interesting now that summer is very near. 🙂

  12. 1. Westin ShadTeez 22 cm – Blue Grass
    2. Mikado Fishunter Goliat 22 cm
    3. Ripper Relax Kopyto 22,5 cm
    4. Fox Pro Shad Firetails II 23cm Silver BaitFish
    5. Savage Gear Real Eel 30cm

  13. Why you fish Hardmono?sorry thts not good,you will lost your fish of your life! Titan….Petri👌

  14. A large majority of my success is with 3-5 inch spoons; surprised to never see y'all use them. I now find myself spending almost the entire trip fishing with different colors of a single spoon: Yellowbird Products Dr Spoon Original or UV 4.5" having personally caught several 100cm+ and a couple 110+ with them in the matter of a week. My brother even caught a 117cm pike on a 3" orange and black Daredevel. I have had very little success with large soft baits like you show here. I have had some success with hard baits like Rapalas and a Flatfish/Kwikfish.

  15. Delalande : Sandra
    Delalande : Speedfactor
    Delalande : Shad GT
    Spinnerbait Spinnerflex

    Have a look of my channel I'm currently uploading a video about my top pike lures 😉

  16. Love Pike fishing.
    Very underrated here.
    It's all bass and walleye where I'm from.
    And we get some big pike here lol
    More for me!!

  17. My top five lures are.
    1. Fox rage gonzo
    2. Savage gear lb roach
    3. Savage gear 4d herring shad
    4. Savage gear 3d real eel
    5. Savage gear 3d line thru roach

  18. My top 5 lures is:
    1: Fox super natural pike 20cm
    2: 20g spinnerbait
    3: McMytail
    4: Zalt pike 15cm
    5: Fat Iris 8cm goldfish
    but I am living in the Netherlands so I don't have as big lakes as you guys in the North 😁

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