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6 കിലോ ഉള്ള കിടിലൻ കാളാഞ്ചി പിടുത്തം | Barramundi fishing kerala and cooking

Hello, it’s me Sebin Cyriac, welcome to my channel Fishing freaks I came to do shore fishing today. It’s windy today, I don’t k now how good the audio is. Today,I am going to do only lure casting. There are many other people fishing here. So, even if i don’t get one, let’s hope someone will get and I am going to buy that fish super! oh brother! I didn’t get any fish, but I will introduce some professional anglers to you. Brother, wait… he is the one landed the fish what’s your name brother? Harris Anyway I m going to buy this fish To be frank, I have never tasted Barramundi In my place they sell some other fish in the name of Barra (Talking about the fish) My parents have never seen this fish He says, this is the real Barra This fish is called as Klanji and Narimeen in kerala. I will show you the fish This is the fish Isn’t beautiful? Can you lift is brother? See this fish is a real predator One of the best predators near the shore Look at the fin It’s wide. and see the spikes. It’s really sharp. It can move really fast It’s not dead yet. The eyes still glowing I will introduce them to you. His name is Benny He is a professional fisher man, he says Those people are the real heros. We do it for hobby, but for them it’s a passion Something came out from it’s mouth! Benny just landed another beautiful grouper . It’s almost 1kg It’s called as karoop or azhukakora in kerala. Almost 1 Kg He is the one landed this fish superb! We are winding up Today, I didn’t get any fish. But the feeling is same when someone near us catching the fish. The fish is a little heavy. Let’s go home and cook this fish. We can fry it or make a curry depends on my mom’s mood. I reached near my home. My mom has’t seen the fish, so lets see her reaction. mom Have you seen this fish? mom says, she saw this fish in discovery channel It’s heavy So we are going to cut this fish and cook it right now Mom is going to cut this fish. It’s a really beautiful fish. I got the fish, and my mom cleaned it really well It’s really clean. look! We have taken the middle piece to cook. Let’s cook it well. Now the fish curry is ready to serve. The gravy is think and smells yummy We are going to take one piece our fish curry is ready to taste. Mom is going to do that. The masala contain green Pepper, chilly, ginger, and garlic I could smell all this items How’s it? it’s yummy guys. You know why? Grlic, pepper, ginger and cilly We have fried a fish using the same Masala in previous video. It’s really yummy I loved the flavour It’s good with tapioca and bread we should remember three names while havig this fish Harris, the one who caught the fish, a nd his brother ashiqu And Benny, my sincere thanks to three of them If you guys are watching my channel for the first time Please subscribe and press the bell button. I will come soon with a new fishing and cooking video

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