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5 Unbelievable Fish Oil Effects That You Can Avoid

5 Unbelievable Fish Oil Effects That You Can Avoid

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fish oil effects that you can avoid there has been a lot of buzz about fish
oil and its benefits researches and studies have proved the numerous health
benefits that fish oil can give but every coin has two sides so is it
possible for something beneficial like fish oil to have bad effects as well yes
it is possible if you have fish oil capsules or liquid at home then you
would have to make sure that it would not be exposed to heat light and oxygen
when exposed for too long the fish oil would get oxidized and would get bad
once the fish oil gets bad it would lose its nutritional value aside from that
bad fish oil and fatty acids are said to contribute to the development of cancer
and other diseases minor side effects of fish oil would include a fishy
aftertaste diarrhea and fishy burps some would report nose bleeding as a side
effect of fish oil intake aside from this you would have to be conscious with
vitamin A E and D accumulated or large doses of these vitamins can eventually
lead to poisoning there are also serious side effects of fish oil
if these side effects happen to you it is best to consult a health care
professional you would have to stop taking fish oil supplements or it could
mean other serious ailments effect number one fish oil is said to increase
the risk of bleeding especially gastrointestinal bleeding so if you
would notice red blood on your stool and vomiting blood then consult a health
care professional immediately serious effects could also include hemorrhagic
stroke or bleeding in the brain common symptoms would include vision and speech
changes numbness or loss of strength in the limbs and frequent and painful
headaches effect number two if you have diabetes then it would also be better to
check with your doctor if taking fish oil supplements is safe
effect number three taking fish oil supplements can sometimes result to
hyperglycemia or high blood sugar be watchful or conscious of allergic
reactions symptoms that you are allergic with fish oil supplement include rashes
itching swelling wheezing and difficulty in breathing or swallowing effect number
four to avoid the minor side effects you can take the fish oil supplement along
with your meal this would get rid of the aftertaste and make it easier to digest
it is less likely for you to experience abdominal or stomach pain there are a
few who keep their supplements refrigerated it is said that keeping
them frozen or cold would help lessen gastrointestinal problems or side
effects too much is always not good the problem is we do not know how is too
much there is maximum amount that an individual should take but there is a
recommended amount for male it is 1600 milligrams while women are recommended
to have 1100 milligrams effect number 5 as mentioned we should be cautious with
vitamin A E and D overdose how do we deal with this read the labels know what
kind of supplement you are taking you have to know if the fish oil supplements
you are taking exceed the recommended level to avoid an overdose of vitamin A
and D avoid using fish oil that includes the internal organs like liver fish oil
is something that can very essential in improving our physical and mental health
as long as it is taken in recommended doses in amounts let us remember that
fish oil is not a magic pill that would immediately remove us of any ailments
and pains its effects can be gradually noticed over time if you’ve liked the
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