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$60,000 Japanese Koi Fish

$60,000 Japanese Koi Fish

I got a phone call from Shawn McHenry, he
said he had a really special fish to talk about in our Koi discussions video
this week let’s go inside and see what he has in
store for us. Shawn! Eric! Awesome to see you man. Great to see you man. I love these koi discussions. They’re the best. Okay You told you have this amazing koi,
I’m here to see it. Tell me about it. Alright, So I have with us today about, I think an eight-year-old Nogami Taisho Sanke My customer, a very special customer of mine, asked for a very, very special fish and I have it. It’s for a koi show is
that right it? It is, it is. It’s coming up this weekend and this fish is at eighty three
centimeters, so around Thirty- four inch Sanke. She’s big. She’s big. And not only is she big but she’s beautiful. Let’s get her in a bowl! Yeah, yeah absolutely man. She’s so big, she doesn’t even come close to fitting in my net She’s a monster. Alright so, obviously she’s huge right? Yeah. We can see that. But that’s not what
makes her special. What makes her special is that she’s huge,
and she still has all the qualities of a young baby fish. Like
her white is pure, pure milk. I mean she’s smooth and silky, When you say just as
if she was a young fish. So how old is she? She is around 8 years old. Eight… And her red, is that nice deep red and a lot
of times older fish get sort of, their red sort of fades away and it
becomes a real, grimy orange and we can see the black on here is It’s like ink. Yeah, it’s like ink and
they’re still it still coming up! So again it’s as if this
fish was just a two or three year old fish, but
really is massive. It’s massive. You know from my understanding its
usually three to five years maybe seven years they might finish out. Correct. Not the case for her.
Not the case with her at all. And that’s rare right? Yeah absolutely! And
the most difficult thing is to get fish to have that red climax, the white climax and the black climax, all the same time
and it’ll do that sometimes but it’ll be
when the fish is this big (hand gesture small) right? In order to get this crescendo to happen on a such a massive fish, its, I
mean highly unlikely. I mean it’s like one in a billion sort of chance. One in
a million? One in a Billion. A BILLION! Yeah absolutely. That’s awesome. It’s absolutely so rare. Just look at the skin quality here, look
at the… it just like shines. So obviously, she’s a huge, beautiful 32 inch fish, but What makes her so Interesting…. is, is the dynamic qualities
she has, she has a awesome pattern. There is this really
interesting face pattern here and then boom, boom, boom, nice, nice actually four steps If you look at it actually 5 steps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Oh yeah. It’s pretty, pretty awesome to find a five-step Kohaku right? And then put black on it and make it a Sanke. She has absolutely perfect confirmation. Usually when Fish are this big, you start to see little kinks their
body where… where they maybe had a
bad spawning one year. Oh right… And so, they have this long spine that
get outta place. She’s absolutely perfect straight. And thats…thats… to me, when the most important things about caring for fish and admiring its
conformation Then… the red the white and the black have all sort of,
climaxed all the same time and to get that to happen is a so-so rare… and to have it happen on such a large fish it’s like all these cool things come together at the same
time to make this absolutely beauty. and do they start spawning her? At what age? She’s been spawning for them
of course right? No, No, not at all! No she’s just been a show fish. No, not a
show fish but just in his mud ponds growing. So he hasn’t use this as a breeder at
all. Very interesting to know. I’ve actually gotten a couple guys
already who have, who have seen this fish, who are interested in, once she retires, put out to pasture and see what kinda
eggs she can produce. So Shawn this is really
interesting to me, I didn’t realize that if the breeder sees the potential for
a grand champion they do not want to breed her, is that
what you’re telling me? Oh yeah, absolutely! They don’t want to breed until…. Why is that? Well, there is several things
going on. Believe it or not, a breeder typically isn’t me most beautiful fish.
What we’re looking for in breeding, and every Koi breeder in Japan
has different opinion oh what’s a good male-female breeder. But they’re often
looking for the volume of eggs she can carry, and
certain traits in their bloodline This fish, is a show fish. so it’s…. its main purpose is
complete, like absolute beauty. So, if you were to breed it and she were to lose
some scales, or get bruised, or get stressed, you know
breeding is a pretty stressful thing And we don’t what this fish to see any
stress ever. You… You went to get this fish You went looking for this fish! I went
hunting for her. Hunting? Right! So your client says, I wanna be in a show, I want a chance to
win. Absolutely! Okay. And so I’m actually judging a
Koi Show in Japan. The Nagaoka Nogiosai And….I am a judge, pretty cool right? Yeah. And we’re going through here and we go to pick our champion. Right? I vote for this fish. This fish and another Kohaku, end up getting right around the same amount of votes.
Right? We go back and we have to revote, so we try to get one that has a majority, a significant majority, and the… the
breeder Nogamison, he bred this sanke, well
turns out he also bred the Kohaku. So this guy, no matter
what, is going away winning grand champion and reserve grand champion. He’s is also a judge at the show and he’s like, guys I’m gonna be honest with you. Both my fish are gonna win. I’m a kohaku breeder. I think that Kohaku looks better. How
about you guys? Ha, Ha. And so so of course, a couple other guys start
voting for the Kohaku. Right…. And so the Kohaku actually wins grand
champion. But if you ask me, in my opinion, this snake was the best
show, the best fish of the show Right. So she took “reserve” at that big show? Yeah. Which was great for me! Because if this
was “grand champion”, she would of cost me a lot more money! Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha…. And your client right? Yeah! Absolutely,
absolutely! Wow, she’s really special. Shawn this is stressing me out just seeing her in the bowl. Let’s let her go, I don’t want her in the bowl anymore! Absolutely, Absolutely! How much does she weigh? Too much man, too much!
That was AWESOME, man!!!! I feel really honored that you called me to come and see this fish. Absolutely! I couldn’t let a fish It’s very rare that a fish like this
comes to America and I knew you’d love it, So, I had to have you out here to check her out. You know it’s like the art. This is like the Van Gogh of the, you
know of the koi.That’s what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re doing these koi discussions videos to expose people to the
true beauty behind that. Real, real treasure. Man thank you very
much! No problem man. Have a great day. I’ll see ya….. Wow what an amazing koi. It’s not
every day you get to be that close to a Sixty Thousand Dollar Koi! Special thanks to Shawn McHenry at Mystic Koi for having us out. I’m Eric Triplett The Pond Digger, Thanks for watching.

100 comments on “$60,000 Japanese Koi Fish

  1. This fish is special…because of the natural japanese letters on its back that makes a logical sentence , a statement about life and everything. 🙂

  2. To appreciate Koi you really have to see them personally. A video cannot convey the luster and depth of skin texture. Pearls have the same quality. If the presenter had been showing a pearl, which has the similar qualities, commenters here would be wondering why anyone would pay $60k for a white bead. Interestingly, both likely would have come from Japan.

  3. $60,000? went to a Japanese Koi 'farm' before and saw about 2 or 3 exactly like that one, same color, same size.. The guy was only asking 1,400

  4. Rare idk literally just watched a documentary where you can get one of this size in japan for 10,000 granted it costs money to bring them to the u.s. it doesnt cost 50 grand

  5. I have a koi that looks just like that . Only 3 years old. I’m crazy about water quality because I love them. She is almost 3 feet long. Why is my fish not worth big money? More beautiful than her. Just saying.

  6. While all of this is going on, the koi is sitting there thinking “how do I get out of this blue thing…this is weird…”

  7. I appreciate that she’s a big ass fish and very pretty, but there is too much industry terminology. What’s the “climax?” What’s a “step?” What are all the Japanese names for the fish?

  8. If you really like keeping koi, you can have the same amount of fun (or even more) with a $10 koi from your local pet store you buy small and watch it grow over the years. The goal here is not have fun, is to brag about how you spent $60,000 on a fish to your friends.

  9. great fish who spends that amount money to win a show he must be a p—k if he had raised it himself a different matter

  10. kois are beautiful, but i am out of that moneyowner category to buy a fish that cost thousands of $ :)) perhaps its normal for millioneers, its better than clocks or supercars, if you understand their calmness ZEN, but WTF $$$ :))

  11. "She's huge but that's not the thing that makes her special, the thing that makes her special is that she's huge.." Ok? 😂😂

  12. The koi guy is an absolute idiot. I handle my $10 fish with more care. He probably damaged the scales doing all that nonsense touching. THE COMMENTS BELOW…BEST PART OF THE VIDEO 🤣🤣

  13. Hey guys! Help me with my channel!! Watch this video of old koi fish Thanks! I am from Brazil!

  14. Amazing the guy breeding the fish is a judge and he owns the two winners, and the guy that went out and found this fish was also judging, I see no possible conflicts.

  15. 60 years old!!?!?!?!
    Bruhhh we can buy them for like 5-40 euros
    When there baby's
    And they are not rare here where i live they live in the wild….

  16. I really can't stand this guy, such a poser, "shes huge, obviously that's not what makes her special, what makes her special is shes huge" Is he slow? I would never trust him with my fish, especially the way he took the fish out instead of just tilting the bowl, wtf.

  17. Whoever raised this fish put so much love and care into it. I one day hope to be able to have the determination of this fish and her owner(s)

  18. Hola cómo estás, cuánto cuesta los peces Koi de 7 a 10 cm, y si tienes envío para Miami florida estados unidos gracias saludos cordiales

  19. Stunning! Most expensive fish I have handled was valued at $10k. I would have to charge my friends to see this fish just to help recuperate expenses.

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