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7 Keys to Prevent Aging (and Cancer!) – Dr. Howard Fisher || A Global Quest Video Clips

7 Keys to Prevent Aging (and Cancer!) – Dr. Howard Fisher || A Global Quest Video Clips

Dr. Fisher: I’m 64 and I’ll be 65. But I’ve been in anti-aging medicine for
30 years, and no it’s not nips and tucks. I do it preventively. So yes, I get to collect a pension if I choose. Ty Bollinger: I honestly find it hard to believe
that you’re almost 65. Dr. Fisher: In two months. In two months. It’s nuts that people think, “What are
you, 45, 48, 50?” I start chuckling. I get asked to prove—when I tell people
my age I get, “Can you show me some ID?” I go, “Why? Do you think I would lie about being older?” It doesn’t happen. So, the reality is if you start to watch what
goes in, well that becomes preventive anti-aging. There are seven areas that I look at that
change the chronological clock that goes, “tick, tick, tick, tick” to a physiological
clock. And you can control the physiological clocks
it goes, “tick tick, tick tick.” And your buddy Mike Adams, he’s all over
food. I’m all over food, so my first factor is
diet. Watch what you eat. And people go, “Why?” I go, “So you don’t hurt yourself.” And I use Mike’s quote about the food chain
being perhaps intentionally designed to end humanity. I like that one. So watch what you eat. Two, find a nutritional source. Find something that’s going to give you
nutrition because it’s not in the food chain. We can see that from the incidence of disease. So for me, my primary source of nutrition
is moringa oleifera. I’ve written three books on it and I think
it’s a wonderful plant? Three, exercise. Now, you used to lift in the big time. So you understand exercise. Exercise is important for your entire body. Absolutely necessary. Fourth point, meditation. I don’t care if it’s religion. Any form of spirituality. For me it’s walking around this beautiful
golf course right here thinking of nothing but that little white dimpled ball. And the next time I hit it, I am generating
a different brain wave. Four, good quality air. How many people sit inside where everything
is off gassing all the time and never get out? Ty Bollinger: Most people. Dr. Fisher: Most people. Six, good quality water. Well, you’re in Canada now. We have more water than anybody and we still
have to make sure it’s good quality. And seven, protection from electromagnetic
radiation which is everywhere. And I should quickly point out—because you’ll
be attacked for this, for me even making that statement as I am. If they’re listening—cell phones, it’s
not like there’s not enough ambient electromagnetic radiation everywhere because we’re transmitting
information. I’ll get to that in a second But if you examine what a cell phone is, a
little battery powered device is not really dangerous. What it can do, some of the functions, can
lead to danger. It’s like a car parked in a parking lot
never gets into an accident that’s its fault. But it can be involved in an accident if someone
hits it. So a cell phone, a little battery powered
device, doesn’t really do much from that perspective. Now the carrier wave, I don’t think our
body can understand that. So what factor is it? The information that we are transmitting. That’s the thing that’s coming in between
0 and 100 hertz, that our body is being affected by. That’s where the problem comes in. So who’s doing that? You are, I am, we are. We’re all doing that. Information, data, information, all affecting
us. So is it the cell phone provider? No. Are they allowing us to do that? That’s like saying you got drunk and crashed
your car because someone manufactured alcohol. No. You drank the alcohol. So the reality is we’re responsible, we
have to take responsibility. And there’s things we can do about all that
anyway. There’s things we can do about all of everything. You don’t exercise? Well, exercise. You don’t meditate? Well, meditate. You don’t find nutrition in your food? Find some. So, if you follow those factors, we can get
to a physiological clock which is anti-aging. Literally, anti-aging. Otherwise you’d have a date stamped on the
bottom of your foot. “You were born here and you’re going to
do here,” so best before. Got it on milk, has it on orange juice. Has it in the supermarket. No “best before” date on humans. Ty Bollinger: So, in light of what you just
said Dr. Fisher about the date stamp. Isn’t that what an oncologist does when
a cancer patient is diagnosed and they say, “You got advanced liver cancer, you got
three months to live.” I mean they just date stamp them. Is that wise and is that not the same thing
in as, in effect, as giving them a death sentence? Dr. Fisher: Well, it is a death sentence. But understand, on a previous episode of the
“The Truth About Cancer,” I believe that you had someone espousing what most oncologists
would do if they had cancer. What was it 90 percent? Over 90 percent? Ty Bollinger: Right around that, yes. Dr. Fisher: Around 90 percent would not follow
their own protocols. Ty Bollinger: Right. Dr. Fisher: So, the doctors are being honest. That’s all. Because they understand that given certain
parameters there’s very little we can do by the parameters that they’re using. So I don’t hold it against the doctors. I think it’s a system that people are inclined
to follow. And I don’t want to point fingers. I just want people to be more compliant about
dealing with their own health. I was fortunate enough to sit down with the
head of biological research with Samsung. Very small company in Korea. Ty Bollinger: Very small company. Dr. Fisher: Very small company. And he told me, “Listen, we understand that
there is an issue. We can’t figure out the issue because it’s
not coming from our phone. The research would take twenty years to try
and break down and figure out is it one percent cell phone, is it three percent carrier wave,
is it 96 percent people using it, is it two percent cell phone tower? We can’t figure this out. It says in the manuals, ‘Don’t hold them
next to your body.’ Alright.” Ty Bollinger: That’s a smart first step,
isn’t it? Dr. Fisher: There you go. Why would you eat food—it’s the same thing,
all the areas, it’s the same thing. Would you go drink out of that pond? I wouldn’t. I don’t know what’s in there, but I don’t
think it’s clean enough to drink. But some people are doing that with their
diets. The food they put in their body is no better
for them than drinking out of a puddle, or a pond, or your toilet. Not the clean water in the toilet, the other,
which may be even better than a lot of the other things. You just get a lot of e-coli that kind of
lives where that is. Take the steps that you need to move in the
right direction. Ty Bollinger: Right. Dr. Fisher, I think that’s good advice. To take control over what we’ve been given
control over, which is our food, water, what we put into our body, the amount of exposure
that we get to those cell phones next to our body. Keep them away.

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  1. A harmless jew. Hey, that's better than one that will hurt you! Why is he a jew? He is ugly. He talks with his hands. Last name Fisher, rather than Fischer. No religion. Says we should meditate, but he does not. Says walking the golf course is his spirituality. How sad. The people of Abram, Isaac, and Jacob gave us the Holy Bible. Here is a descendant that does not read The Book, or believe what it says. Not a person worth listening to at all.

  2. We age from the moment that we are born. Nobody can try to look young when they are no longer young. Mr. Fisher does not look like a young man at all. He does not look like he is 45, 48, or 50. The most that he looks is high fifties. When they say that middle-aged celebrities ate ageless. How can you prove that they look younger than their age when the photos are touched and we never met them in person. Don't you agree?

  3. Thank you Ty Bollinger, another excellent presentation, with another excellent guest of yours.
    Keep on moving and inspiring us friend.
    Best wishes from Athens-Greece.

  4. Chiropractor Howard Fisher was formally cautioned by his licensing chiropractic board to NOT use the term "expert" in Jan. 2013.
    He was also cautioned not to use the claimed M.B.B.S. medical degree claim (it's a phony degree which he couldn't prove to the board that he earned)…but Fisher still publically claims it…  PHONY!!!

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