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6 clown fish in one aquarium : rotter tube reef

6 clown fish in one aquarium : rotter tube reef

this is my 10 gallon quarantine tank for quarantining new or sick smaller saltwater fish the clowns were in the jbj 45 aquarium two aquariums are a real hassle and takes the fun out of the hobby for most people. water changes, vacuum sand, test the water, feed the fish, dose if you need to, maintain everything in the aquarium, then you move on to another aquarium! i put all fish in the 125 gallon aquarium and broke down the jbj 45 aquarium. i’m back to one aquarium only. it’s been said you never put more than a pair of clown fish in an aquarium. i have 6 and they are all doing great. I wouldn’t recommend putting more than a pair of clown fish in a tank smaller than 75 gallons. I would recommend 125 actually. all the clowns are getting along great. they met each other the first night and swim together most of the time. davinci clown fish male and female oscellaris clown fish. original pair. female is 3″ long. females are always larger. fowleri tang and naso tang chilling out maroon clown fish snowflake clown and davinci clown

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  1. Yea rotter you need that 240 gallon upgrade lol a lot of fish in that 125 can't wait to see the new build (hint hint ) lolol

  2. Nice to have a large tank, the clowns can all find a little private space for themselves if they needed to. Those are some hefty tangs!

  3. Looking great there so cute … I just added a Kole tang it got attacked by my lavender tang so had to set up a second tank for the Kole

  4. hey steve have u ever gave it any thought about just having corals only in that JBJ 45? bet that would be cool and low maintenance. I know your really not into corals ,but think that would be cool and easy if you really didn't want to get rid of that JBJ 45

  5. Okay, being new to reefing/saltwater tanks I always thought the same genes of fish would be ok to put in the same tank. However I’m finding real quick that this seemed to only apply to my Discus and other cichlids. That being said, I wanted to understand your equipment I was in this video. Was that some sort of ‘ammonia’ indicator that was stuck on the side of the tank? If it was do you find it trustable? Could/should I being a NOOB to this adventure rely on something like this? I test my water once a week and do a gravel vacuum / 20% water change a week and clean my sponged in the sudo sump once every two weeks depending on the gunk on see on it.
    Please advise, as I want to give the best in water quality (along with RO water and SeaChem in the ‘sump’) to make the fish more comfortable.

  6. I have 2 aquariums.. with proper maintenance, and good water
    chemistry they are not that big of a hassle to take care of..

  7. I have a pair of maroon clowns hosting a rbta. and I also have 3 snowflake clowns and a helmet clown all in the same tank. 180 gallon. no issues they all swim everywhere Sept for the maroons they stay in there nem mostly all day. but it also helps the one of the black snowflakes is huge feemail compared to the others.

  8. Next time please make sure to show us your mandarin (when you get him) thanks for the heads up I never knew you could keep Mandarins with clowns or tangs 😏👍

  9. I just started my very first saltwater tank and I learned about adding clown fish to the tank from talking to lots of people. So when my local fish store had five of them in one tank, I decided to get them all to add into my tank. It's so beautiful and they seem to be living harmoniously together.

  10. GEAR I USE:
    KILL GREEN HAIR ALGAE with FOOD GRADE 12% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Dose 1ml per 10 gallons every other day.
    Finnex LED Aquarium light:
    MAG-FLOAT glass aquarium cleaner:
    REFRACTOMETER to measure salt level:
    100% Pure Magnesium:
    SYPHON to vacuum sandbed:
    Ecotech Marine MP40W:
    Measure Master Syringe:
    Turkey baster for cleaning live rock:
    saltwater tank maintenance gloves:
    Seachem Cupramine Copper to kill ich:
    Copper Test Kit:
    Miracle Mud (Marine) 5 lb:
    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt:
    Aquarium Filter Media:
    3ft X 1 Flex Hose by Eshopps:
    T5 LIGHT:
    Instant Ocean Sea Salt:
    Rio Plus 2500 return pump:
    New Life Spectrum fish food:
    Stainless Steel Algae Scraper:
    Blue Yeti USB Microphone:
    EHEIM Jager Heater:
    Seachem Ammonia Alert:
    Tripp Lite 7 Outlet Surge Protector:
    Two Little Fishies Seaweed food:
    My favorite Protein Skimmer:
    Marineland Canister Filter:

  11. Nice video ! Question I have a 90 gallon by the stairs just like you do in the video.. yours is huge!!! No problems with the weight of it…?do you have a basement?

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