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$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

worth it season finale today we’re doing sandwiches yes we’re taking sandwiches international which is why we are in Athens Greece that’s right we flew all the way here just kidding this is actually Nashville Tennessee which happens to have a one-for-one reproduction of the Parthenon one might ask what is the more important part of the sandwich the contents or the bread that is a debate we are going to be putting to bed this episode – bread not it’s mostly gonna be about meat though so it’s ok your hopes up bread lover because today I’m worth it we’re gonna be trying three sandwiches in three cities I have three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at his price that’s six slices of bread Nashville the home of many amazing things but we’re gonna be focusing on the hot chicken that was founded here we’re gonna do one of the original spots called Bolton’s spicy chicken and fish [Music] hi I’m Dolly and you’re at both of spicy chicken and fish Nashville Tennessee Motors is a local owned and operated restaurant my husband Bolton is named after his uncle Bolton hope who had a chicken shack at the bottom of sugar Street Bridge years ago what is so special about that recipe that makes Bolton’s both my secret ingredients that I exposed to the public is love joy peace and happiness but don’t know a lot of people getting a lot of pain when they come here and they get the hot chicken the expression in hurts so good yeah that’s what they say then you might go on a daze or you may start giggling what are the different spice levels that you can get at Bolton non spicy right now Wow medium hot is extra hot which level do you like to eat Wow which one should we okay today we will be having our famous if you never had a bone-in sandwich it’s a proper way to eat it this is going in our sandwich bonus in your samples this is real chicken not process to me I love it we marinate our chicken quarters at least 24 hours sometimes 48 roll it once it’s white shake it a little bit put it in the skillet you’re using a skillet and not an industrial large fryer why is that because they hold flavor but while you cook it in its skin it gives it a whole different taste if you can’t tell I’m nervous and I want to make sure I’m not gonna make a mistake by ordering the hot we should order the hot right if you don’t have a hot pepper tolerance no but if you want to go for it I’ll send you there the residents can stay two to three days even if you shower you cannot touch your eyes and you’ll wash your hands before you potty for your hook your girlfriend all of it have you ever seen a better meat to bread ratio than that you know that’s my kind of sandwich some people are like sandwiches are all about the bread like I was reading up on how Sean Evans from hot ones prepares himself he says never eat with the empty stomach so let’s have a little mac and cheese to start the please shares that’s great we’re doing both avoiding units please eat chicken all right ready for this right yeah Cheers well that’s nice oh that he level is nice yeah it’s sooner than that lives okay all right look how the spice is sticking in my hands don’t rub your eyes it’s not my eyes I’m worried about it’s so good Wow what in my face right yeah okay you just came back from this done okay different pockets of the chicken or spice a little differently I may have started a more mild area I’m gonna go like a normal family I’m gonna try about this oh I unintentionally kissed the chicken it’s kind of like taking a cold shower I like feels really good but you kind of like doing a little dance to get yourself to the other end yeah the first tier is dropped for me really see this right here corner of my eye oh oh no it’s just my eye oh no your eyes oh god oh no oh no [Music] my I know it doesn’t burn oh you were warned that’s all I’m gonna say somewhere no thief no no and then happiness oh you know the special thing about this is not really that it’s spicy is that it’s expertly made fried chicken at a ridiculous price point five fifty yeah are you ready for the very hot no same so we just left Nashville or back in Los Angeles that’s my first time in Nashville actually I had a great time now gonna have our second sandwich and we’re on our way to the oyster dealing stir is that binging with babish no way that’s not him that’s him no that Benji with babish yo we’re filming our last episode right now all right enjoy have fun Thanks so if you don’t know who that was Andrew Raya from binging with babish you haven’t seen their YouTube channel pretty fantastic my name is Andre Guerrero we’re at the linkster we’re gonna feature our oyster pastrami sandwich today tell us about the oyster what is this restaurant I used to hang out here when I was in high school it used to be Jim’s burgers I grew up eating this fast food I want to do something different we deconstructed the french fries the burgers even the ketchup we make from scratch if that’s what we were gonna do fast-food restaurant but we were gonna elevate the food when I was a kid my dad used to stop at this little Jewish rug store and this old guy used to make pastrami in the back the memory of that the smell and the taste that was my goal that pastrami from my childhood the fries my brother was going to chef school in Brussels they’d have these little street vendors it just blew me away and I thought God why can’t we get good fries here and they eat it with Nene so we came up with this garlic aioli it just seemed perfect to me we use ice bran oil it gets a crispy very clean flavor and that’s what the Japanese use for making tempura I know you guys are known for the you’ve a milkshake ube is this sweet purple yam that grows in the Philippines there’s a huge Filipino community here I’m Filipino nobody was making has sweet milkshakes and people went crazy for it I’m hearing this story you have your Filipino background your brother went to Brussels this Jewish pastrami if somebody was like what kind of food is going stir make what is that it’s a representation of Los Angeles its global global fast food yeah to you what makes a good sandwich use all great ingredients you can’t make a bad sandwich scoop a milkshake for me and a craft beer for you that it will they shake that would do my obey shape I was hoping you would it’s more of a role than a shake yeah I’ll accept that as a shake here’s oh the show is so much better when I dance my eyes are so crispy it tastes very potato yeah it’s really wild in the back I saw them make this there’s a whole horrible things in it wait what yeah it’s not like just mayonnaise you know it’s like a whole other tasty paste oh it’s so creamy and they’re fluffy no all right let’s get the same life situation started oh my gosh this is a big boy there is so much pastrami in here oh that’s so frickin good the pastrami is so good you know it’s key about this has that thick sandwich satisfaction without the normal thick sandwich problems which is like fitting in your mouth exactly being able to flows down on it and get a clean bite yes clean bite you glad you just flowing out from the bottom well so much pastrami but I can still taste the cheese in the sandwich the slaw and the mustard and the role in the onions this is this great sandwich eating I can’t dance anymore that was a sick sandwich we’re here to try a very special very expensive sandwich we have Rea our cultural guide translator parfait ambassador to help us out but before we get to the very special sandwich we’re going to learn a little bit more about sandwiches in Japan generally at a place called Yoshida pan speaking a can so this one it’s not political it’s ketchup dressed pasta no I’m gonna get that one I want to try that any what do you want excellent choice obviously in this kind of sandwich before no kamikatsu which is a deep-fried ham I’m gonna get a marketing because it’s my favorite combo unco it’s sweepings and buttery spread by my I get this out this is probably the best packaging of a liquid I’ve ever seen in my entire life like a abstract capri-sun why are you pointing at me milk dang this fun is the most inviting food I’ve ever seen you give us mmm mmm-hmm how’s the spaghetti Steven it’s kind of confusing me I need a form right now it is actually good well it’s an interesting texture right all right but now we’re going to potentially one of the greatest sandwiches of all which is gonna be a 20,000 yen ride wag you cutlet sandwich naka-meguro narimasu Rocky Maivia cutlet sandwich does she tend to know innovative oh she must over Gil Murphy echoing oh don’t mind me argue a second here emetic do you project to the touch ever touch it whatever very much they wanted to maturity that I can walk to not go babysit or billion sandwich anatomist totin especially today was a mess a super huzzah body must agree America you can also not available until time remember a bit over tonight yeah la casa when you could have an idea a guru – Manohar we are clearly more umami got beginner Nicky DeVito suka Meredith day I like you know a stove and some when Yasir I do you cannot see D they take your stay super Jewish in a comfortable as you are dated I came along as 2/3 you do things Catina Wow it’s also not happy my inner self under a semi I mean you are so no Nick Romano any kind of assault I didn’t come to the moral Tammy me do you want Obon is to take your study bus take us away Steven season finale final restaurant in Tokyo $200 wag you mop yeah Kobe Chateaubriand sandwich you know what your Chateaubriand means right I had no idea the Chateau is like you know your large estates where you plant your flag what is Breann brilliant the brilliant home really beef you’re making I’m making this up but shelter it’s a castle Briana it’s a person’s name according to chef Briana’s castle it’s Brian’s castle we’re having some Japanese craft beer I had a porter all whored on the sandwich stay away – season five – Steven Kampai yeah that’s tasty I did not expect it to be so thick it has to be fixed even it has to be picked okay all right let’s go ready [Music] Wow that was so incredibly soft that was absolutely right the bread is firmer than the B my mind wants to think it’s an ordinary sandwich and then when I bit into it it’s extraordinary yeah like Narnia you know the bread tells my tongue it’s lunchtime let’s eat the sandwich yeah but then the beef tells my tongue holy crap what the what is going on so the chef’s some of the recommendation to enhance the flavor I think okay oh we did okay but do a little bit of little pizzazz yeah this I can smell from this distance the sauce like the truffle its truffle right oh it’s truffle salt I mean I mean this guy knows the way to my heart every time I’m like yeah it’s tender no big deal and then I put it in my mouth and uh ha ha ha ha all right I’m gonna finish this off yeah I’m really doing the end here Cheers Stephen goodbye wow that was a super good sandwich Wow did you have the pitbull welcome back to Los Angeles Steven or journey has come to an end and Adam thought it would be appropriate to end this with ice cream sandwiches yeah which is honestly probably my favorite sandwich what cheers Cheers Steven another race of melty so Steven we’ve been to three cities we’ve eaten a ton of sandwiches it’s also the close of our season what was the most worth it sandwich it’s given price hot chicken sandwich at Bolton’s you know made me feel alive is great juicy my worth it winner is the oyster pastrami everything they do is so carefully made it tastes so freakin good in your mouth it has to be the only surfer man Adam what was your worth it winner Annie you know where they learn huh uh-huh five and four water fear thanks for watching this season season five high five yeah I read a little tiny bump bum boom season five that’s a wrap that’s the that’s the other piece of bread on the end of our season first piece of bread big meats last piece of bread a sandwich video in the middle all the atoms Oh oh yes

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  1. I love that gals attitude in the first resteraunt! I’d eat there on a daily basis just bc she’s there

  2. The first owner sounds like a guy trying to make a woman’s voice. Close your eyes and listen and you’ll see what im talking about

  3. I am rewatching videos and I just noticed they spelt "because" wrong lol. Anyways, love the Worth It team! Hope yall come to hawaii again.

  4. 3 different sandwiches. 3 different places…Nashville, LA, Tokyo.

    Must be nice to travel and eat food for a job.

  5. £180 sandwich!!! Does it have wifi or can make you a coffee before it’s eaten hahaha 😅 no thank you 🙈

  6. Bone-in sandwich? Not really a sandwich.

    It's really just fried chicken in bread. You shouldn't have to rip apart a sandwich.

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