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6 Top Omega 3 Fatty Acid Benefits : Omega 3 Benefits – VitaLife Show Episode 313

6 Top Omega 3 Fatty Acid Benefits : Omega 3 Benefits – VitaLife Show Episode 313

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today I’m talking about the six top omega-3 fatty acid
benefits for your body. So whether it’s the omega-3 benefits from fish oil
whether it’s the omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil if you’re vegetarian
or not this is a great way to get those top six benefits of those omega-3s which
is so important for your overall health. So number six on the list is for
cognition, so cognition especially from fish oil now fish oil is certainly
contains that DHA docosahexaenoic acid really important for brain function you
don’t really find it in flaxseed oil so that’s one of the reasons that I prefer
the by the fish oil because of the cognitive abilities but that is
fantastic to be able to get you know that brain food from fish oil and for
those benefits of that omega-3. Number five on the list is for the eyes, so the
eyes need those omega-3 fatty acids for proper functioning especially at the
back of the eye at the macula and this is one of the reasons that I tend to to
play a little bit more towards fish oil because it’s high in that DHA and DHA
actually concentrates in the macula of the eye to protect especially as we’re
aging to protect that macula from that blue light radiation that we are all
exposed to especially now that we have our tablets or computer screens too much
of that blue light radiation can be very damaging to the macula of the eye. Number
four on the list the benefit of fish oil and/or flaxseed oil those omega-3s for
weight loss, now did you know that if you don’t have enough essential fatty acids
especially the Omega threes your body starts to go into the building a more
fat, so we have to make sure that you know in terms of keeping our metabolism
going is that we have that anti-inflammatory effect of the omega-3s
to help with that. So for weight loss it’s fantastic if you ask any
bodybuilder you know to decrease that inflammation they’re always taking fish
oils to help with that fat loss as well. Number three on the
this is for digestion, so the omega-3 fatty acids fantastic for keeping things
lubricated again that natural anti-inflammatory effect in the
digestive tract is important to make sure that we’re healing maybe a leaky
gut syndrome, check out our other videos on that. But important again that the
omega-3s and supplementing with the Omega threes daily helps with that
proper digestion. Number two on the list is to help with glowing skin so
fantastic women, men you know I know that you wonder about how do you get nice
glowing healthy skin well by taking you know your omega-3 fats every day it
really does help with the skin barrier function. All of our skin cells have
what’s called the phospholipids so there’s fats on the outside of our cells
to make sure that nutrients can get into our cells and toxins can leave ourselves
we want to have that nice pliability and that that nice fluidity in our skin cell
structure and that’s what the omega-3s help to do that and that’s why you know
nice glowing skin is a result of taking those omega-3s every day. Number one on
the list I’ve talked about it I’ve mentioned it a few times already in the
video do you know what it is it’s the anti inflammatory effect so whether
that’s for your joints whether that’s for your skin whether that’s for
digestion whether that’s for prevention of you know inflammation in the body
long-term diseases we want to make sure that we have enough of our Omega threes
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  1. Hello, thank you for your great videos! Question..what daily foods can I eat to avoid taking a fish oil supplement. Thanks!!

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