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6 In the 6ix! Best Tacos in Toronto!

6 In the 6ix! Best Tacos in Toronto!

these corn tortillas stuffed hand sized
snacks are one of the most popular foods in Toronto with taco spots all over the
city we narrow down our favorite location to find the best tacos in Toronto this is one of the staples in Toronto
for a great taco King tacos is a casual Mexican eatery with a sizable menu of
traditional meat and vegetarian fare this classic spot has been around the
city since the early 1980s and it is still going strong with lineups all out
the door waiting for the restaurant to open up we are at king tacos it’s right
at Dufferin and st. Clair they have one of the biggest menus I think I’ve ever
seen you can’t buy tacos ala carte unfortunately but you do a place in
order for for tacos and the cheapest is passed over just 1390 so as you’re
waiting for your tacos we’ll bring out some chips and have a bunch of variety
of dips you can use for chips or your tacos they have mild medium and spicy
they also give you some nice onions and parsley and they give you some lime as
well to squirt on your talkover of course that’s see how spicy this spicy
sauces you see chunks of chilies in here and how a paimio is it looks like huh think you’re gonna need some water
with that these are tacos they’re a lot bigger
than I thought they were gonna be actually these are the help us score and
these is steak grilled onions on the side with a massive jalapeno which I
might try to eat at the end of this let’s try some of the mild sauce first
can I get a bite of this squeeze a bit of lime on there as well it’s so good oh I like spice but that
mild goes so well with this pork but I will try the hot let’s try to spicy
sauce out here this is steak I feel like using grilled
onions is very fitting and we’re gonna go for some of the medium sauce the
steak is not too chewy it’s nice and juicy this place is rated
so highly at first when you look at the outside it kind of looks a little bit
like a fast-food establishment but it’s actually really nice tacos authentically
made Mexican food right in the heart of the city this next taco place is
actually the cheapest place in Toronto to get tacos I’m talking tacos for
around $1 each I’m just kidding I’m just kidding but this place is really close
it’s right down the street and they’re even cheaper than Taco Bell yes cheaper
than Taco Bell this is Latin for the Mexican community store has the cheapest
tacos in Toronto $1.00 rotating tacos throughout the week they also have a
variety of imported Mexican treats and snacks that you won’t find anywhere else
in the city the tacos they make are fresh every day and make it one of the
most popular taco destinations in the city we are at Latin oil right now it’s
the cheapest place in Toronto to get tacos every single day of the week
excluding weekends they have dollar topper deals so you can get past or
donate sometimes even chorizo as well and it varies each day right now I got
two tacos carnita and Theresa they gave me three sauces as well spicy medium and
mild a lot of sauce for two fairly small
tacos I don’t think I’m gonna use it all a little bit of the mild sauce this it’s
nice it’s one dollar she just thought cuz you get in the city hands down
because they have interesting imports in New Mexico I have to finish my meal with
dessert and I got Carlos interesting mascot very different and I think you’d
see Canada they have a people as mascots instead of crazy animals
so it looks like it’s just chocolate goodies anything Assizes I think this is
just milk chocolate yeah Stephanie just milk chocolate if
you find yourself in Koreatown you won’t just be treated with Korean food you
also have one of the best taco joints in the city among them serving classic
Mexican dishes and unbelievable tacos you would think you’re in Mexico
tacos Asador it’s right in the annex right close to Christie station so if
you’re walking outside it’s actually close to the poop cafe which is a place
that I’ve reviewed in a previous video I got two tacos here pretty affordable one
of the cheaper places that we’re going to run on our list I have the beef taco
here and I also got a fish taco you have an option to get crispy or soft shell
not every place does this but this place does some of the shell is kind of breaking
apart and falling on top of the beef soft taco so I guess I’ll be getting an
extra fish later on this cash only small taco shop is one of the most well-known
in the city a great variety of fresh tacos from fish to chorizo along with
other classics indeed a great spot to grab a taco and explore a unique area in
Toronto right in the heart of Kensington Market so we are in Kensington markets
it’s one of the biggest cultural hubs in Toronto it’s got a lot of different
restaurants and a lot of Mexican ones as well which is where you can find these
beautiful tacos at 7 lives this is the Baja fish which is a haddock fried it
looks like a gigantic piece of like fish and chips but it’s nice and spicy
garnished with a lot of tomatoes and cabbage for six dollars you get a lot
for your money’s worth compared to la carne to getting a lot more all right
this is just a one massive piece of fish can’t wait to bite into this right now mmm I should’ve shaved this live-video gonna
have to clean up after spilling all over the place you got a lot of different
sauces you can use for your tacos just use whatever proper amount you think
would serve you yeah enjoy things right there yeah another spot in Kensington Market in
fact Kenzie Market has some of the best Mexican food in Toronto and coax Ahana
is one of them fresh tacos made to order authentic Mayan cuisine with affordable
prices and they’re pulled pork is an absolute favorite we have to pulled pork
tacos here they have a deal where you get three tacos for ten dollars making
it one of the cheaper places you can go to online lists good value and it’s one
of the better places in Toronto to grab tacos right here in Kensington Market
one of the hubs for tacos in the city mmm there’s a nice finishing touch of
creaminess from the avocado and that spice that I put on whoo I may put on a
little too much but he likes spice they got it they got it here for sure by far
the most well known taco spot in tirana tacos so good they had to open multiple
locations all across Toronto the restaurants decor was inspired by
Mexican street art making it a huge spot the tacos are small that pack a lot of
flavor we are at la carne Itza this is the original location on college and
Bathurst I ordered two tacos New Mexican chorizo
and in cod we trust this one here is the chorizo
it’s got habanero mayo koja cheese mango salsa guacamole and cilantro the cod is
really small compared to the Bahji fish that we had at seven lives this one is gonna be messy I can already
tell my favorite part about this is actually the nice mango salsa on the top
adds a nicely sweet touch to this spiciness of the mexican chorizo and a
habanero Mayo thank you for watching which is your favorite spot in the city
to grab tacos comment below and let me know and here are some other great spots
that I would highly recommend see you next time

82 comments on “6 In the 6ix! Best Tacos in Toronto!

  1. Mexican and tacos has somewhere down the line, only become a thing here in Toronto over the past decade. I had a hard time finding decent tacos past that point and even what I did find, it was semi-decent for a price. I love the flavor profiles of Mexican cuisine and I wish it was bigger here like in the US.

    Little known by my bosses…I throw in some cumin, lemon pepper mix, and garlic powder into my fish and chip at work. My clients would start a riot if I did it any other way on Fish Fridays.

  2. Oh my goodness all those tacos look amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ whoa ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I have never tried authentic Mexican tacos before, theyโ€™re all fabulous. I like spicy also but not spicy to the point where it take my breath away or takes away the enjoyment of the food. Great video.

  3. Oh my goodness, these tacos look so incredible. Iโ€™ve been on a wicked Mex food bender lately, that I canโ€™t seem to kick. With a nice cold Margarita, I can really put down quite a few. Toronto has such amazing places to eat. I also can do spicy, but not ridiculously hot. You honestly do some of the best food reviews anywhere. Great camerawork, love the background music selections, just the whole vibe of your videos is just perfect. You really give us detailed reviews of the food. Love that you also include the ambience of the places you visit, which really adds or detracts from a quality dining experience. Much appreciated! My list of โ€œmust visitโ€ places in Toronto grows all the time due to your channel. Definitely need to get to these taco places very soon. Thanks for another great video…you outdo yourself every single time!

  4. wow mate! King Tacos…those are looks sooo delicious…maybe one of most delicious looking tacos..look at the meats…so generous! ^^

  5. Tacos!!!! ๐ŸŒฎ
    Can't ever have enough, I was hoping you weren't kidding when you said the second taco place had tacos under a dollar but I suppose a buck for tacos is a pretty good deal ๐Ÿ˜
    Tacos El Gordo is my favorite, too bad its all the way in San Diego ๐Ÿ˜”

  6. These videos should not be watched on an empty cuisine…will definitely be hitting these places up this week on my staycation

  7. I love tacos so much, and there's so many choices in TO. Thanks for sharing the extensive list and some others at the end! Have you been to Chula Taberna at Jones and Gerrard? I'm not sure if it's a chain, but was there a few weeks back and it was pretty good, decent beer too.

  8. Gotta go to Good Hombres. Sister resto to Campechano (GH makes all their tortillas in house) and much cheaper with a more street food feel. Best in the city besides Seven Lives

  9. Hey Matt!!! So great to see you try all these taco spots in Toronto!!! King Taco looked really good, and love they gave you lots of salsa to choose from! Wow.. $1 for Tacos at the cheapest taco spot in Toronto… Was an awesome deal, and the food looked good. What a huge amount of salsa they gave you!! Never tried that Carlos chocolate bar before.. but looks good!! Cool you went to Kensington Market as well!! We love Mexican food, and know we would love all these spots! Great video and lots of love to you! <3

  10. Koโ€™ox Hana looks good! Seems like they specialize in Yucatan style – saw they had panuchos on the menu, which we had in Tulum

  11. Wish we knew about these places when we visited over the summer โ˜น๏ธ but we are adding so much to our must visit places for next summer ๐Ÿ˜† thanks for sharing!

  12. Taco heaven, all of the tacos look delicious, lmaooo, tacos for $1 and showed Taco Bell, Latin world kind of reminds me of some spots here in NJ and NYC.

  13. Damn these tacos look ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ we don't get great tacos here in New Zealand cause the ingredients are kinda expensive. King taco especially looked tasty and the size was massive ๐Ÿ˜

  14. Yum! We love tacos.
    Our pick could be the first place as it looks like a taco feast! with complementary chips and dipping sauce, thatโ€™s really great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  22. Did someone say tacos?! We'll eat anything on a tortilla! Al pastor is my favorite. Maria prefers fish tacos. Latin word sounds like our kind of spot. The cheaper the taco, the better. Our Mexican friends in Texas used to say that tacos shouldn't be more than $2.50. We'll need to do a taco crawl in Kensignton next time we're over there.

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  24. Tacos is basically part of my name. The best I had were from guisados in echo park Los Angeles. Since then finding anything close to as good as been hard even here in NY. But I see what look like some fresh pressed corn tortillas and if that's what they are I imagine the tacos were delicious. If they're from a package / store bought I have low expectations. Next time we are in Toronto we'll come back here and make a list of ones to try thanks for the taco tips!

  25. Man those tacos are so good
    I'm a sucker for Mexican food
    Great video mate
    Thanks for sharing
    We enjoyed watching until the end
    Have a great weekend

  26. That's a good place in Toronto to have tacos, the way you eat, I'm convinced that it is really good. thank you for sharing the food and the places

  27. Wow! Almost missed this one! Love the thumbnail btw! Those are some good looking tacos!! Add some sauce and spice.. that first bite must've been heavenly

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