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$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza

$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza

– Hey Andrew, how’s it goin’? What’s up man? My bestie, Keith, actually,
is not available right now, but I was wondering if you would be at all willing to come with
me on a food adventure? – So I’m just like your backup? – Um, We’re doin’ pizza. – Okay. – Sweet!
– Let’s go. (whooshing) (funky brass music) – So where are we going? – We are on our way, right now, to eat three different pizzas at three drastically different price points. And we’re gonna find out which one is the most worth-it at its price. – What does the expensive one cost? – 135 dollars. – 135 dollars, is it made of gold? Why do you need me to come with you? – Because, I need a partner in crime, and you are the best friend today. – Lemme look up some dynamic duos and then we can decide which one we are. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Who’s who? – Why can’t we just be Steven and Andrew? – Spaghetti and meatballs,
milk and cookies. – I’ll meet you inside. – Beavis and Butthead. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. I think it’s pretty obvious. (driving percussive music) – We’re gonna serve for you, today, our basic pizza. It’s our Simple Pie. Our Simple Pie is just
tomato sauce, Parmesan, and a whole milk mozzarella. As well as our Green Stripe. It’s got basil pesto, mozzarella, all-natural chicken, wild baby arugula, and roasted red bell peppers. – [Steven] How much is the Simple Pie? – [Brad] At this location it’s
five dollars and 25 cents. – [Steven] That’s value, right there. – [Brad] Or for 7.95 you can get as many toppings as you like,
as much of them as you like. – That’s pretty great. – And here’s the cool thing about it. Just like any fine dining restaurant, all of our stuff’s all-natural – So like, how many pies does
this location make in a day? – We’ve done over 1,200. – That’s a lot of pizza! – [Steven] We’re here. The
first pizza restaurant. – Not how I thought my
day would go but, alright. – This pizza’s the size of your head, and it’s five dollars, can we cheers? It’s really thin.
– With the pizza? – Yeah. – Like, (funky bass music) (laughing) (funky bass music) – Yeah, it’s a great pizza. – This pizza’s called the Simple Pie. It’s very simple, and I think that’s how you should do things in life. – Five dollars you’re getting the three things that make pizza, pizza. – You have good dough.
You have good sauce. You have good cheese. – This sauce is delicious.
Have you had this sauce yet? – I’ve been eating the pizza. Alright let’s try the other pizza now. So we got the most expensive
pizza here, and it’s $7.95. (excited gasping) Cheers. (crunching) This one is very good. You demolish pizza. – I know, this is something that you’re gonna have to get used to.
I have no self-control. – You are a pizza monster. – And you are a pizza plebeian. – That’s pretty good. – Next place. – That Simple Pie was great, but I would spend the extra three dollars
to get that pesto pizza. – I think I would just get
two simple pies instead. (cymbals crashing) – No, that’s not how it works! I say the pizza fact!
(horn blasting) – Pizza fact! (cymbals crashing) I like pizza. Pizza fact. Experts theorize that the price of pizza in New York City will always equal the price of a subway fare. – So if you have a slice of pizza, you could trade that for a free ride (groaning) – I’ve had too much pizza today. – We’ve only been to one place. – You want a Tootsie Pop? (suckers rattling) (car humming) (popping) (funky guitar music) – We’re gonna make a
buratta pizza for you today. Buratta cheese is basically a
fresh mozzarella preparation. Very soft, rich, luxurious
mozzarella cheese. First we’ll stretch the dough, and then we’ll put a little bit of olive oil on the crust. We’ll top it with our pizzato, which is our tomato sauce, and then layer the squash blossoms over the top. Spread it over the pizza,
it goes in the oven. – [Steven] And how do you
know when it’s finished? – One of the true tells is
you turn it up on one end, and it will stay like a board. And then it gets topped
with the buratta cheese, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper. – [Andrew] It sounds delicious. – [Steven] What makes you pizza
different from other pizzas? – We focus, a lot, on the crust. The toppings are important, and we put a lot of attention to that, but people don’t know that that’s what makes a pizza so good. They just think it’s the toppings, but it’s actually the crust. (gentle piano music) (lips smacking) – Oh wow, that is so good. This pizza comes in quarters.
I think that is awesome. – These are all good slices. Cheers. (tsking) Cheers. (calm violin music) (satisfied grunting) – That’s a perfect pizza. – I’m calling it right now, we’re not gonna get a
better pizza than this. (crunching) I just got into the crust. The way that really fresh popcorn tastes, we got like, flavored air
comin’ out of the crust. How are you not excited about this? (crunching) Do you get what I’m talkin’ about? – Whoa! You know what’s also
interesting? The pepper. – Yes. I love putting
black pepper on stuff. I put a disgusting amount on it. – This is a lot
– My girlfriend yells at me all the time. – You have a girlfriend? Feels like I’m eating something that was prepared with love, for me, and you, and you, and all
of you guys out there. Are you havin’ a great time? – Pizzeria Mozza, amazing, 10 outta 10. Steven Lim, pretty fun. I feel like I’m starting
to get drunk off pizza. – Where did he get that pizza? Pizza fact! Did you know, that in 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station? Can you imagine eating pizza in space? – Then I’d be pissed off
that they sent me Pizza Hut. – Pizza Hut’s good, what
are you talking about? – If you’re sending it
all the way to space, they could go ahead and send you the best pizza from Earth. – What will it take for
the next pizza to win out? (harmonized singing) – I dunno. (gentle violin music) – I’m the chef de cuisine
at Spago, Beverly Hills. I will be making Italian
white truffle pizza. That’s in season right now. What’s so special is the truffle. Truffles are fungus and
they grow under the ground. A pound of white truffle will
go as high as 3,000 dollars. So a little piece like
this, about 100 dollars. We will be stretching this dough to about nine inch diameter. We’ll put mozzarella on top of the dough. The dough will go in the pizza oven for about five minutes. We
use real wood fired oven. This will give, somewhat, a smoky aroma. Once it comes out, we’re going to shave a lot of white truffle on it. – That’s it? – That’s it. – Three ingredients? – As soon as you shave
the white truffle on it, the aroma will just explode. It has it’s own distinct aroma, you can’t find it in anything else. This is 135 dollars on the menu. Actually a bargain. When we have a special
ingredient like this, for us it’s not about making money. It’s more of a showcasing the seasonality and sharing the beautiful
ingredients with the guest. – So we got some white wine
as suggested by the chef. (glasses clinking) (calm piano music) Wow, I’ve already learned, today, that wine goes delightfully with pizza. Are you ready for this? I
don’t know if I’m ready. – I’m a little apprehensive about eating a pizza that might never be surpassed again in my life. The most expensive pizza tip
touch that’s ever occurred. – Here we go. (calm piano music) – [Steven] That’s an indescribable taste. You’ve already eaten half the pizza. – Yeah, I like pizza. – This is the best pizza I’ve
ever had in my entire life. – If I ordered this, and
this dining room were full, other diners would be jealous. The plate would come
by, they’d all just be turning their heads. What’s that smell? That smell is my dinner. (expletive beeping) – It’s a once in a lifetime experience. – Finally I’ve found a pizza that makes me slow down and enjoy each bite. – We did it. We slowed Andrew down. – I got us some candy corn for dessert, ’cause we’re best friends now. (laughing) (surprised grunt) – Which value was worth it the most? – The five dollar pizza was amazing. But it was a little to formulae. I would go with Mozza. They’ve really honed and perfected that craft. – Spago was truly an
out of body experience. But that wasn’t a pizza, that was a truffle dish that
happened to come on a pizza. I will also have to go
with Pizzeria Mozza. That buratta cheese was a game changer. – Some of the world’s mysteries have been brought to an
end. That’s kinda sad. It’s like I know that Santa
Clause isn’t real anymore. – Uh. (funky guitar music) – You want a piece of candy
corn, cleanse your palette? – Do not ruin that pizza with candy corn. – Open up! Open up! (bag crinkling) (laughing) Just give me one mouthful. (whooshing) (bag crinkling) (laughing) (epic trumpet blast)

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    Pizza chef: Open your mouth!

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