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5 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Will Frustrate You | Bass Fishing

5 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Will Frustrate You | Bass Fishing

Hey, folks. Glenn May here with and I
want to talk to you a little bit about, you know…bass fishing, it can be a lot of fun,
it can be rewarding. At the same time, it can be really challenging
and sometimes it can humble you an awful lot. It’s funny how we continue to do the same
things over and over again and sometimes it works really well and other times it doesn’t. And there’s a reason for that, actually. It’s because there’s like the top five things
I can come up with that would continue to frustrate you because you keep on doing it. We’ve all been there. I’ve done it. So let me explain what these are. So starting off with cover. You will get caught up in looking at all the
different kinds of cover and what to fish. If you get in a lake that’s ringed with docks,
you’re going to go through and fish every single dock. Or, it’s got lilly pad fields, tons of that,
let’s fish that all. Or a lake like this, I’ve got flooded willows,
flooded bushes, and timber. It all looks good, so you get caught up in
looking at all the eye candy. What you need to do is when you start catching
fish, really focus in on why was that fish there? Was he near deep water? Was he near vegetation? Was it in a little pocket or cove? Which way was the wind going? Focus on that stuff and pretty soon, you’ll
start to figure out, say, for example, you’re on a lake with a lot of docks, which dock
is better than the other. “Oh, they’re all on floating docks out on
long points.” Once you start to figure that out, you can
skip all the eye candy in between and focus on only the things, the only docks that hold
fish, same thing with flooded timber or bushes or logs or whatever. Start catching fish, figure out what they’re
positioned on, what kind of cover, and then just skip the rest. Don’t get caught up in that eye candy. The second reason why bass fishing will continue
to frustrate you is because you don’t get the notion that it’s structure and not cover
that positions the fish. Okay, structure is anything that’s part of
the bottom contours, drop off, ledges, it’s humps, it’s ridges, it’s flats, points, this
type of things. This is where the bass will set up and feed. Once you figure out that and how the bass
are positioned on that, cover becomes secondary. The fish will find the cover near or on that
structure and then the cover is just a matter of like what kind of bait you’re going to
use to get to that fish. Now, the number three reason is that you won’t
be observant enough. With all that cover to look at, it’s no wonder
that many of us will ignore the signs that other wildlife are presenting to us, such
as grebes, beaver, carp, eagles, birds. Even on that shoreline you’re looking at,
cows, whatever, even dogs and cats, they’re just some of the critters that can tell us
about bass fishing if we only notice. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve
been fishing and if the fishing is really, really slow, we’re not doing very well and
it dawns on me that, “Hey, the birds aren’t chirping. They’re not flying around. There’s not much activity going on.” But then at some point during the day, that
will pick up. All of a sudden, they’re flying around. You can hear them making all kinds of noise. You can see cows moving around, dogs are barking,
and guess what? The fishing picks up, too, okay? So be observant of things going on all around
you, not just what’s in the water. Another reason why bass fishing will continue
to frustrate you is because you won’t use your GPS and your mapping on your electronics
properly. Many bass anglers today have thousands of
dollars wrapped up in the GPS sonar units on their boats, myself included. Unfortunately, many of us just simply turn
them on and read the water depth and water temperature all day long. That’s it. That’s really a mistake. First of all, that’s a waste of money. But also, the depth finder and the information
on that, on the maps especially, can help you find fish in ways that you couldn’t have
done 10 years ago. The contours on these things are less than
a foot now. The detail on them, some of them have community
information that people contribute to help you find more fish, what kind of cover is
where, and what depth, what are the fishing hot spots, things like that, you know? But even more so, you can find those channels. You can find river bends, humps, ledges, all
sorts of things in underwater cover. If you’re on a reservoir, you can find building
foundations, rock piles. You can find old bridges, just all kinds of
stuff, if you sit down and really take some time to learn how to get the most value out
of the electronics that you just bought, and you’re going to end up catching a lot more
fish. Another reason why bass fishing will continue
to frustrate you is because you’ll emphasize lures and baits over location and positioning. Guys, it’s the old 80/20 rule. You spend 80% of your time and money on baits
and tackle, when 80% of your success is really due to location, positioning of the boat,
positioning of the cast, angles, and timing of the day. Focus more on that and finding the fish. The lure choice becomes secondary at that
point. And those are the top five reasons that bass
fishing will continue to frustrate you. Now, I’m being kind of tongue in cheek, obviously,
but I want you guys to understand that getting outside of your comfort zone and learning
more about these things that are a little more intricate, a little bit harder to learn,
those are the things that separate you from the rest of the pack and will enable you to
catch more fish. I hope those tips helped. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

36 comments on “5 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Will Frustrate You | Bass Fishing

  1. The top reason it frustrates me is because all this high tech equipment is out of my budget. Becoming a rich mans sport if you try to keep up with the Jones's.

  2. Yup it's doing the same thing over and over and over again learn how to fish both shallow and deep you will be a better angler

  3. I'd say learning to find and fish deep is my own issue, as many others I witness on the water. I rent John boats so no fancy electronics..So I often get caught up in running along the shorelines beating the banks…And I'm sure especially in the heat of summer they are under or behind me..

  4. General knowledge that allot of anglers dont apply. With lures though I have seen too many times where one guy on the boat gets bit and other doesn't, lots of other factors are in play but lure selection can be huge and many times they change to the similar lure type and get bit.

  5. Thank you sir! We all need a "review" on occasion to help keep us grounded. Especially on the structute, positioning and lure choice. I'm a firm believer that an active bass will pretty much hit anything that comes in front of ' em. Occasionally an inactive fish can be caught due to proper lure selection, but a feeding machine like a large mouth bass is, I believe, much more an opportunist than a gourmet.

  6. I've been asking everyone what is best bfs reel around 250-300 any and all suggestions I knew several for 4-500 but I'm try stay close 3 as possible

  7. I absolutely Love the title, completely different and makes people curious,well said and 100% true Glenn, keep up the great work yourself and the rest of the team 👊👊👍

  8. 1. You focus on all the cover instead of finding what type the fish are holding on.
    reason- Well you have to catch some fish before you can figure out what kind of cover they're holding on and sometimes, that never happens.
    2 You pay attention to cover while ignoring structure, boat positioning, and time of day which is what actually positions the fish.
    Reason- you can see cover without electronics, can't see structure without it- and you don;t have a boat nor the ability to be on the water during the time the fish are the most active right now- at night.
    3. You won't be observant enough.
    Reason- There is no reason for this other than the fact that I fish very small waters that generally do not attract cranes or other predatory birds so, the only other life I have to pay attention to are bait fish- which I try to do but I can't always locate them.
    4. You won;t use your GPS and mapping features as they should be used.
    Reason- Don't have them.
    and 5. You emphasize lures and baits over location and positioning.
    Reason- I have very little choice about where I fish, I can only go where the public is allowed and to what's relatively close by and with no way to see the structure of the lake or body of water I'm fishing- it's hard to prioritize location above lure choice. Now once I find the fish my main priority is to stay with them no matter what I have to fish to do so- but I have to find them first.

  9. Why do we forget about half of what we know when we get on the water? It never fails, I get faced with some problem while fishing, never figure it out- then get home and I'm like "Oh yeah, that video I watched said x or y- why didn't I try that?" I went this morning for instance and I was catching a few but, they were tiny- less than a pound- and I was catching them on a mojo rig so- why didn't I throw on a jig and see if I couldn't get a decent sized fish to bite? See, I know this stuff but- when I'm fishing I forget it all. Jigs are an excellent way to select for larger fish once you've found a bottom bite- I should've put one on and maybe it would've done nothing but- at least I wouldn't feel like an idiot for not trying it.

  10. The fact that people find this type of video informative is proof that common sense isn't really all that common.

  11. Fishing is just another hobby that's been ruined because of the cost. I'll never be able to fish a tournament because I don't have $10k for a boat, I don't have thousands for electronics, I don't have thousands for rods and reels and tackle. Can I fish from the shore with the cheapest rod and reel from Walmart and catch a bass? Yea probably. But will I ever have the opportunity to fish like these guys on YouTube that have brand new bass boats and all the latest electronics, and can cover miles and miles of water to maximize their chances of catching huge fish? No. Fishing is just another example of the haves and have nots, just another casualty of capitalism

  12. Glen is spot on. Electronics play a major role to helping you locate fish, structure, cover and transition areas, soft to hard bottom or grass to hard bottom. Humps, high spots, channels or ledges. If you live in the PNW area I can help you with on the water lessons for your electronics. From how to set them up to waypoint management. Great video Glen

  13. I don't understand how anyone gets frustrated fishing. Even if you don't get a single bite you're still having a better day fishing than you would have at work. Lol

  14. So what's the correlation between other animals being active and biting fish? What's the common event or combination of conditions that makes them all active at the same time? It can't be just weather for example because they can be active in all weather so there must be some other reasons.

  15. I dont bass fish just to catch fish. Fishing isnt frustrating at all ever. It's more relaxing and just getting away from every day life.

  16. Preach on about the electronics. I was fishing deep schools a few days back and had two boat sitting on top of 30+ fish schools throwing to shallow water. Both had graphs out the a$$. I just waited for them to move on and let the fun begin.

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