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Tiff Benson here welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you kind of what’s been going on in my life and my fitness journey and you know I might not be as present here on YouTube because I’ve been trying to get my fitness life together no I’m saying so I wanted to share what I’m supplementing with these days for weight loss like I’m totally into fitness I kind of always have been because if you don’t know already I am a professional dancer so you have to take care of your body you know there’s a lot of pressure to stay fit, stay slim to look lean and healthy but honestly with me I just feel like I like to take care of my body so I don’t feel the pressure outside pressure I want to take care of me for me so I wanted to show you a couple of things that I’ve been using and yeah let’s get into it first supplement I’ve been using weight loss that I have been loving with a passion is this bad boy right here it is organifi green juice drink I actually use this a lot for my pre-workout before exercise this gives you energy it gives you mental clarity I did a review on this so you can go ahead and check that out in another video I’ll leave it in the cards but anyway yeah this gives you a lot of energy and a lot of focus to get things done like I like to take this even when I’m just doing the day’s worth of work so good so so so so good can’t say enough about it the next thing that I’ve been using and I feel like it cuts my fat so well you know what I’m saying when you try to like lean out you want to get a little bit more muscle tone and definition this it is from GNC but there’s plenty of others out there and they’re actually probably better ones out there only got it because I’m a member of GNC it’s clas now if you know anything about clas this is something that’s so good for you just read really quickly what it is it’s clinically proven to improve body composition scientifically shown to improve lean muscle tone fuel energy and burns fat complements your diet and exercise program so you take two of these in the morning and two of these at night and I’m telling you this will let get you mean really really quick it’s a fat burner to fat burner with no caffeine in it so that’s good because I cannot have caffeine another supplement that is super important to use while you’re in your fitness program is a multivitamin so like when you’re working out and you’re you’re lifting weighs you’re over exerting your body you’re using you’re using your body more so your body needs to take in more nutrients and if you’re not feeding your body that’s dangerous dangerous so this supplement is a vitamin I’ve been using is high andrew lessman and i got it off of HSN because yo girl watches HSN and loves it okay and andrew lessman makes like amazing products he was great vitamins he’s so into nutrients and he’s just awesome do your research course but i used his multivitamin because it has everything in it that I need so and how could you be supplementing without a good protein right so this is one that I just picked up it’s from Lifetime Fitness I’m a member of that gym I’m still in love with that gym I can’t even like express how happy I am with that gym but anyway this protein is so so good all proteins are not made the same this is grass-fed whey protein so it’s obviously better for you and your because I’m trying to gain more lean muscle I just can’t eat the amount of protein that like if I were trying to eat that’s the same amount of protein and chicken or meat or fish it’s just too much like ounces and ounces and ounces of protein I can’t do it so what I do is I supplement with a protein shape this is a really good one my favorite one by far right now tastes good and I get to see results and also I have another whey protein that I liked as well this one is designer whey and I got this off Amazon it’s a cheap protein but it does do the job really well and my mom seems to like this one a lot in my protein so yeah these are the two proteins that I really like so far now I brought this at Lifetime Fitness but I don’t know if you can get this anywhere but I am overly impressed with this product it’s called you can and what it is is a how can I explain this it’s a car with no insulin spike it’s going to give you hours and hours of energy and I love to take this to like an hour before I work out she’s been doing so well and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of energy since I’ve been using this this is a staple right now and my diet fish oil tries it again without making nice fish oil is something that I’ve been using as well and I love fish oil because it just lubricates the joints it helps with inflammation it’s just really good to incorporate some sort of fish oil into your diet or eat fish salmon which is high and protein and oils as well I know it seems like a lot but it really isn’t be a BCAAs is a supplement that I’ve been taking through my workout and I’ll leave this one in the description box below as well BCA’s support muscle recovery and help with muscle growth so your girl is trying to get lean and mean which is why this is something that I use in my workout I use it during my workout and exercise last but not least I’ve been using this supplement/water which is alkaline water from Trader Joe’s now if you don’t know about alkaline water stop living under a rock because this is something that you need to incorporate into your diet if you do nothing else start drinking alkaline water there’s so many benefits to it and it just gives you energy it keeps you more hydrated it gives you longer hydration over time I feel like this has helped clear up my skin which is looking rather radiant day it’s just awesome to implement in your diet if you follow me on Instagram I’ve been posting everyday my fitness routine and keeping you updated with what’s going on in my fitness journey so make sure to follow me on Instagram and also be sure to check out more videos like this because I want to keep you posted on how your girl is looking more videos to come so thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you in the next video bye [8 Supplements that actually work]

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