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$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

– Want to see something cool? Ready for this? – That wasn’t cool. – Do it in slow-mo and it’s cool. Do that in slow-mo. – Today we are on our way to Las Vegas, and what is Vegas known for? Buffets. So we are going to go to three
drastically different buffets at three drastically
different price points to find out which one’s the most worth it at its price. – The last time you went to Vegas you were in different company. – Keith and Steven, best buddies for life. I have matured a lot now. I’m not just going to be
screaming out Vegas, baby. – It will be my first time ever. – What? – Should I scream out Vegas, baby? – Usually when people are in
Vegas they’re intoxicated. When they’re intoxicated
they just want to eat a lot of food. We’re going to find out how
good the food is unintoxicated. I mean, if there’s a drinks buffet maybe we’ll partake a little. We have to have the full experience. We’ve got to do our jobs here. – Okay, so Vegas.
– Baby. – You said we’re in Vegas.
– Baby. – I know you like to
have an occasional drink. I like to have a good time. – Adam is a good time. – And that’s Vegas. – Baby, it’s not about the
destination, yada yada. (tongue vibration) (lively instrumental music) – My name is Timothy Radigan
and I’m the Executive Chef for the Feast Buffet here at Red Rock. We do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today we have breakfast out. We do omelets, we do scrambled eggs, we carve bone-in ham. Our dessert station is open. We have breakfast pastries. I mean we have 154 items
available for breakfast. Almost everything here
is made from scratch, which you rarely find at a buffet. Feast Buffet has always been
behind supporting locals. We try and keep things changing
just so there’s variety for people who come a few times a week. – How do you keep all the food fresh? – With the sheer numbers
that we do it’s fantastic because the food goes. – How much is the breakfast buffet here? – Breakfast is $6.99 for club members and it’s $8.99 without the card. – What? – That is crazy. – You ready? – Yeah, let’s do it. – We’re going, Andrew, we’re gone. Getting a plate. Usually we share a dish. – [Andrew] Yeah, but
now we’re at a buffet. And buffets are not about sharing. – [Steven] Because I was in
charge of making my plate I kind of threw balance out the window. Got an eggs bene, jelly donut, jell-o. It’s about variety of experience. I want as many different
textures happening on my plate as possible. – Not only did you get an eggs benedict, but you also got an omelet
that’s half the size of your plate. What’s with that? – I like eggs. – You’ve got to stay loose. What just came out? What’s looking good? – [Steven] So I got the ham. – I forgot about the carved him. Oh (bleep) you got the hash brown. I’m going to be having
some of your hash browns. – Get off of my hash browns. Can we cheers plates? – Yeah, we can cheers plates. – All right, grab hold of your pancake. – You can’t even see
your red velvet pancake. – [Steven] It’s in there. – It’s covered by a waffle. – No, no, no, it’s topped with a waffle. – I’m going to go for my French toast, since that’s the closest thing I have to a red velvet pancake. – Here we go. Whoa. – [Andrew] It’s so fluffy. – That’s was delicious. That’s probably the best
thing that they have here. – Start with a little eggy action. – [Steven] Oh yeah,
I’ll eat eggs with you. – These are actually
very good scrambled eggs. Mass produced scrambled
eggs are usually among the worst foods, but these are great. – These are not powder eggs. – No, they’re cracking eggs back there. I saw a big ol’ bowl of eggs. – Look at how thick that ham steak is. She just like gave me a … – [Andrew] She carved you off a hunk. My college roommate
really loved ham steaks. Seeing that ham makes me think of him. – It’s good ham. You want some omelet? – I’m good, I enjoy watching you. – It’s fluffy. – Boom, we feasted. You know what I like about buffets? It reminds me of weird family memories. – I don’t go to buffet alone usually. Oh, I have been, actually. (laughs) Hey Adam. Guys, I’m drunk on buffets and
it’s only the first buffet. – I paced myself. That’s your problem, you went in too hard. They were really moving food there. Nothing was really sitting
around, unless it’s meant to sit around like jell-o. – You know what time it is. Buffet fact. NASA says that the brightest
spot on Earth that you can see from space is the Las Vegas Strip. – Wow, how many of those
lights are buffets? Ooh, a helicopter. – Oh God. (laughs) – (groans) We’re actually
now on the Strip. This is where the tourists
are, where the magic happens. – So where are we going to next? – We’ll first we’re going to the bathroom because I’m going to go
take care of some business and unpack my body. – I hate you. – The next place we’re
going is the Wicked Spoon. – Spoon is my favorite utensil. (funky jazz music) – Hey I’m Rhori, the Chef
de Cuisine at Wicked Spoon. We’re here at our restaurant
now, it’s dinner time. – [Steven] Wicked Spoon,
what does that mean? – It’s us taking a kind
of different angle. It’s something outside the box. We have the frog legs and bone marrow. Certain things that you won’t
see on the normal buffet. Just being wicked with it. – I noticed that the size of the plate if different than a normal buffet. – That’s the spoon part. Everything’s cooked to order, basically. We set these up and they’re
little individual dishes. It’s already plated for
you which makes it cleaner, but helps you not overeat
and us to alleviate the waste as well. – I mean, you’re not going
to be able to stop him from overeating, never stop eating. – Let’s not forgot who
almost wrecked themselves at brunch today. What’s the thing you’re
most excited to try? Because we’ve got a lot to cover here. – [Steven] First it was the pork belly. But for me, it’s the
bourbon glazed baby carrots. Never been excited to
eat carrots in my life. What about you? – [Andrew] Frog legs,
grits, whole crawfish. – Bone marrow, anything goes
here at the Wicked Spoon. So, first things first, I’m the realist. We were recommended to
get Wicked Margaritas. Wicked means good in this
context for those who are not up with the times, like
this kid right here. Was born in 1990. – Such a baby. – When were you born? – 1990. – This is too easy to drink. – (foreign words) Steven. Did you see the duck heads? They’re not just bringing
duck meat in this place. They’re bringing ducks. – Umm, that pork belly, so
rich and fatty and delicious. – Oh my God. – No, that pork belly
was better than whatever you just put in your mouth? – You wanna wager? – That actually is way
better than the pork belly I just ate. – Boom, touchdown. I actually never had a frog leg before. What’s a high five called
if you use your foot? Frog foot five. – Mm, technically we just
knocked the thighs together. I’ve had a lot of frog leg in my life. – Have you? – It’s a very classic Chinese dish. But I’ve never had Buffalo frog legs. – That’s good Buffalo sauce. It’s actually got a nice heat to it. Wow, you just, where did that
bone come out of your mouth? You were like storing it
back there like a squirrel getting ready for winter. – What is the appropriate way to eat this? – Bone marrow?
– Yeah. – If you want to suck on
the bone and know you’re … – Bone sucker. These are really good. (laughing) – (bleep) I had a fortune cookie. Your health is important,
eat your vegetables. – Baby carrots. (lively jazz music) Mm, bourbon glaze. Yeah, these Marker’s
Mark is not cheap whiskey and it’s not a whiskey
that you would expect someone to cooked with. – It wasn’t overcooked,
so you got that crunch. – Right, not only is that a nice glaze, the carrot flavor is not missing. – What is this? – That’s carrot cake. I’ve had a carrot cake
every birthday of my life. (smooth jazz music) Very good carrot cake. For the amount and range
of stuff you get here. – There’s the crab, there’s duck. – The pork belly, the prime rib. – I know I say this every episode, but for real, this is the place I’m going to bring my girlfriend. It’s really hard to beat this. That was the perfect buffet. – Really. – The food was super unique,
the chef was awesome. – There were things that
I’d never had before, and I didn’t expect to
try new food at a buffet. – I’ve got to say I was
wowed in the colon-O face. – Not like the colon of your body? – I was going to say
colon-D face, but that’s. – Neither is good. – Buffet fact. There was a study done, so one
group had four dollar buffet, the other group had eight dollar buffet. And the people who paid
eight dollars actually said that the pizza tastes
better than the people who paid four dollars, even
though it was exact same. – So you’re saying lying works. If Vegas has taught me anything,
it’s that blowing money can be pleasurable in itself. Hey, if a buffet tastes
better because I’m splurging a little more money on it, that’s just a better buffet, sorry. – We woke up this morning
at 8:30 to go to one of the most classic buffets in Las Vegas. – We’re going to the Sterling Brunch, which is only on Sundays. – It’s a pretty special thing. – I’m ready. (light classical music) – Hi, I’m Elizabeth Braden-Watkins, I am the Assistant Executive
Chef of Bally’s Paris of Planet Hollywood. We’re here at Sterling Brunch of Bally’s. This brunch is actually a Vegas tradition. It’s over 30 years old. – So has this always been
the premiere Vegas brunch? – It has. I think people have an expectation
of what Sterling Brunch is supposed to be. That’s why you have the
champagne, and the caviar, and lobster. Right here is our fresh seafood station. We have the bluepoint
oysters, then crab claws. There is a Sterling
Brunch specialty omelet that Webster is famous for. It’s lobster, boursin, and cognac. This is our carving station. We have the bacon, prime rib,
and lamb that’s a staple. We have a variety of
pastries that are made by our in-house pastry chef. I personally always love
chocolate-covered strawberries. – How often is this brunch open? – It’s open every Sunday. Being that it’s one day a
week it makes it very easy for us to make sure that we’re bringing the quality in as fresh as possible. – How much is the brunch? – It’s $95, and that’s the
all-you-can-have champagne included so it’s definitely worth it. – Now it feels like we’re in Vegas. Even the regular buffet food’s elevated. Because everything here looks so good, we didn’t make our own plates. We just got the best stuff and
we’re going to share it all, in true worth-it form. – Hello, good morning, welcome
to the Sterling Brunch. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I’m Duff, I’ve been here for 18 years, started in 1998. – You got any good brunch stories? – Favorite person you’ve ever waited on? – Rodney Dangerfield. That’s how he was in real life. He would just come in and
was like hey, how’s it going? – Thanks a lot for your service. Want to do some of this? (clinking) (piano music) – I love champagne, and the
sound of popping champagne. – Oh, here comes the buffet. Look at this popover. It kind of looks like an ice cream cone made of puff pastry. – Oh.
– Oh. – Whoa.
– Oh. (gentle classical music) – This is amazing. – I mean, this doesn’t need butter. – Let’s go to this egg. Lobster, cognac, boursin omelet. It’s one of the stinkier cheeses, but with the butteriness of the lobster it’s really nice. – Do you want caviar, this
omelet, and make it even crazier? – Honestly, not really. (gentle piano music) – That’s actually really good. The combination of … – All right, all right. (gentle piano music) – Ooh, all the sudden
there’s like this sea breeze washing over the cheese. – It’s like a puzzle. – It is a puzzle for your mouth to solve. Can I ask you another question? What was Mr. Dangerfield’s
favorite thing to eat? – He was right at those lobster tails. – Well, I mean you’ve got
to do the lobster tails. (gentle classical music) Is that your favorite thing so far? – It really is perfectly
cooked and so, so good. – Dessert time. – She recommended
chocolate-covered strawberries. Can I get the white chocolate one? – White chocolate is for children. (ethereal choral singing) (laughs) – The strawberry’s nice and tart. The chocolate dark and sweet,
the perfect strawberry. Yesterday you said that
you were going to bring your girlfriend into Wicked Spoon. This is where I’m bringing my girlfriend. Come on, we’re in the desert in Nevada and I’m eating lobster from
the bottom of the ocean. – And there’s no way it’s
from yesterday’s brunch because they only have it once a week. – Sterling Brunch, done? – Done. Guys, I’m intoxicated by
the sheer volume of food that we have consumed on this trip. – I’m more food drunk than
any other kind of drunk. – That’s exactly what I just said. – I said it better. – So Andrew, Adam, what
did you guys think? What was the best buffet
at its given price point? – Red Rock was a ridiculous value. I don’t know that I’ve
even eaten more food for less cost. That being said, that Sterling
Brunch was ridiculous. Duff in his tuxedo and his eye patch with his stories of Rodney Dangerfield, that’s worth the price alone. My worth it winner, Sterling Brunch. I guess I’m a high roller now. – There’s just a puppy strolling… – Oh my gosh. – Yo, pull the (bleep) over,
I’m petting this puppy. He’s growling at me. He didn’t want to play. – Red Rock, it was under $10,
and it was all of the classics that you wanted done well. My worth the win today
goes to the Wicked Spoon. Everything was like a good
dish, plus something special. I would have liked vegetables
growing up as a kid if I ate his carrots. – Yeah, all kids should
be eating whiskey carrots. – Adam. – The winner? – Whoa. – You know what I’d like
to do an episode on? Little birds, pheasant, quail. – To eat or as pets? – To eat. – [Male] Oh yes.

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