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6lb Sushi Challenge Godzilla Roll w/ Crab, Shrimp, & Tuna!!

6lb Sushi Challenge Godzilla Roll w/ Crab, Shrimp, & Tuna!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
‘Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of
Tonight I’m going for my fourth win in the state of California! you guys know I
got three down in the San Diego area earlier this year I’m going for number
four and my first in the San Francisco California area I am in Daly City which
is south of San Francisco I’m at Oriental Kitchen I’m taking on their six
pound Godzilla Roll Sushi Challenge! Now I have not done a sushi challenge since
before win number 100 so many many years ago very excited to take this on it’s
six pounds and as you see up on here it’s filled with tons of variety there’s
tuna shrimp, soft-shell crab there is marinated crab, and ??? crab
there’s some chicken, there’s spam avocado, cucumbe,r and yellow radish ,green
onion, and then there’s a whole bunch of stuff and then there’s sauce on top and
the sushi is fried so it’s going to be delicious! My first time having a fried
sushi challenge! We’ve got two hours to finish everything and if I win I’m going
to get the meal free and I’ll get a sweet, no no t-shirt, but I will be on the
wall of fame. Let’s get this challenge started! all right my first time ever in the
Northern California area! It was beautiful today walking around
Fisherman’s Wharf and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge but only like two or three
people have been able to complete this challenge
over 180 people have tried my friend Molly Schuyler she must have been having
a very easy, taking it easy on this one because she finished it in 18 minutes so
I’m gonna try to beat it because that would be sweet,
beating her is like killing John Wick but we’ll see what happens.
If I fail it’s gonna be $60 but we do not want to do that let’s get the win! Six minutes 15 seconds in the sushi is
so pretty good every bite has been awesome but let’s keep eating. Don’t think
we’re gonna break the 18 minutes but we’ll try! 12 minutes and 15 seconds hands down to
14 slices left we’re going to get this down these are still so good so trying
to get them down while they’re warm because they’re probably going to be
less fun day once they all cool down. We’re 20 minutes in I’ve got eight
slices left so it’s almost there well past the record of 18 but we got
two hours at the time limit we’ll definitely do that! Come on Randy! There’s last three or four up but cut it
all down in 32 minutes and 59 seconds I’m gonna get the 60 delicious delicious
dollar meal for free, and I will be one of the very very few people up on the
wall of fame, so it was an awesome challenge but most of all thank you guys
all for coming along, thank you to Oriental Kitchen and thank you guys for
watching it was overall win number 537!

100 comments on “6lb Sushi Challenge Godzilla Roll w/ Crab, Shrimp, & Tuna!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My first time in northern California and it was great meeting everyone who came to the 5 challenges I attempted around San Francisco and San Jose!! My first time in forever having the opportunity to attempt a sushi challenge too, and it was super delicious!! Thanks everyone for watching and supporting our channel!!

  2. People who really live in NorCal don't consider San Fransisco to be Northern CA, it is Central California.

    It kind of depends on where you are, if you are in southern CA then anything north of you seems to be Northern CA, if you are in Central CA then you tell people you live in Northern CA when you really don't, and if you live in Northern CA then anything above Sacramento is Northern CA, from Sacramento to Bakersfield is Central CA, and below that is Southern CA.

  3. Why in the hell would you put SPAM in a sushi roll??!!! There are so many great ingredients that could be used…but, fuckin' SPAM?? Damn. I love spam…just not in my sushi…thank ya very much! 🙂 However, great job, Randy and keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Ahh man, sitting here green with envy. Love sushi, but i really love sushi/sashimi while in the bay area! Thanks!

  5. Congratulations. We had sushi today I had a roll and a half and an appetizer at 1130am and I'm still stuffed at 630pm. Lol. Great win.

  6. You defo can eat a lot of food but you don’t seem to see you eating a challenge anymore, seems you know what you can eat and that’s your wack, prob only got 10 losses on your channel, there’s no shame in losing, would like to see you push yourself a bit more than the amount of food that you obv know you can do


  8. I tried this challenge last year and was like 8 pieces away from beating it! This challenge was insane since the whole thing is deep fried and there’s like 4 different dense meats in it as well. Good job Randy!

  9. This reminds me of the Sea Captain when homer was at his seafood buffet, "Tis no man, Tis a remorseless eating machine"

  10. I see alot of competitive eaters always drinking diet soda. Does that help? I've done a few challenges, but I prefer lemonade for some reason.

  11. 2hrs is not a challenge,randy… It should be 30mins max to qualify as a challenge..we asian eat rice by d bowl.sushi is just wrapped rice. I reckon i can finish it in 20mins

  12. You talk a whoooole lot bro!.. Love the videos, but..u talk alot lol!.. N do u even, poop bro? Lbvs! All that food!… U must, have some, laxative or stool softners lol..but yea..jus wondering!

  13. I like your vids and strategies, but you waste a lot of time being so neat cleaning your plates and fingers so often, and narrating so much.

  14. You have to just love the guy who decided to bring a new born baby and sit him right next to you… Grrrr😠 Great job buddy!!!😎

  15. I'm starting to use playlists to go back and watch themes. Fun binge Saturday night. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on in the background. 😉

  16. I watch these videos before dinner to enjoy my meal more. Everything he scarfs looks so damn good. Tonight I’m eating hot dogs and Mac and cheese. It ain’t easy being poor but watching Randy eat fried sushi makes it all go down better

  17. With these challenges there is always a very real chance of puking… TOPTIP#312- always keep a puke receptacle at this case the old pro Randy S had in place his assistant equipped with baby-carrier inc baby to receive the VOM. ~Fortunately in this case neither were needed. (see also on Youtube "Randy Santel fills a stroller" and "Bath time for the twins with Randy Santel".

  18. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that the John Wick of the food challenge world is a skinny tattooed woman.

  19. Sushi is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients, but the one key ingredient is "sushi rice". Sushi is sometimes confused with sashimi, a related dish in Japanese cuisine that consists of thinly sliced raw fish, or occasionally meat, and an optional serving of rice.

  20. Love watching you do all these challenges but I have to ask, it probably varies from challenge to challenge but you must get just awful gas?

  21. Molly has the record at 18 minutes? They must have made her eat the half pound of food that ended up on her hands, on the floor and on the walls and ceiling.

  22. I tried watching Molly a few times, i just couldnt. Shes way too messy and doesnt have personality like Randy does. To me, Randy is the best all around Pro Eater and the only watcheable one for sure. I actually get sad when the restaurant he wins in does not have a sweet t shirt for him😔

  23. Yup, make sure that is coke is diet, god forbid you would not so
    slowly put on dozens of pounds do and get man titties after destroying your body for them “sweet T-shirt’s”…. totally worth it

  24. Randy I think you would have much better time if you didn't keep stopping and talking,just eat dude and talk at the end

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