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7 Reasons Why Vital Choice Fish Oil Is a Great Supplement

7 Reasons Why Vital Choice Fish Oil Is a Great Supplement

Hey everyone, Harrison Alley here with Lifehacker’s Guide
and today I’m going to be talking about one of the best fish oil supplements out there: But first, let’s talk about what makes a
fish oil supplement great. Functional medicine practitioner and paleo
expert, Chris Kresser highlights 7 important qualities to consider when purchasing a fish
oil supplement: The first is Purity. This one seems like a no-brainer – obviously
you want your fish oil supplement to be as pure as possible, with as few contaminants
as possible. Unfortunately, many fish oil supplements do
not meet international standards for heavy metals and other contaminants – even when
they claim they do. The 2nd quality is Freshness. Omega-3 oils are susceptible to oxidation,
which makes them rancid. Rancid oils are pro-inflammatory and contribute
to the diseases you’re trying to relieve or prevent by taking fish oil in the first
place! The 3rd is Potency. In order to have the desired anti-inflammatory
effect, fish oil must contain an adequate amount of the long-chain omega-3 derivatives
EPA and DHA. DHA is especially important. And some health gurus like Ben Greenfield
recommend having equal parts EPA and DHA or as close to equal as possible The 4th quality to look for is whether the
fish oil contains other nutrients. All fish oils contain some amount of EPA and
DHA. However, fish oil from natural/non-synthetic
sources usually contain some naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins that are difficult to
obtain from foods and are a nice bonus. The 5th quality is Bio-availability or the
ability to absorb the beneficial components of fish oil is based on the molecular shape
of the fatty acids. The more natural the structure the better. Another quality to look for in a fish oil
supplement is sustainability: In other words, The fish should be harvested in a sustainable
manner and the species fished should not be under threat. The last quality you want in a fish oil supplement
is that it be affordable. So how does Vital Choice’s wild alaskan
sockeye salmon fish oil stack up? Let’s take a look. Purity
Vital Choice’s sockeye salmon fish oil nutrient levels and purity are monitored by the well-respected
and stringent independent 3rd party NSF International. So Vital Choice receives a pass on purity. 2. Freshness
Vital Choice’s salmon oil contains a potent antioxidant called astaxanthin that helps
ensure it’s not oxidized by the time it gets to you. 3. potency
This fish oil contains 240mg of EPA and 220mg of DHA. This is a good amount of total omega 3 and
contains almost equal quantities of EPA and DHA which is awesome because many fish oil
supplements contain way too much EPA and not enough DHA.
4. Other nutrients
This natural form of fish oil is processed without heat using micro-filtration, which
retains naturally occurring vitamins A and D. And I personally purchase the type that
is reinforced with even more vitamin D. 5. Bioavailability
Obviously because this fish comes from salmon, a totally natural source, the body absorbs
it well. But if you’re interested in the potential
for even better absorption, Vital Choice also sells Krill Oil. I personally haven’t investigated Krill
Oil as closely as standard fish oil but preliminary evidence suggests it could be even more effective
for reducing inflammation in the body. And I will definitely consider buying Krill
Oil once my year’s supply of fish oil runs out. 6. Sustainability
NSF international also ensures that Vital Choice’s wild salmon is caught at such a
quantity that it does not deplete fish populations. 7. Cost
At about 48 cents a serving, this supplement isn’t exactly cheap like creatine. But remember that quality supplements are
an investment in your health to help you avoid expensive and painful health issues later
on. In my opinion, this investment is well worth
it. In fact, I purchased a year’s supply for
my wife and me. There you have it. This is why I think Vital Choice’s wild
salmon fish oil is one of the best out there. Thanks for checking out this video and my
channel! If you liked my review, please subscribe to
my channel and let me know what else you want me to review in the comments!

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