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5 Reasons to Work at Thermo Fisher Scientific

5 Reasons to Work at Thermo Fisher Scientific

[Music] products to make your matter they they really help the general scientific community they help drug development research the food in water we drink so you get to do be both challenged as a scientist as well as knowing that what you’re working on does good for the society my work is important because we have the direct impact to our customers about their user experience of our software I was really surprised at how strongly Thermo Fisher Scientific emphasizes innovation and that they actually had a framework and infrastructure set up for their scientists to innovate and share their ideas that was just to me extremely satisfying to still be able to express myself creatively that way and be recognized and rewarded the community of scientists that we work with our collaborators unmatched and we have 65,000 colleagues here and almost a billion dollars of R&D that help us get projects done make connections make collaborations and it’s a to a special place what’s left [Music] be produced by a firm pharmaceuticals biopharmaceuticals are made in animal cell culture or even human cell culture and the products are targeted specifically for certain illnesses for instance breast cancer neuroblastoma arthritis so these are very important products that we make to save people’s life we’re working on a breast cancer a drug used to be clinical phase three and now it’s moved over to commercial that was a huge sort of learning curve for me and the site here the regulations are very different for a clinical and commercial production however we managed it and we’ve now successfully got market authorization eight different locations including Europe from Turkey Brazil but four exciting I think it was all worth it knowing now that with the first patients in Germany are actually already taking the medical my teams have been super supportive I haven’t seen one person who refused to help me and I think it’s in the interim official culture I think I have the skills to do whatever task I’m given as long as I have good team and good people working with me and I’m confident demo Fisher has that the scientific and engineering town jurist is really a match globally and I was just thrilled he working fed the team like that isn’t it [Music] they care a lot about their employees they care about employee development working for Thermo Fisher has given me great work-life balance one of the benefits that are available through thermo Fisher is the backup day care thermo Fisher had a bring your child to work day and he was able to see some of the products and the applications of the product and really learn what it is that our company are the whole does my mom tells me to her husband community [Music]

6 comments on “5 Reasons to Work at Thermo Fisher Scientific

  1. Amazing company with truly unrivaled capabilities and unmatched team of professionals. Hoping to work here some day!

  2. They work their employees so hard nobody stays for long. No room for advancement and their "bonus" payouts are a joke. They expect you to bow down and kiss their feet for a chance at getting a 0.5% pay increase every year. The ass-kissers get rewarded while the people actually working hard get no thanks. Their training programs are company-specific. In other words, totally useless anywhere else. Not a fair and equal work environment, no matter what bullshit they preach. No recognition for achievements, unless you have your nose permanently inserted in the boss's ass. I would never recommend it to anyone I know (or don't know, for that matter).

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