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75 Fish For A 75 Gallon Tank

75 Fish For A 75 Gallon Tank

hey everyone this is DW arias and
welcome to another day in the fish room welcome to another day in my office so
today I have a much requested video so you guys saw my 55 gallon stock ideas
for a 55 gallon aquarium you also saw my 29 stock ideas for a 29 gallon aquarium
you guys asked me to keep going to series so today I’m gonna give you guys
75 fish for a 75 gallon aquarium now notice I said 75 fish if I was to list
entire stock ideas for all these fish this video will be extremely long so
instead I’m gonna be listed 75 different vocal fish for your aquarium and I know
you guys can figure out the rest now if you haven’t already I highly recommend
that you go and watch those other two videos to 55 stock ideas and 29 gallon
because with this video I tried my best not to repeat any of those fish listed
in those videos so today you’re gonna get 75 fish but if you watch those
videos you’re gonna have over a hundred different stock ideas for years 75
gallon aquarium now even though a 75 gallon aquarium is only 20 gallons
larger than a 55 the footprint of the 75 gallon aquarium makes it just a lot more
easy to keep a lot more different fish so a 75 gallon aquarium the standard 75
measures 48 inches long by 18 inches wide by 21 inches tall to 18 inches wide
being a magic the big difference maker between the 55 and 75 because that extra
width it’s just a lot more useable space for a larger fish so yeah right here I
have my list of 75 fish there’s a long list so I will be brief with all these
fish so as always if you have any questions or comments about what you see
today let me know in a comment section below also a lot of these fish may be
hard to find so in a comment section below I’ll leave some stores that do
have a lot of these species in stock so every 175 fish for a 75 gallon aquarium
so to start things off we’re gonna take a look at my 75 gallon aquarium so I’m
using this tank as a native tank I want a couple of months ago and I caused some
fish from a nearby lake I ended up with three pumpkin seed sunfish and six blue
gills there’s not honor information about
these sunfish but what I do know is that the blue gills can reach about 12 inches
the pumpkin seeds can reach about 8 inches and
they grill to do become a little bit more aggressive so in this size aquarium
it will be best if I keep their made a pair or just a single one with maybe
some thinner fish so that’s what I’ll do I’ll eat the grow up one of these blue
gills getting a nice decent bluegill probably ml and that hum be the only
fish in this tank with some Odessa Barb’s maybe because this barks can live
in a cooler water or I could try to get me a mated pair of my pumpkin seeds
because I do like the color eni’s but yeah whip some things there’s definitely
an option now there are smaller species of starfish that you could choose and
you can have like a little colony in a 75 gallon aquarium some fish that only
max around 6 to 5 to 6 inches but with these they do get a little bit larger so
I’ll be best if I keep a made a pair or a single one with the other fishes so
yeah that’s your first option for stuck in a 75 gallon aquarium similar to that
the second option is still work with native fish you could have a community
native tank with like rainbow days rainbow these are very beautiful fish
found across North America I would keep these with some darters and
devil would be a beautiful crime I was scape it up and it definitely will be
enjoyable standing in the category of cold water fish you could do a goldfish
aquarium I would have like 5 to 6 fancy goldfish along with some dojo lodges and
I definitely would be awesome you can also do a mix barb tank now out of
Barb’s are oftentimes sold as tropical fish but for the most part most of them
like cooler waters so I have some Odessa Barb’s some gold barb some rosy barb
mixed together on the bottom line and have some due diligence and you could
run that tank without a heater it would be very active and at the same time very
colorful still with Barb’s you can have a thumb in barb colony but this one is a
more tropical bar you can reach about 6 inches there are super active and they
are super colorful so definitely a nice enjoyable take they are a high-energy
fish so you wanna make sure whoever you mix them with they could keep up when it
comes to feeding and just overall hyper attitude you 2 spanha Barb’s Anna Barb’s
in the 75 I will do maybe 6 or 7 these Barb’s could get about 6 or 7 inches and
not only do they get 6 to 7 inches long they also get pretty tall so definitely
a very interesting fish to keep you can do silver dollars you could keep spotted
so described so dollars or Red Hook as your main focal fish you also do any
type of rainbow fish I think all rainbow fish will do good any 75 gallon aquarium
you can do like kissing gourami you know I was looking for love kissing gourami
it seems like these fish are losing attention but these fish can reach about
eight inches and they definitely are some cool focal fish for an aquarium you
can also do a brown ghost knifefish in the 75 gallon aquarium notice I said the
brown Goats knife the black close life to get too big or the ground goes knife
get about 10 inches which is ideal for 75 I will put it in a community aquarium
what fish does not to small be eaten and it definitely will be a nice oddball you
also do a dragon puffer now these puffer are a little bit more
calm they are more stationary so I mix them with a more active fish that swims
higher maybe like the filament Barb’s that I listed earlier something fast I
could get away if the puffer tried to eat them you also
do a red tail bowtie a colony this is a type of launch they can reach about
seven eight inches to have a nice bluish body with orange tails and they like to
stay at the bottom I will do maybe a colony of six of them in 75 and didn’t
have some fish that swim more higher like rainbow fish or even or spanner
Barb’s and you can do a red wolf fish now there are several different types of
wolfish these fish are predators they have awesome faces they just look insane
with these teeth the red wolf fish gets about eight inches which is ideal for a
75 gallon aquarium now these fish is a hit or miss when it comes to techniques
because they are predatorial so they are stationary which makes you want to I
take meats well you definitely ought to be careful you also have a gulper
catfish for your 75 gallon aquarium now even though this fish has a huge
reputation of just being a monstrous either the gopal catfish only gets about
10 inches so that definitely makes it suitable for a 75 gallon aquarium but of
course these fish can eat fish the same size as themselves so you definitely
want to keep one and your aquarium you can also keep a colony off spotted pick
this catfish pick this catfish are a very active group of catfish I love your
energy level I love the way they look I will keep like six of them once again
these fish do like to stay at the bottom so you gotta find someone to stay at the
top some type of barb will do sommore rainbow fish or even larger
types of tetra hey 75 gallon aquarium is also a great tank for mudskippers it’s a
lot of space to create special location for your mudskippers to come out of
water so that will be very cool similar today you can have an ellipse of pallid
areum an ellipse or a fish similar to mudskipper if they like to come out of
the water they swim with their eyes above the water and you can make it like
a pallid areum where you have a little bit of water a little bit of terrestrial
area and it will be very cool and the thing is I never I don’t really see a
lot of people doing that type of choreo so maybe you could be the first you can
also have a climbing perch inside a 75 gallon aquarium these fish are a little
bit more aggressive think of each about eight inches and I will do one with like
maybe some some others now the cool thing about these fish is that if they
jump out they live for up to a week off the water so if you come home and you
find your perch not inside your aquarium don’t stress out you have a week to find
them I hope the option for you 75 gallon aquarium is a pink tail ciao seus and
there are two different species I’ve kept both one of my jump towel
unfortunately the other one was either by my red terror unfortunately again but
on these fish are very beautiful they’d like to stay at the top portion of the
aquarium so like I said above if you have any of those faced I like to swim
lower like the low channel catfish one of these fish definitely would bring
more activity to the top level of the aquarium
there are predatorial they do have teeth like the bugs and insects so a very cool
fish just make sure you keep a lid and you’ll go you only keep one per quorum
because they are aggressive towards each other keeping it with the owl boss you
can have an excellent tank do salamanders are becoming more and more
popular in this hobby I think mainly because of the holiday look and at the
same time they are pretty easy to take care of no I honestly don’t know much
about them but I would try to keep like 2 of them in a 75 or some school and
fish I don’t definitely would be very enjoyable you’ll also do a million
whiptail catfish tank this is something that I definitely would love to do the
only problem is these two million whiptail’s are very hard to find on the
only place I sought up for sale was in a UK and I was like fifty two dollars to
ship them to the US and I just wasn’t really to pay that much oh yeah these
fish are ancient-looking you look very awesome I
will keep them in 275 or a lot of sand because they like to burrow and maybe
some Tetra because they are peaceful and it definitely will be awesome you also
do peacock ills inside of a 75 yard aquarium I mentioned before that these
fish are very difficult but I think in a 75 if you provide a lot of sand maybe
keep about four or five of them in his tank you definitely have a chance
because you can feed them the fantasy foods that they need to eat look some
smaller tetra and that definitely well not too long to Ian but yeah that
definitely would be very cool another cool fish for you 75 gallon aquarium is
the Harlequin shark now these fish you really don’t see too often but they are
definitely very beautiful fish on they reach about six inches and in a 75
gallon tank I would keep maybe four or five of them these fish if you look at
their mouths they do have like a suction mouth so I imagine they would spend the
most of their time perch to rocks went to driftwood so I will also put some
free swimming fish to go with them like some larger Tetro some silver dollars or
some peaceful Barb’s and I definitely will be a cool tank you can also do
spotted head standards these fish are similar to tetra they are
schooling group of fish a school of ten of them with maybe some corridors will
look amazing similar today you got the marble head stander another type of head
standard with just a different pattern a lower Simon fish because these fish swim
in a metal and the different would be awesome fish it goes to do a elephant
nose fish in a 75 gallon aquarium now these fish are becoming so common
and it’s weird because they are a little bit trickier feed but yet they’re
becoming more and more common I see so many people selling them so you could
try if you’re tempted by all the sellers and a 75 gallon aquarium
I love the cool fish 75 gallon aquarium is the watermelon dish to us this is a
fish then this pretty rare they go got about 5 to 6 inches I would keep maybe
one inside a community aquarium they can’t be aggressive towards their own
kind so it’s best if you keep one with some peaceful fish I would mix these
with maybe those head standards to my list of afar and it definitely won’t be
a nice oddball fish those are the Bareilles Arden’s which is
a group of fish very similar to Danielle they are top water swimmers and their
pattern your body pattern is just very amazing I will keep a colony of about
maybe 10 of them in a 75 and I definitely will be enjoyable
you keep those whips on Pentagon Pentagon our aid another quarter face
just like the Burley’s Arden’s these fish are more suction allergy interface
so they’ll be purged to rocks to driftwood and they like to be in groups
as well so about six to ten of them and 75 will do awesome I can’t move on so
now it’s time to introduce the cichlids that can live inside a 75 gallon
aquarium now we all know that cichlids are some very smart fish they have
amazing personalities and because of that D are unpredictable so because of
that I’m just gonna be listing the names of these fish that I believe are
suitable for a 75 gallon aquarium it’s up to you to figure out who you can mix
them with and who you can’t mix them with I’m not willing to give you guys
any suggestions because what work for me definitely does not have to work for you
and I don’t want any chaos coming because I told you to mix certain types
of fish so I’m just gonna give you the names of these fish I may give you a
suggestion here and deer but for the most part you’re gonna have to do
research to figure out who you could poke with these siblings look that being
said you can have a green chrome icicle inside of 75 gallon aquarium these
cichlids come from India the mouseka reach about 10 inches the females can
reach about 6 inches you can have a made a pair to 75 gallon aquarium these fish
really are not as aggressive as most likely so you could get away with
keeping one with like maybe some bigger community fish maybe some someone else
would agree because these green chromis are herbivores so we always are hopeful
Boris if you definitely are a great combo we also do starry night cichlids
these are likely coming from Madagascar I love the Madagascar Stickley that you
keep it 75 is the lamento cichlid very beautiful very rare it also keep
five-star generals as I was having fun on the corium T fish are very aggressive
what I would do is get like a colony of five juveniles quorum out try getting me
to Pier and even what the mated pair you gotta watch because the milk could
easily kill the female because they’re just insane fish but very beautiful you
also keep some Erica say glisten 275 you can have them a Buddha tank um depends
on what type of opponent but on average you have about fifteen and twenty mbuna
and set a 75 gallon aquarium you also do a peacock tank
pick up with a few HAP’s but you gotta make sure that the haps are not those
gigantic caps you own the haps 10 max at around 8 inches and I definitely
awesome they also do a Victorian aquarium cichlids from Victoria both for
the most part most Victoria’s don’t really get too big the biggest probably
get around seven inches you’d probably keep about 20 of them it’s out of 75 we
will also do a profuse colony we all know that there are several different
types of Trofeo species and I’m a colleague of them in 75 would look
awesome cool five bars stick let’s hang now from Tosa are too big for 75 but
these are definitely agree alternative you can have like the colony of like
maybe six of them in a 75 and I definitely will be awesome okay so now
we’re going to make our way into Central and South American cichlids 40 75 gallon
aquarium and if you know me you know that this is my home court I definitely
enjoy Central and South Fork I say close so first off you can have an electric
blue jack dempsey inside 75 gallon aquarium tees for the most part or not
as aggressive as regular Jack Dempsey’s they get about six inches so you got
wine or made a pair if you do keep one you could get away with keeping them in
a community tank with fish down large enough to not be eaten so that will be
awesome you can also have a for burps and I say clear this out at 75 gallon
aquarium deep finish just like the jacket emceed electric blue jack dempsey
are not as aggressive so you get away with keeping them with some larger tetra
a single one will do awesome if you do get a pair they will be more aggressive
so you may be you may be forced to keep the pair alone but a single one in the
community tank will be awesome you know keep a colony of Jimny Gio faggus balls
Andy this is a beautiful-looking Gio vagus the nuclear hump on this fish is
just amazing I would keep about five or six of them in this tank and include
some tetra larger tetra and it will be awesome you can also keep a pair of lap
interfer cichlids these fish are similar to Gio faggus on
the latest at the bottom the very rare looking fish and it will be cool to have
a mate appear with some higher swimming fish you can also keep some panda log
roll inside a 75 gallon aquarium these fish definitely look amazing you
don’t see them too often and for most part they’re not too aggressive so you
can keep a single one with some community of fish or you keeping me two
pair also keep the Inca stone cichlid this is a sickly that grows to about six
inches just like the few that I listed not
aggressive so you could get away in a community tank with fish that are not
small enough to be eating you also do the demon a theater now even though it’s
called the demon air theater it’s definitely not too aggressive um you can
keep it with larger school in fishing you keep away angel fish and definitely
would be a nice combo you keep discus inside a 75-yard
aquarium maybe a total of about five or six of them you keep regular water rule
cyclists on the definitely look just as also mr. panner water rule maybe a pier
or a single one they’ll keep Redfin acara this is a
beautiful fish that goes about eight inches probably best if you keep one in
a community tank just like the rest with fish large enough not to be eaten or
give a mated pair you can also keep a several inside of 75 gallon aquarium on
there are several different types of several and I believe that they all can
do well in 75 you just want to make sure that you need to keep a single one or it
may appear don’t worry keep too many several the same species in a 75 because
they do get around the mouths can reach a good eight to ten inches and they
can’t clash in a 75 so it’s best if you keep I made a pair or just keep one with
maybe some small Geno faggots or some community fish that are not too small to
be in I definitely will look awesome looking regular Jack Dempsey’s in 75 I
would just keep a mate appear Jack Dempsey’s are a little bit more
aggressive so it does provide a little bit more confusion when it comes to
fighting tank mates similar today you can do Cuban cichlids Cuban sticklers
again it would be beautiful but it can be very aggressive so I made a pair
would do awesome you also do the McCall cichlid now this goes back another
category with the more peaceful cichlids on they reach about 8 inches the
Middle’s females Taylor this small are very beautiful and they do good either
solo with a community tank or in a meet of pair you can also keep a green terror
cycle inside a 75-yard aquarium you could keep a single male or you could
keep a medal in the female and there definitely will look awesome
you keep basketmouth sickles inside a 75 and I’m referring to the kakuida family
these are predatorial fish you do got to be careful but they’re not as aggressive
so you could do like a meat appear or you do like an individual with some
larger fish like silver dollars that they can’t swallow and it definitely
will be a nice focal fish a chocolate cichlid there’s also another
option for a 75 gallon aquarium I recommend getting the meat of pear
chocolate sickness can be a little bit unpredictable when it comes to their
aggression so you’d be best off just with a melon female and they will look
amazing when they breathe so nice reds and
purples in their color someone said that you can have a pair of Gillibrand
cichlids I think it’s best for you to get a mated pair because these fish
actually change colors when they breed and he just look I’m fully stunning as a
peer and also do antelope v last night this is a sickly in the same family as
the very devil now I thought about adding the red devil to this list but I
just thought that they get too big so this is definitely a great substitute
same personality as the red devil just a little bit smaller a lot more color so
definitely a nice option you also keep the grim old cichlids in 775 this is a
fish that they call the mini dole die so the imagine that these fish are very
aggressive so you keep one and we just have a nice what type of personality
come and bite at the glass flare the glass and just be very personable fish
you can also keep a yellow GI classic and 75 gallon aquarium this isn’t the
same same family as the Jaguar cichlid he could reach about eight inches and a
parent would do awesome 275 now I know a lot of you guys like my pike cichlid
their lives as I might like a 50 gallon aquarium you like the way he looks
the cool thing about pipes is that there are so many different types in a range
of size you have some small pikes and you have some larger pipes so any of you
guys saw pikes that live this on a 75 gallon aquarium now I will warn you to
be careful who you mix them with my pike started off very peaceful and all of a
sudden he became very aggressive so you definitely got to be careful who you mix
your pipes with because I believe for the most part they all have that
unpredictable personality when it comes to behavior but the first pike they can
live inside a 75 gallon aquarium is Trina’s cichlid Alta the next option is
the belly collar this is called the Billie Carla Pike because likes to stay
on the bottom and spends a lot of time just swimming across the bottom of the
substrate you also keep a red fin pike that’s out of 75 gallon aquarium you can
also keep a striped PICUs out of 75 gallon aquarium but for those fish reach
about 8 inches I’m saying personality that you see what my page is that a
smaller size the next fish that you keep us out of 75 gallon aquarium is the
vieja organi now I find that being how it can
be very shy fish a lot of times they like to be kept in groups so 75 is too
small for large group so instead you could get a meter pair and that way you
still get bold coloration and bold behavior you can also keep meso hairs or
notice and a 75 gallon aquarium I currently have two of these fish and a
deadly or some very beautiful fish I will keep like a group of them
eventually I thought I grew up they grow to about 6 to 7 inches
I will pair them off okay like I made a pair and maybe keep some cells with them
and sit in a 75 and the devil would be cool similar to that you can have mental
hair to actual medical artists same family as two or not is just a
little different when it comes to the look but the same thing not too
aggressive so I would keep it with just a group of the same species grow them up
get a pair and put them with some several dollars or some larger type of
tetra that they can’t eat and it definitely will be a cool fish I like
the cool fish water 75 gallon aquarium is to give a sub Stickley
now this is similar to vieja where these fish can be very shy so it’s best if you
keep a made-up ear so you can get the most amount of activity the most amount
of color and just the most amount of enjoyment it can also keep a – cichlids
on a 75 gallon aquarium now honestly I have to debate whether or not I should
add this fish to the list because – cyclists can reach about 15 inches or so
they say but I never actually sold my a cichlid reach 7 15 inches so I’m gonna
say you can keep them but just keep one a male or a female doesn’t matter you
should be able to get some nice personality from them and it will be a
nice enjoyable tank you can also keep a lot of cichlids
inside a 75 gallon aquarium now I definitely recommend that you only keep
one these fish are notoriously aggressive I
see a lot of videos of people with them and it takes an 8-byte deglass and just
always want to attack your hand when you put them in the tank so it’s probably
best if you just keep one even a mated pair isn’t that easy to do because the
males are just so crazy a lot of times they kill a female but if you do keep
one they are very beautiful fish and no doubt they’ll be very entertainment
wealth all that aggression can also keep King Kong parrots inside a 75 gallon
aquarium you can maybe try to keep a made it pair or a single one with some
smaller stick it’s like convicts or stuff like that
can also keep a rose queen sickle in 2075 can also keep a red Mammon cichlid
this is definitely an hybrid I think this makes for like a parrot and a
flower or something but it’s like a red stubby bulky fish and just I’m awesome
looking finished very aggressive best if you just keep one but definitely very
enjoyable the next fish on this list is similar to the red member cichlid and it
is the famous flowerhorn cichlid so we don’t know flowerhorns I just really
sought out there you know are very beautiful fish um the overall body of
the flower horn is very strong looking and just overall the personality of
these fish is very amazing and you can keep one flower horn inside a 75 gallon
aquarium and no doubt you’ll be very pleased
and finally the 75th fish for a 75 gallon aquarium there is the red Texas
cichlid and this fish is becoming more and more popular is a mix between the
green Texas and the blood parrot sometimes you come out with ugly fish
sometimes you get lucky you come out with a beautiful redfish these fish the
size sometimes does vary some of them end up like nine inches so I’m getting
enough 12 inches but overall a 75 gallon aquarium will do good for one and I’ll
say one because these fish can be pretty aggressive just like the flower aren’t
so yeah just keep one and you’ll definitely be pleased everyone so that
has been 75 fish that can live beside a 75 gallon aquarium now as I said in the
beginning I was brief so if you have any questions or comments about what you saw
today let me know in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP
but if you liked this video make sure you get a thumbs up if you want more
videos like this make sure you subscribe and before leaving I’ll give you guys
one more bonus dog idea so a little bit earlier I spoke to you guys about 2x
alotta this is a solid manner that was introduced to the Hobby and it took off
everybody loves them I don’t know if I do imagine creating aquarium 75 counting
with noops in it newts are another type of affiliates
creature they come from all over the world you have different types some of
them are colorful some of them get baked I’m gonna get small but imagine keeping
them in 75 gallon aquarium this could be the next thing think about it

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