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7 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dry Eyes

7 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dry Eyes

In today’s Dry Eye Show. We’re going over
fish oil. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and we have a crying infant
behind us or toddler I should say. He is not going to bed. In the next 10 minutes you are going to learn the
7 benefits of fish oil for your dry eyes your eyes and your body in general
and then we’re just going to talk about what fish oil is but if you are serious
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so that being said so we also want to know are you taking fish oil so
comment below what fish oil you’re taking and you might have a chance to win a one
month supply of our Heyedrate omega-3 This is our fish oil right here. With that
being said what is fish oil? Fish oil basically is certain fish have rich quantities of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-3s are
so important in our bodies because they help fight inflammation and you’re going
to hear that a lot today We have a ratio of omega-6
and omega-3 in our bodies. Omega-6 tend to be unhealthy oils while omega-3s are
more healthy oils and you need to have a good balance of that in your body.
Examples of really healthy omega-3 fish include wild-caught salmon, wild-caught
mackerel, anchovies, and sardines Anything being wild. You don’t want to get
farm-raised fish and it’s best to consume omega-3 fatty
acids as a meal so eating fish throughout the week but if
you decide that it’s better for you to take supplements or you just don’t like
fish or you don’t want to eat fish to hit your omega-3 goal then taking a
supplement is perfectly fine There are 2 basic omega-3 fatty acids. Those are eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and docosahexaenoic acid which is DHA so EPA and DHA is what you’re looking at in your fish oil supplements or in most
fish oil supplements so fish oil is helpful in treating several health
conditions and we are going to highlight a few of those benefits below. You will
notice especially heart conditions They are great for your skin, hair, eye
health, and definitely great for dry eyes because they help with meibomian glands
produce a proper quality of oil for your tears and going back to what you were
saying about omega-6s and not all omega-6s are unhealthy the
unfortunate thing is most the American diet the Western diet does consume
unhealthy omega sixes which include the unhealthy oils like the corn oils, vegetable
oils, margarine Crisco and all fast food contains bad
omega-6s but there are good omega-6s too and that’s like your
GLA which is in HydroEyes and then also avocados so things like that
What are the seven benefits of fish oil? Number one the
reason you’re here is it helps with your eye health. It helps with overall
eye health in general and we talked about dry eyes specifically. There was a
study that came out called the Dream Study that actually said that fish oil
did not show any favorable didn’t show any improvement over placebo. Placebo was
olive oil the practitioners that were in the study said that they used a bad
olive oil but olive oil is olive oil and it’s a healthy fat too. It is healthy
omega-3s and so I don’t like the study. I think it works really well for
patients. We still use it for dry eye but it also helps with diabetic eye
disease so if you have diabetic retinopathy or you’re at risk for
diabetic retinopathy. It actually helps. Studies show that it helps reduce that.
It is kind of unsure if it helps macular degeneration. That is still kind of up in
the air and then finally It helps increase contact lens comfort by about 42% which was the
same as steroid eye drops. I think it’s pretty significant and then finally in
glaucoma patients a study showed that it decreased pressures by 8%
A typical glaucoma medication was shoot for about 30% and so 8% is huge I
think a new glaucoma medication just came out that’s almost 40% so 8% is
still significant and that’s great if you have glaucoma because glaucoma steals your vision slowly and
progressively and it takes years An 8% decrease can cause a dramatic
shift. Lots of benefits for the eyes as you can tell. Number two
is that omega-3s and fish oil support muscle recovery. These have impact on
anti-inflammatory effects like I’ve already talked about which basically
help reduce muscle soreness and they may also be helpful for increasing your
range of motion after exercise I think that is pretty cool. Number three is it fights inflammation. Which you’re going to see in
multiple benefits down below as well Omega-3 contains high anti-inflammatory
effects it lowers your risk for chronic disease such as heart disease and pretty
much any disease in the body because 99% diseases are inflammatory in nature It also helps improve your autoimmune conditions if
you have some so if you’re taking in omega-3 let us know in the comments
below if you are or if you are not If you are taking one put which one
and then we’re going to pick a winner to actually try our omega-3
They are going to get a three month supply The next one number four is
it reduces your risk of early or preterm birth so studies have shown that when
pregnant women consume fish oil during their pregnancy they have a reduced risk
of birthing their babies before 34 weeks which is considered preterm and so this
is pretty cool I remember my midwife telling me to take fish oil and I took
fish oil my entire pregnancy and this is a huge thing not only does DHA
and EPA as well help with your baby’s brain development and healthy fats in
general help with that but it’s going to help you carry your baby to
term longer so ensure that your fish oil supplement contains both DHA and EPA and
if you are wanting to get your omega-3s through fish while you’re pregnant you
just have to be careful with the mercury content in fish and be careful with
that if you’re going to eat it then consume no more than 8
ounces a week so number five is improvements in ADHD so omega-3 is important with brain health and it increases the blood
flow to your brain during mental activity so research shows that those
with ADHD have low levels of DHA which as we noted earlier is one of the two
omega-3 fatty acids and so 7 out of 9 kids showed improvement in their
ADHD symptoms which included attention and positive behavior changes as a
result of taking a DHA supplement Number six is it reduces your risk of heart disease. We’ve already talked about how DHA and
EPA decreased inflammation in your body They also improve blood flow and
both of these are going to help fight heart disease so fish oil is one of the
big things that if you’ve got heart disease or a family history of heart
disease that you should be taking number seven is it decreases blood
pressure so DHA supports blood flow like I just talked about and it improves your
endothelial function endothelium is the inner layer of your blood vessels
this allows your blood vessels to dilate more effectively and it helps lower your blood pressure I want to go into just a little
bit of a soapbox moment here even though we sell an omega-3 which is called a
Heyedrate omega-3 even though we sell an omega-3 it’s a supplement to an already healthy diet make sure you’re getting healthy fats
into your diet first and foremost that includes avocados chia seeds, ground
flax seeds, wild-caught fish especially salmon and mackerel and we don’t always
recommend meat per se in this community but if it’s wild-caught it’s as good as
like free-range if you’re going to eat meat chia seeds, ground flaxseeds eat
avocado a day and see how you feel and then supplement with our supplement hopefully
but and then we also hear there’s always some
comparisons in the community about Which omega-3 do you take and which omega-3 is
best? They are all very similar but what you want to look for is that it’s
third-party tested to make sure that what it says is in it and then it is pharmaceutical grade and it is made in CGMP facility all those ensure quality because there’s no FDA
standards around qualities of supplements and so you’re not going to find
a cheap omega-3 that abides by all that because every step in that process takes
a lot of money which is why we invested heavily in all that so we are GMP
certified, pharmaceutical grade, and we are third-party tested with every batch
that we make. There is no gluten or soy in our product as well and it’s non-GMO
We use only wild-caught sustainable fish That is key when you’re doing omega-3
because if you’re not using that then You are actually ruining the environment.
Make sure you know the source of where your omega-3 is coming from. Ours
comes from the shores of Iceland or seas around Iceland. We also recommend
triglyceride based fish oils as well triglyceride so if you do not know if it is triglyceride ours is. Make sure it is. That is going to
absorb faster in the body Don’t forget to like this video and click the share button to share this to somebody who you
think might benefit. We want to know also are you taking fish oil and if you are
comment below and let us know the brand that you’re taking and you might have a
chance to win a one month supply of our Heyedrate omega-3 fish oil. We are going to
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and that is a thank you for listening to this whole video and we’d love it have
you guys all switch over to ours because that’s how we put on this community is
you guys supporting us and then like I said our omega-3 is great so take it and
don’t worry about switching or not so Thanks so much for watching.
Let’s check out some comments A lot of people ask about HydroEye and
that is the healthy omega-6. Ours is a healthy omega-3. We recommend taking
both of them at the same time and so if you want both
or instead of HydroEye you can eat an avocado a day which is about the same
price but avocados are yummier Nordic Naturals is another great omega-3
That’s what we used before before we came out with our omega-3. I’m
taking 3-6-9. That is great. That helps out with arthritis anti-inflammatory Thera Tears is another brand I don’t Thera Tears their tears just because they are a
little less expensive step concerns me a little bit because I don’t know if they go through all the testing or not. I’m not sure either. We can comment on this I
just finished with my first month’s supply of eye health vitamins if it’s
our omega-3 for eye health and you didn’t get any relief as of yet any supplement that you take pretty much any supplement
you’re not going to notice the difference for at least a couple months
so consistency is key when you take it every day you will notice a
difference and when you take it over the long term you will notice the
difference but it just takes a little bit for your body to beef up
that omega-3 basically and get that ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 back
to normal in your body and the key thing is an anti-inflammatory diet because all
that all were using this for is healthier oils more anti-inflammatory effects so an anti-inflammatory diet is bigger than
anything else you can do I would rather have you switch to green smoothies every
morning than taking our omega-3 supplement How long did you try HydroEyes before? Just going back to that you have to continue taking it Your body didn’t form dry eye overnight.
You didn’t form all this inflammation overnight. You didn’t form
high blood pressure and diabetes overnight. This builds up in your system over a long period of time and so you’re not
going to get rid of it overnight. It is going to take 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 months, a year to
just get yourself back to normal depending on how determined you are to really fight this and we’re coming out
with a program pretty soon that we’re going to walk a handful of clients
personally us too through a training eight-week training
program and we’ve seen the results that it can cause and we’re looking for
people to join us so look for emails and look for posts in the community because
I think we’re probably only going to roll about 10 people at the first one
and so really look for that and then we’ll see if you’re a fit for it
but it’s a lifestyle change to really take advantage of your body’s ability to heal itself PRN is another good one. Very
expensive PRN is actually it’s a very expensive brand because they
branded themselves so well and that’s how they raise their price so
high but it’s very similar to just a high quality fish oil like ours. I love
ours and then somebody come in and HydroEyes is not fish oil. It is omega-6. It is different. That’s why we recommend taking both. Ocusci is another good one Seven seas, I have never heard of that one I would not waste my money on HydroEyes
have a look at the label to see what is in it You can easily get the GLA and ALA from nutrition Avocado a day, a small amount of hemp seeds and walnuts give you the same amount you get from 3 capsules of HydroEye. I
love that. If you are going to eat nuts that’s another point make sure
they are organic raw not roasted Believe it or not they’re actually pretty tasty.
Just get a bunch of different kinds and mix them all
together. That is what we do and then just keep them in a big container. It’s much better that way. That is how we like it. Heyedrate omega Is tuna high in omega-3? Not as high as
some of the other out there but it does. Salmon, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies are going to be your
highest but tunas are absolutely great don’t shun tuna if you love
tuna that’s one of my favorites too Is sushi wild caught? You just gotta ask the
chef. It’s all about the fish. It’s not about the sushi. Sushi can be tuna
or salmon so just ask if it’s wild caught. If you are at a good restaurant it
usually is. I use coconut oil for my health and sometimes avocado oil and sometimes extra virgin organic olive oils have
been a bit fearful of using too much fish oil because we do not know the
source of the fish oils so we do know the source of our fish oil and our fish
come from the sea outside of Iceland Iceland is one of the only countries in
the world it’s starting to spread more but Iceland is one of the only
countries in the world that you have to practice sustainable fishing practices
in order to fish there and so our fishing is sustainable and therefore fish oil is high-quality, wild, and sustainable
I’m learning a lot in just a few minutes. That’s great. I’m taking Heyedrate omega-3. We like that. That’s awesome that it is wild-caught That was a big thing for us as we needed to know where it came from. Our original product did not have it. That was three years ago and we
came out with it and then a year later we did a lot of research and found this
one. BioSyntrx from BioTears I never heard of that one. I use your dry eye spray 3 times a day. What about sea buckthorn oil? That’s another healthy omega and so just having that
well-balanced omega portfolio Definitely take it. Can you give the
bonus URL again it is then you can get a bottle of our omega-3 for free you just pay shipping and handling if
you’ve never taken advantage of that offer before Smoothies is the biggest thing
you can do. If I could buy a stock in green smoothies I will. Diet is the biggest thing
you can do for your dry eye if you can solve the diet issue which you can learn
more about with our dry eye book and that’s actually what we’re going to be
personally walking people through if you are interested in that just let
us know in the comments below and we can send you more information when we have
it and then we’ll let you know also when we come out with it we’d love to chat with you We will fix it. I’m guessing your spelling something wrong. I will post it because it did
work for me. I will post it here below Where do I post it? Put it on the screen I will post it after we’re done I will post that link so you can see it. We will talk to you guys soon and keep a lookout for our new offer
coming out soon and then our new glass bottle. Here is a little sneak peak here. We will also have a special offer as well so twice the size
of the one ounce so it’s a 2 ounce bottle It is very environmentally friendly Plastic doesn’t degrade glass does

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    By now, everyone has heard about how important fish oil is for your overall health. Why is this? Well, fish oil has some amazing benefits (which we’ll uncover today), and it’s so easy to make sure that you’re taking in the right amount for you.

    So, let’s begin with the most basic question… What is Fish Oil?

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  2. I take cod liver oil from Nordic. I always forget to take it because it has to be refrigerated. I love your videos! Thanks for sharing all the great info on dry eyes. I can’t find the offer for the free fish oil offer on the site you have. I would love to try it. Thank you!

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  4. I’ve been taking fish oil supps for years and switching up brands now and again. Currently I’m using MegaRed advanced 4 in 1 for heart, joints, brain and eyes. I also use 2 T flax seeds, 1 T hemp seeds and 1/2 avocado in my green smoothies every day. I use Restasis, Refresh Mega-3, MediViz wipes and hot compresses every day. I’m sure if I didn’t do any of these things, my dry eye situation would be much worse. BTW what are your thoughts on Klarity-C instead of Restasis?

  5. I'm currently taking nature made fish oil vitamins for my dry eyes twice a day it says its 300 mg omega 3 , 1000 fish oil mg. is taking them twice a day fine?

  6. Hi there! I am currently taking Omega 3 specifically for my dry eyes and it has been a tremendous help. I take 1000mg per day and try to eat fish as often as possible. I am considering increasing the dose and would love to try your omega 3!

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